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Logan and the Antarctic - Chapter One.

Logan age 26
Struggling musician, lives in Vegas. Takes odd jobs like magician's assistant and Ubering people around.
Cooks top ramen with a sprinkle of cheese and an egg because it makes him feel fancy.
Owns a YouTube channel although not a successful one. He's talented he just doesn't have the marketing savvy.
Into conspiracy theory videos. Stays up late sometimes watching 10-15 videos in a row going from simple UFO / Bob Lazar stuff, to debating whether the earth is flat using 6th grade Trigonometry. He knows it's not flat, but sometimes he looks up and can't help but wonder.

He's that shady guy at coffee houses. Wears a scarf to places that you don't expect people to wear scarfs. Always has stubble but never a full beard. Which is odd because you rarely see him shaving, you'd think his stubble was permanently tattooed on his face.

Hosts various open mic nights around the city every other week.
People mistake him for Russell Brand until they hear him speak.

"Russell! Russell!" you'd hear them running up on the strip trying to take a selfie, sometimes he just goes with it.

One night our would-be British celebrity picks up a couple in his Uber. They're young in their mid 20s.

The woman has wavy brown hair, in a navy blue mini skirt with dark red heels and a white blouse. As soon as they get in the car she starts crying begging the man who appears to be her husband to stay.

She appears to be a little tipsy and has a pizza stain on her right shoulder. Logan can see from the mirror, aside from being a messy eater, she's also very worried for her husband's well being.

"Honey I can't let you go all that way alone. Don't they have housing for spouses on the base?" She begs.

"No.. normally yes but... Baby we can talk about this when we get home. Please.." The man looks as though he fears she might say something that might get them both killed.

"How dare you leave me all alone while you go to fucking ANTARCTICA!!!! What the fuck is so great about Antarctica anyway? Do they have hot Antarctican strippers on the base? I bet that's what it is. You're cheating on me with a whale!!!!!"

She laughs with tears in her eyes.

"Baby I told you.. \Looking at Logan glaring at him in the rear-view\** It's.... it's classified".

Like that time you told me about the space craft they found in New Mexico. And the portal in Africa. And the pasta colander Gina found in Switzerland"- hiccuuppp

"....The particle collider in Geneva, Switzerland*... Dear you're so drunk... Please.."


".... I'm so sorry sir she had a little too much to drink tonight. You can just let us out over here. Thank you. Here's a tip. For the disturbance."

He hands Logan $100 bill. As if to keep quiet about what he had just heard.

"Hey" said Logan to the man who had just handed him a crisp hundo.

Being a conspiracy nut himself and having done tons of research on Antarctica, Logan needed to know more but he couldn't let on that he wanted to know more.

"Are you guys hiring? For... for that trip I mean... Uber... doesn't pay very well at all. And well... I could reaaally get out of this damned heat, a change of pace in Antarctica sounds exciting."

Faking desperation, thinking it would help his case. People sometimes take pity on you if you plead nicely, Logan has learned.

"I'm not supposed to say... and normally I wouldn't. But.. you've got that same look in your eye that I once had. So... I definitely did not tell you that we're leaving from Los Angeles in 2 days. And if you were somehow to show up at this address with a suitcase and a sad story, you might get hired as a cook on board our ship. The captain has a soft spot for sad stories. But I didn't say that. Have a good night."

Logan thought for a minute.

"A cook... hmm... I don't know how to cook...But I gotta get on that boat somehow...
I don't have a lot of money either.. Ahhhh who am I kidding. Me? Antarctica? Pshhhhhhh"

With a swipe of his finger on his smart phone that fit snug into the cup holder of his silver and black SUV, he logged off the UBER app and headed to the Circus Circus with a crisp hundred dollar bill.

He hands his keys to the parking attendant who gives him a claim ticket.

"You can come to me later for free parking validation sir!!"

"Thanks......Hmm.. I like what they did with the remodel" Logan says under his breath as he passes a gaudy slot machine decorated with polar bears, ice bergs and a huge fan set up to blow cold air on your face every time you pull the lever.

"Worth it just to get out of the heat, I'd say.."
Something pulled him towards that specific slot machine. Maybe it was the remnant of a frantic woman drunkenly babbling on about government conspiracies or maybe it was... fate.

With a fold, a tug and a whirling grinding of the tiny conveyor belt, Logan had a feeling he would never see that hundred dollar bill again.

Part of a 50s doo-wap song begins to play on the machine before a loud obnoxious voice takes over.

"ARE YOU READY TO PLAY BYEEEEEEE POLARRRRRR!!!!!! LETS GET READY TO CRUMBLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!.... THESE ICE BERGS!!!!!!! Choose your bet and pull the lever! Try max bet for a chance to win 20 free spins and an entry into our million dollar jackpot at the end of the night!!!!!"

"Yeah right... I just want the free buffet. It's reasonable? Come on. Give me a buffet"
As Logan presses max bet, pulls the lever and the warm musty air blows on his face from the fan that obviously needs a can of freon, Logan can't help but wonder if he should have just got a buffet with the hundred dollar bill.

"Well too late now"

The machine starts whirling and spinning, a video of a big ice wall pops up as a bunch of birds in military uniforms attempt to jump over it as each number counts down.

Sorry you lose. Admiral Bird is sad. Try again?

Logan goes to spin again but it won't budge. He glances over at the sign that reads "Max Bet $100"

"Wow I spent $100 on one spin???? Are you serious??? What a rip off..."

As Logan stands up from the chair that looked more like a throne and had 10 ice swords sticking out of it with a vortex in the middle, he hears another whirling printing noise coming from the machine.

"Keep this ticket for the million dollar drawing at the end of the night! Your number is 74819!! If 74819 gets called, show this ticket to the concierge to collect your prize. Not valid if you leave the casino before the drawing. Not valid if you go to the bathroom before the drawing. Not valid if folded. Not valid if you validate your parking. Void where prohibited"

"Geeez what a load of crap.. Not valid not valid, you'd think they would just print "GFYS" and be done with it".

$100 was all Logan was willing to spend at the casino. He knows the slots are rigged, but he also knows they're on a certain percentage payout, meaning if enough money goes in, some money has to come out. $100 is his limit. It's a rule. With a rule like that you'd think he knows what he's doing, except the most he's ever won was $900 on a malfunctioning roulette machine in Atlantic City.

Logan heads for the door to go validate his parking when he hears on the loud speaker:

"Greeeeetings Circus Circus fam!!! We're about to announce the winner of our million dollar jackpot drawing. BEtter not VaLidAte your parking just yet!! We'll be calling out one number every 5 minutes until the final number is drawn!!!!"

Logan looks at the parking attendant and snatches his ticket back before he had a chance to stamp it.

"Awe mannnnn they pay me for every stamp" The attendant with red hair and braces cried.

"Shut up kid, I'm trying to hear this"

"ANd nOw the MOMENT YOU'VE ALL been waiting for.... the million dollar drawing!! FIRST NUMBER IN 30 SECONDS!!!!!"

The parking attendant tries to stamp Logan's ticket without him noticing. Logan stares at him with a Bruce Lee stare that said "I'll kill you with subtitles".

"If your number has a 3 in itttttttttt!!!!!!!!" - Logan exhales and reaches to give the parking attendant the ticket he's been drooling over like Gollum at a wedding rehearsal.

"Then you're out of luck because the first number is 7!!!!!!!!"

"NOT TODAY GOLLUM!!!!!!!" - Logan snatches the ticket back and starts to run as the attendant hisses.

The attendant chases Logan around the casino with his freshly inked stamp while each number brings him closer to the prize. Logan careful not to fold it or enter any bathrooms before the final number gets called.

Finally Logan seemed to lose the red haired parking attendant and found refuge sitting near an old lady in fishnet stockings playing a fortune teller slot.

Trying to keep his cool knowing he's only 1 number away from a million dollar jackpot (minus taxes of course), he tries to make small talk with the aunt-like fishnet wearer.

"So.. do you have one of those tickets too?"

A little giggle comes out as the woman pulls the lever to the slot in front of her.

"No..... I don't. But I do have.... a PARKING VALIDATION STAMP!!!!!!!"

What Logan thought to be a nice old woman woman turns her head to reveal a toothy grin from the red haired parking attendant.

"Holy shit what are they paying you guys???? I'm not even mad.. That's impressive.. No really, like how you did your eye shadow? It's a lovely color on you. It looks like Egyptian markings!"

The parking attendant blushes.
"Oh you really think -"

*AND NOW THE FINAL NUMBER!!!! 9!!!!!! If your ticket says 74819 then head to the cashier right away to collect your prize!!!!!"

Logan takes off running towards the cashier. The attendant doesn't chase after him, instead just sits there feeling sad because he actually thought Logan was complimenting his eye shadow.

"I would have let him off the hook ya know. I've validated parking for so long, no one ever... validated my markings....."

Some time later, Logan sitting in the back room of the Circus Circus cashier cage with a team of people making sure that he didn't get his parking validated or took a bathroom break, trying to find any loop hole to deny him a payout.

A short chubby bald man holding a cigar, dressed in a short black suit snarled at Logan while a team of data scientists prepare Matplotlib graphs from camera footage in Jupyter Notebooks on a server a few feet away. The short man looked like Dr Eggman played by Danny Devito joining the Men in Black.

"Okay Fine you got us, kid. Here take your damned cash. You earned it fair and square."

Leading Logan into the "back-back" room filled with the sound of cash rolling through the electrical money counters and yellow paper bands with a tiny bit of glue being wrapped around and tightened against stacks of green currency with old men's pictures printed in the center to denote dollar amount.

"1 million dollars. Minus taxes and parking attendant therapy fee that's 6 hundred thousand, 3 hundred and 68 dollars annnnd 46 cents." The short balding Eggman said.

"Parking attendant therapy fee? Seriously?"

"Look kid, we can give you 6 hundred grand and change or free parking validation. Which will it be???"

Sensing that this isn't your average casino, and that this isn't an average situation, realizing the reality that he was just hours ago driving for $10 dollars a ride, now having over half a million after tax dollars in his face, he said what any human in his position would say.

"I'll take the cash...."

2 days, 40 grand and 5 high class call girls later..

Logan arrives to the address scribbled on the back of an Ale house business card. Turns out it was an abandoned building. The guy was just messing with him.

"I drove 4 hours for nothing.. Maybe she was just wasted. Antarctica sounded so cool though. The mystery. I need to know what they're hiding... Man how am I gonna get to Antarctica?"

Driving down the industrial complex, Logan spots a travel agency. "Maybe they have a cruise?"

The door opens with a BEEEEEEP and a jingle of door chimes with the atmosphere of a knock off 7/11 on a back alley road. It even had those little red and green door beads that lead to the back room where you just know there's a round table and an elderly group of ethnic gentlemen in tank tops smoking cigarettes and complaining about the "races".

"Can I help you?" A tall dark gentleman in a red and yellow Hawaiian shirt with curly black hair said in a rough southern British accent. Which was weird because he seemed.. not British.

"Uh...... yes do you guys have anything for Antarctica?"

"Ohhh quite booked up eeem'afraid. Yup till September."

"Well that's only next week..."

"Of 2022 eem'afrraiid, yup it's quite a while yup."

"Why... are you talking like that?"

"Look we're booked up bruv. If you wanna have a go at one of our Hawaiian cruises I can put you on the next boat to Waikiki which leaves in an hour."

"Dude come on, how can I get to Antarctica? I got money..."

"How much money?"

"I'll spend 100k on it if I have to. I want to go to Antarctica."

"Hmmmmmmmmm wellll woi didn'tcha say so govna, come on back let's have a look at our private charters why don't we".

The clearly not British man in the tacky Hawaiian shirt led Logan down past the rasta beads to the back room which.. looked exactly as Logan presumed

"Ayeeeeeee Earl man wants to go to Antarctica. Got 100k"

"100k? To go to Antarctica? Why? Can't he wait til 2022 it's only 4k. What's the rush?"

Both the tall dark gentleman stare confused at Logan. Logan himself looks a bit bewildered.

When he really thought about it, he hadn't even made a plan. "Just get to Antarctica" was the plan. But as to what was next once he got there he hadn't given really much thought.

"To be honest I have no clue myself, I just... wanna go. See the sights.."
Logan said not wanting to raise any red flags.

"THATS E SPEEEREEEET" the clearly not British man shouted, as both Logan and his counter-part looked frightened.

"Sorry... I mean... yeah man that's the spirit!"

Earl peered down at Logan through his black rimmed prescription glasses in confusion and doubt, wondering if he's actually got the 100k to spend.

"For 100k I'll take ye there and back. But how'loi know you got the monay" said Earl who didn't before but now has a very thick Scottish accent.

"Well I just won a jackpot from the Circus Circus in Vegas. See here's a bag full of money. They even zip locked stacks for me at a nominal fee."

"Circus Circus eh? A wise guy eh? Oi want payment up front and en cash. And ye gotta sign a waver, if'n ye die in and or around the boat during any time from here to Antarctica and back, you hold SaberTooth Charter LLC indemifiable for all liability and such."

The other clearly not British man chimed in "Yeah indemnifiable!"

".......I'm gonna have to think about it...." Logan said, backing away slowly, clearly uncomfortable, trying to peacefully exit the building.

"Okay fine fine... I'll drop the accent and you can pay half now, half when we get there. 3 meals a day, whole crew ready to do your bidding. It'll take 4 weeks. We'll stop in Guadalajara, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Chile straight to Antarctica. If you've got any specific spots you'd like to check out along the way, we'll try to accommodate you. Fair enough?"

"Deal." said Logan.

(Chapter Two)
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[Monthly Roleplay] This year's list of Rapture import requests are in, and must be voted on by the council.


• Everyone who comments is seen as a vocal council member, sharing their opinion or idea on how to handle a matter.
• The debates will begin on Sundays, and the debates will be open until Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being when the council members will vote on how to proceed.
• Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and tell me if I need to clarify something, as I will act as the neutral mediator of the debates.
• I'll try to make these as realistic as possible, touching on some topics that the council may have encountered while acting as Rapture's governing body.
• Feel free to PM me any suggestions or ideas you have for topics, or how to improve everyone's RP experience.

This Month's case

Council members, as I’m sure you know, there some materials that simply cannot be made or found down in Rapture, due to our geographic location in the Atlantic, as well as being constrained within the confines of the sea. Therefore, it is up to you to sort through the disputed Import Request forms collected this year. If a business owner in Rapture is in need of a single product, or a reoccurring shipment of a product, it is up to the council to decide if the risk is justified, or if the product should be allowed in at all, if Rapture Administration is unable to reach a conclusion.
If any of you are unaware, Rapture uses a facade company known as Scarlet Sovereign: Import and Export to ship things here. This only works because we redirect the ships to Rapture instead of remote locations (on the manifests) with poor infrastructure or low development, which won’t attract much suspicion if a ship doesn’t arrive. When a boat full of textiles hasn't shown up in Santa Teresa or Kovalam, not many questions will be asked. But the more of these shipments we do, and the more diverse they become, the greater risk there is of being discovered. You may have to be quite utilitarian with what you will allow. The Rapture Administration offices near the Welcome Center have done a pre-screening, of sorts, and have removed all requests that wouldn’t even be physically or practically possible with our current means. They've also pre-approved other requests for basic materials, like more wood, rubber, etcetera. During the past year, they’ve also tracked down how the post-screened requests could be fulfilled, and given price estimates to the parties involved. The following are the, for one reason or another, undecided requests, and it is up to the council to decide whether a request should be allowed or denied.
Request Number: #027-R

Filed By: De Milo Cosmetics

Resupply Frequency: Yearly

Request Description: 200kg of Cochineal (Dactylopius Coccus) insect larvae.

Justification: The scales of these insects can be ground up to make the most exquisite red tones for our cosmetic products. It is a versatile coloring, and it mixes well with other artificial dyes. We intend to use it to release our new Feminine Industrialist product line. It will be used in our lipsticks, rouge, nail polishes, and others. If our estimates are correct, 200kg should be enough for the year.

Notes from Rapture Administration: It is very unlikely that Cochineal could successfully be re-cultivated in Rapture in a self sustaining way on an industrial level, due to the extremely hot and dry conditions in which they live, as well as the fickleness of their reproductive cycles, which will only take place in Nopal Cactus fruit. These are conditions Rapture could attempt to accommodate, but for the time and money it would take, yearly shipments from the surface would be more financially feasible.
Request Number: #041-R

Filed By: The Rapture Zoo and Aquarium

Resupply Frequency: Single Shipment

Request Description: A pair of adolescent Bengal Tigers, male and female.

Justification: Construction has just finished on the tiger habitat in the zoo, and the last thing needed will be the animals themselves. We were already assured the council would have no trouble with this, and that we should be cleared to receive the animals. They will also play a part in a Retractable Claws and a Reflex Boost plasmid promotion campaign. A compatible male and female are preferred, so a cub or two can also be produced later for the zoo’s own marketing purposes.

Notes from Rapture Administration: This may be a tricky situation. A Rapture citizen, who was big game hunter on the surface, put us in touch with a number of poachers to do the job and catch the tigers alive. It would be easiest to ship the animals out of Kuakata, Bangladesh. The issues, however, lie within the severity of live animal trafficking and transportation laws in Asia. We can’t put “two live Bengal Tigers” on the manifest without close scrutiny on the ship’s departure and destination. The only options would be to attempt to sneak the tigers out and lie on the manifest, or find a different, less risky, route to Rapture. However, finding another route could take more time than the zoo is willing to wait.
Request Number: #089-R

Filed By: Le Marquis D’Epoque Franchise

Resupply Frequency: Single Shipment

Request Description: 250kg of cocaine, as well as an industrial supply of coca seeds.

Justification: The LMDE Franchise would like to begin carrying cocaine and cocaine products in our stores. Due to the libertarian standards of Rapture this should be no problem. We would like to procure 250 kg of cocaine as a “sampler” for our current locations, to give the consumers a chance to try our future product. The seeds of Erythroxylum Coca will be cultivated in a rented space in Ceres Green Growers. The other ingredients for the product can be purchased in Rapture.

Notes from Rapture Administration: In a twist of irony, this may be one of the easiest requests to fulfill. The 250kg of cocaine can be legally purchased in Peru, as well as the seeds. They could be sent to Costa Rica on the manifests, and pass through the Panama Canal, and be on the way to Rapture. The only thing that kept us from approving the request was the infamous reputation of this drug. While, according to Rapture’s laws and regulations, there really isn’t anything that states cocaine is illegal here, we felt it was best to leave it up to the council to have the final say on this, considering you represent the people of Rapture.
Request Number: #134-R

Filed By: Anemone Publishing and Printing

Resupply Frequency: Yearly

Request Description: The following books from the surface:

The Parasites, By Daphne Du Maurer
The Wall, By John Hersey
The Naked and the Dead, By Norman Mailer
East of Eden, By John Steinbeck
Casino Royale, Ian Fleming
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
Horton Hears a Who!, Dr Seuss
Liberalism and the Social Problem, Winston Churchill
Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote

Justification: Due to the slow nature of book writing, the flow of new reading material in Rapture is but a trickle. As much as we rely on and appreciate our authors, the rate at which work is produced and consumed has left a gaping abyss for Rapture’s bookish types. We’d like to apply for this shipment of books from the surface, and have a test run printing and selling them to distributors across the city. If it proves to be a successful venture, we’d like to begin a yearly or biannual delivery to Rapture (Consisting of books which have been pre-approved by the council of course). We have compiled the list above by talking to new arrivals to the city about what they’ve read lately, and would prefer a more concrete source of information if the book shipments continue.

Notes from Rapture Administration: It was debated heavily wether this request should be rejected or not. In Rapture’s early days, there were book imports of this nature, but after a while, Ryan dissuaded book stores from carrying these imports, and to instead focus on Rapture’s local authors. Some have argued that this cutting of competition has lead to our authors growing languid and composite. Perhaps this addition of more competition into the mix could give their engines a bit of a jump.
Request Number: #209-R

Filed By: Langford Research Labs

Resupply Frequency: Single Shipment

Request Description: Several fertile samples of Neonothopanus Gardneri and Panelluses Stipticus

Justification: Langford labs would like to formally request these samples in order to further enrich the diversity of the Arcadia garden complexes. These collected species will be used as the last touches on Arcadia’s latest addition. Dr. Julie Langford has proposed an idea of a “Midnight Meadow” to act as a more engaging night time incentive to encourage late night trips (and more ticket sales) to Arcadia. The Midnight Meadow would contain a wide array of bioluminescent plant life, even more exhilarating than the aquatic flora outside our windows. The majority of flowers, shrubs, and grasses have been created, using our advanced botanical ADAM technologies. There is a hitch in the plan, however. The meadow would also make use of some rotten logs we’ve had laying around, and they were to be used as a food source for the bioluminescent fungi we were making. The problem lies in that the fungus samples we have in Rapture won’t take up the proper plasmids in order to induce the glowing visage we’re aiming for.

Notes from Rapture Administration: It may prove difficult to retrieve the samples requested by Dr. Langford. The bioluminescent Panelluses Stipticus can be found in most regions of the North Eastern of the United States. Collecting this samples should be easy, but Neonothopanus Gardneri may be a bigger challenge. It can only be found deep within the depths of the Amazon. We could pay for an expedition to regions they are found, but there’s no guarantee they’d find any, and not much is known about this fungus, other than that it glows, so it could present unforeseen consequences by bringing it to Rapture.
Those were the disputed request forms that must be voted upon by the council. When deciding on these requests, there are many things you must keep in mind, and many perspectives to consider. You must keep in mind Rapture’s national security, the needs and wants of Rapture’s consumers, the desires of Rapture’s businesses, the safety of the requests, and more. The choice is up to you, as the people of Rapture trust your representation of their best interests. If you disagree with another council member with their say on one of the requests, be sure to civilly explain why you disagree, and propose your opinion in an objective manner.


Voting is now closed.
Do what's right for Rapture!


There were a few ties with the voting, so there was a tiebreaker made between the Rapture Administration and myself, and this is the conclusion:
Cochineal: DENIED
Rapture Administration would be happy to bring a one time shipment of the larvae to Rapture, but there will be no reoccurring shipments. DeMilo Cosmetics could commission one of Rapture's many esteemed labs to genetically enhance the creatures, or find some other method of producing their dye.
Bengal Tigers: APPROVED
According to the council, the shipment of these animals to Rapture should pose no significant threat to the city, and the council will be keeping its word to the Rapture Zoo and Aquarium.
The council has decided that cocaine will be allowed in Rapture, and the seeds and cocaine will be shipped from Peru to fuel a new line of cocaine products which will soon be for sale.
Anemone Publishing and Printing will receive type set manuscripts ready to print in Rapture. They will also begin receiveing a list of popular books, to make more solid requests in the future. However, the council has the right to veto any books that has been labeled as not fitting Rapture's standards.
Fungus Samples: CONFLICTED
The fungus sample originating from Brazil will to be costly to obtain from the surface. The other sample will be provided, as well as a large expansion to Rapture's present fungal spore reserves, to allow greater diversity in the work Langford Labs can accomplish.
Remember, Rapture's secrecy is our best security! Don't let the parasite find our Eden!
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Quatro Casino 700 free spins & €100 free play - no deposit bonuses

Quatro Casino 700 free spins & €100 free play - no deposit bonuses

Full Detailed Review:

Quatro Casino has been designed as a multifaceted gaming site where there are several major categories to sample.
Adding further to the experience is the fact that you can start with a welcome package before playing on mobile and earning ample rewards along the way.
Having opened in 2008, Quatro Casino has been active for several years on the Casino Rewards network.
Meanwhile, the operational functions are handled by Apollo Entertainment Limited, with Technology Services Trading Limited being the overall owner.
This Quatro Casino review will now discuss the remaining key features that contribute towards the all-round standard of the site.
The review shall begin with devices before advancing through aspects such as software, games, loyalty, support, and security.

Casino licences:

Malta Gaming Authority; Kahnawake Gambling Commission; SKATT Denmark; UK Gambling Commission.

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Microgaming has spent years as the core software provider to Quatro Casino.
For a time, you could only play Microgaming content at the casino, which avoided taking the step of installing software from a range of other providers.
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For those that wonder what RTP is, it’s short for Return to Player, per single bet.
It means that when you place a $100 bet, in the long term you would receive $95.91 back.
This is recorded over the past year and it gets updated every year.


Quatro Casino promises that players potentially have access to more than 550 games, but the entire selection is only available through the downloadable Windows platform, as explained above.
However, those are all older games, so you will have hundreds of prospects still to enjoy in the following categories:
• Slots: Lucky Little Gods, Dragon’s Myth, EmotiCoins, Fruit vs Candy, and Halloween are just some of the best slots to play.
• Jackpots: compete for supreme winnings in progressive jackpot games, including Mega Moolah slots, Jackpot Deuces, and Caribbean Draw Poker.
• Roulette: there are only several roulette wheels, but these do cover US, French, and European variants of the rules.
• Blackjack: Quatro Casino has many more blackjack tables, with the key options being Atlantic City, European, Vegas Strip, and Vegas Downtown.


From day one, you start at the first level of the Casino Rewards loyalty programme.
This is an initiative that will enable you to covert your real-money wagering into the gradual earning of rewards.
Eventually, you might even be able to reach the sixth and final level of the VIP loyalty scheme.
Casino Rewards has a number of exciting initiatives, such as bonus money back on every bet and weekly promotions.
Then there are special events like the VIP Lucky Jackpot and the Time of Your Life Sweepstakes.
Join the loyalty scheme and you can access all of those benefits today.


Quatro Casino gives desktop users access to more than 20 language options if they install the software package.
For those who opt for instant-play, Quatro Casino can be switched through the languages of English, Spanish, German, Finnish, and Swedish.
There is a solid support system through which you can submit your queries directly.
Telephone and email are two options to consider, but live chat can offer extremely quick replies if you are signed in to your Quatro Casino account.
The support system also extends to a deep range of frequently asked questions and answers.
This area is packed with information and can provide you with exactly what you need to know about payments, promotions, and security.


Security is top-of-the-line, with Quatro Casino using secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption.
For reference, SSL encryption is the standard among online casino sites and is used to securely transmit your personal information and payment details.
In addition any player registered through our links on will get direct assistance from us!
If you run into any issue, problem or a general concern, drop a message: contact us.
We work closely with the brands we promote and will help you either sort your problem out and/or get more information and details on what’s happening.


Quatro Casino is one of the strongest sites on the Casino Rewards network.
The mobile compatibility is a defining factor, but the expanded game selection is also a positive.
You can also make the most of the welcome package thanks to the decreasing level of wagering requirements.
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Trip Report - Lima, Peru - Atlantic City

Trip Report - Lima Peru - Atlantic City

I'm in Lima on business and was staying in Miraflores, the touristy-area of Lima. The area is clean and safe (even at 2am).
In my research, I read that Atlantic City's poker room is, by far, the most popular in Lima so I only visited that casino, an easy 1/2 mile walk from my apartment. The poker room is on the second floor of the casino, easily found from the main entrance. The entire casino is non-smoking (nice!). In the poker room there is a lounge area for seating and enjoying drinks (free) from the bar. All the drinks I saw served were soft (soda, coffee, tea), though; I'm not sure if they served booze and it wasn't a consideration for me.
Joke time:
What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bi-lingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? American.
Most of the staff only spoke Spanish. I, unfortunately, do not. There was a floor manager who spoke English enough for us to communicate and for him to help coordinate with the cashier and dealers, when necessary.
The poker room is incredible: Everything is fresh and new. The poker-felt was fast and the poker chips were clean. Staff were sharply dressed and took pride in their appearance.
I had stopped in Monday evening but missed my opportunity to play in the ongoing tournament (being my preference). I learned the next tournament was on Wednesday at 8pm and would cost S/.500 (500 Peruvian Sol). The current exchange rate is PEN3.24 to US1, so PEN500 is US$154. Important note: US currency is welcome at the cage and they exchange at bank rates! This is incredible, they don't jack up the cost to exchange money.
I showed up on Wednesday about 15 minutes early. There were two cash games going of indeterminate stakes. I had communication issues with the cashier trying to buy into the tournament and we flagged down the Floor who set things straightPerhaps I was confused or the price was lower tonight. I was seated at an empty table in seat 5 (of 10). A dealer quickly was seated so I wasn't alone.
At 8pm the two cash tables stopped playing and everyone got up and headed to the cage to buy in to the tournament. We started with two tables, eventually spreading to three. Starting chips were T13,000 with an extra T10,000 handed out by the Floor to everyone who started the tournament. I'm unclear if that was because we were there at 8pm for the start, or because everyone was playing cash games going into the tournament and I was included as a courtesy.
There was a wide-range of players, but no one was too crazy. We started at 50/100. I managed to communicate as-needed with basic numbering (uno, dos, tres) and/or sign-language. Having a variety of chips denominations was helpful to avoid any one-chip issues on my raises. Otherwise, I let the chips and cards speak for themselves. I wasn't the only non-Spanish speaker, a couple of others in the game only spoke French.
Initially, the levels were 20 minutes long. Strangely, when a round was over, the clock auto-stopped but play would continue for several minutes until the Floor announced the next round and restarted the clock. We'd often get several additional hands in off-the-clock.
I got knocked out about an hour in and rebought for PEN200 which got me T13,000. A couple of hours in, we took a 25 minute dinner break which was a free hot buffet (!). During the lunch break, the spun up the roulette and blackjack table in the corner. There was an add-on, at this point. For PEN100 you got T25,000 - a shockingly large amount for such a small price.
After lunch, rounds were reduced to 15 minutes and we introduced antes. Round 7 was 500/1000/100. I was knocked out in round 11 (about midnight) when the rounds were reduced again to 12 minutes! At that point, the blinds were 2000/4000/400.
From translating the board, there were 25 players left out of 38 initial+rebuys. 28 players did the add-on for a prize pool of PEN9,360 (US$2,888) and 1,194,000 chips in play. Unfortunately, I did not get any info on the payout structure.
I was really impressed with the room and would gladly play there again. Reflecting on my game, I played far too passively - I think I was concerned about trying to understand and catch any differences in the play from what I was used to. So, don't sweat it: Just enjoy!
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Backstage del Casino Atlantic City Lima LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR EN PERU LP720-4 50 ANNIVERSARIO Omar ... Exclusivo Salón VIP en Casino Majestic DIA D - ATLANTIC CITY Testimonio María Claudia, Casino Macao Lima, Perú - YouTube Lima con Casinos CASINOS EN EL PERU - YouTube

Casino Atlantic City Peru Computrabajo, wieviel geld kann man im casino gewinnen, roulette wurfweitenspiel, poker dice java. 0. Slots Of Vegas No Deposit Bonus $25 Bonus 400% up to $2500. 710 * T&C. Malta-* T&C. Connect with us via: @CasinoListings; CasinoListingsTube; Wager. Casino review -SwedenCasino -Bonus. Play now. 40x. Multiple Deposit Methods Including BitCoin; Mobile Ready Casino; Top ... The coastal and desert regions outside Lima offer a world of outdoor adventure far from the city, but complex bus systems—and, for some visitors, a language barrier­—make exploring a challenge. On this full-day tour, travel in comfort from your Lima hotel and hit Paracas and Huacachina with ease. Spot native marine life in the Paracas National Reserve and try sandboarding on South America ... Atlantic City. Sala de máquinas, mesas de Juego, restaurante y mucha diversión, todo en un solo lugar. Av. Benavides 430 Miraflores, Lima Perú Teléfonos: 705 4400 - 7054481. Para mayor información, no dude en contactarse. Síguenos en Facebook. Casino Atlantic City; Eliazar Restaurante; Trabaja con Nosotros. Si quiere formar parte de un equipo profesional, de gran calidad humana y con ... Dec 17 (Reuters) - Officials in Atlantic City, New Jersey, are auctioning the chance to push the detonation button when the building once known as the Trump Plaza casino is demolished next year ... Opened 24 hours a day the multi floor Atlantic City Casino is one of the largest and nicest casinos in town with a gaming area of around 3000 m2. The entertainment and convention center houses some 1000 slots and video gaming machines and over 50 table games incl. a comfortable poker room. The casino has successfully run high-stakes international poker tournaments for several years and is ... Atlantic City Casino in Lima Peru has a 30,000 square foot casino floor featuring 1,000 slots, 34 table games, poker and restaurants. Open 24 hours daily. Address Atlantic City Casino Avenida Benavides 430 Lima, Lima Peru . Contact Information Tel: 51 1 705 4400 Website. Casino Map. Gaming Casino size: 30,000 Slot machines: 1,000 Table games: 34 tables playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat ... Apuesta. Descubre lo rápido y seguro que es realizar tus depósitos en nuestros medios de pago. Estarás listo para apostar a tus favoritos en pocos minutos. The types of gambling available in Peru are: casinos, horseracing tracks, sportsbetting parlours. The largest gambling city in Peru is Lima with 24 gambling facilities, 120 tables games, 4,148 gaming, slot, and video poker machines. The largest casino in the entire country of Peru is Casino Golden Palace which is located in Lima. Casino Atlantic City 2195 seguidores en LinkedIn. Casino por fuera, Familia por dentro. Atlantic City, empezó su historia hace 24 años, con el sueño de un líder visionario, nuestro fundador Don Elías Musiris. Somos líderes del sector, hoy contamos con casi 1,000 colaboradores y tenemos un promedio diario de 1500 invitados fidelizados con nuestro servicio. Bienvenidos al centro de entretenimiento Atlantic City. Máquinas. Máquinas. Le ofrecemos las más novedosas máquinas slots y el servicio más distinguido para su disfrute durante todos los días del año. Máquinas > Mesas . Mesas. Todo el lujo y distinción de los mejores casinos de las Vegas se cita en nuestros salones donde vivirá con emoción su juego preferido. Mesas > Restaurante ...

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Backstage del Casino Atlantic City Lima

Fiesta Hotel & Casino, Lima -Peru - Duration: 8:01. ... Casino Atlantic City - Canal Oficial 40,512 views. 2:50. CLEOPATRA casino "trucos y secretos revelados" gana $$$ - Duration: 15:45. CASINO ... Testimonio de la Anfitriona del Casino Macao en Lima, Perú Backstage del Casino Atlantic City Lima - Duration: 3:28. CardPlayer LA Recommended for you. 3:28. ... CASINOS EN EL PERU - Duration: 4:55. SONAJAPERU Recommended for you. 4:55. VIVE EL CIRCO en ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Omar macchi maneja su lamborghini Aventador lp720-4 50 anniversario por las calles de Lima Perú. Este es un Aventador muy especial. Solo 50 modelos fueron fa... Casino Atlantic City - Canal Oficial Recommended for you. 2:50. DIA D - HORROR EN EL TITICACA (2/2) - Duration: 5:16. erick seminario Recommended for you. 5:16. CASINOS EN EL PERU - Duration: 4:55 ... JVL - Juan José Castillo (Peru Gaming Show) - Duration: 2:48. Revista Casino 6,345 views. 2:48. ... Casino Atlantic City - Canal Oficial 36,710 views. 2:50. High Stakes Poker Season 4 - Episode ...