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A dancer at Wigan Casino, The Hub of the Mid-70s Northern Soul scene, 1975.

A dancer at Wigan Casino, The Hub of the Mid-70s Northern Soul scene, 1975. submitted by ryuundo to OldSchoolCool [link] [comments]

21 years old. Professional dancer but work in casino. Planning to start sport training for months. Rest is up to you, show me what you got. 😃

21 years old. Professional dancer but work in casino. Planning to start sport training for months. Rest is up to you, show me what you got. 😃 submitted by Sherlaswald to RoastMe [link] [comments]

The Complete Synopsis of "Msubimonogatari"

Note that below contains HUGE spoilers for Nisio's latest book of Monogatari Series, Musbimonogatari.
Araragi's having a hard time as a young cop. He officially passed the national exam and everything, but is looked at as a sarcastic/disagreeable elite (perhaps due to his parents?) so his work environment isn't pleasant.
Suou Zenka is also a policewoman. 10 years ago she was a swimmer with a promising future in the sport, but was grievously injured after being hit by truck-kun who had run a light and then swerved to avoid hitting some elementary school kids. Eating mermaid flesh saved her and made her immortal, but in exchange when she gets wet her body turns into a fish, so she had to give up on her dreams. Not like the typical "little mermaid" mermaid, with a pretty fish tail, but full on mostly fish creature like a sahagin or something.
This makes life extremely difficult for her, since she essentially has to avoid water. Washing her hands turn them into fins, she can't ever go outside when it's raining, etc. The amount, depth, temperature, composition of the water determines what sort of fish she turns into. She has even turned into hyper-creepy-alien deep sea fish before.
Furthermore, now that HER body is all "mermaid meat", it makes her flesh extremely desirable to other kaii/oddities.
Summary: 5 kids have drowned in the river by Naoetsu High School recently. The serial incident started with one boy being attacked and surviving, but he's still severely injured and unconscious. 3 witnesses to the unconscious boy's attack testify it was like he was 'dragged into the water by invisible hands'.
Koyomi goes swimming in the river without incident, and so turns to Shinobu for advice, who tells him that the attacks will indeed continue until he deals with the oddity causing them. With Suou using the mermaid flesh of her own body as 'bait', they lure it out. The true form of the "culprit" is the soul of the very first victim, the unconscious boy. When he drowned naturally, his soul was assimilated into the river itself and has unintentionally been drowning people while desperately seeking help.
The reason the boy's soul didn't react to adults and only "attacked" kids was because his parents had badly neglected him and so he didn't trust adults. They're able to draw him out now because they visited his body at the hospital, I believe.
During the climax, the oddity's power prevents RRRG from diving into the river to help. So he has Suou help out by using one of her innate mermaid ability, the "Mermaid's Song" which affects "any and all Humans who are drowning". Thereby Koyomi's able to grab onto the boy's soul's 'hand' and pull him to safety, resolving the incident.
Notes of Girls Appearing in the Story: Karen: Tsukihi is away overseas and their parents were transferred downtown. She now lives alone with her beloved Onii-chan. She's also a police officer stationed in Naoetsu as part of Public Safety, which occupies her days along with her thriving martial arts. She sucks at housework, but her cooking skills have risen significantly due to her taking care of Koyomin's meals when he was in training. She's still growing taller and markedly over 180cm now.
Kanbaru: Araragi meets her when he goes to the hospital to pay a visit to the unconscious drowned boy. Her hair is all the way down to her waist now. Due to her own experiences and what happened in Rouka's past, she's aiming to be a sports doctor. She's playing basketball on her day's off with her colleagues, but entering university taught her how narrow her outlook really was. She still meets/talks with Ougi from time to time.
Gaen: Doesn't appear personally, but does in reminiscences. Her idea is to take "the practices of the specialists behind the scenes and create a public organization to do the same work." So she collected/scouted people who had experiences with oddities in one place and set up shop.
Shinobu: The same as always, apearance and personality. The one difference is that in the past she always wore that sheer one-piece dress, but now she alters her 'costume' to mirror whatever Koyomi's wearing. If he's in a winter coat, so is she, if he's in a swimsuit, so is she, etc. RRRG regrets how things turned out when he over-utilized her powers so much in the past, so he's taken a hard-line stance that he can have her help out with advice and whatnot, but not cooperating like in the past.
Kizashima Nozomi, 29 years old. Police inspector, and golem. She looks like a petite, baby-faced woman, but in truth she died of an illness when she was an elementary schooler. However, her grandparents delved into forbidden arts and affixed her soul to a clay doll, reviving her.
In the years after, her grandparents would adjust and "age" the clay body as needed to suit what her proper appearance should be, but then they died when she was in middle school. Since she presumably doesn't know the magic, she hasn't been able to alter her body since then and so remains in that appearance for good.
She has no idea how long her soul can stay affixed to her clay body, but in essence she's immortal. Likewise, she has no sense of pain whatsoever. However, since she IS made of clay/mud, she will begin to crack when dry, so she always carries water with her (kind of the opposite counterpart to Zenka). Her personality/speech patterns resemble Mayoi a bit.
Summary: There's a "Serial Slasher Incident" going on as students coming home from Naoetsu high are having their backs slashed up, although only their uniforms (no bodily harm). None of the victims have any idea when they were even slashed. Ararararagi and Nozomi go to investigate his alma mater together in case it's a kamaitachi (sickle weasel) or the like.
Araragi consults with Ougi, who still resides within the non-existant class 1-3 at the school, and comes to the realization that the majority of students being slashed are on the way HOME from school, not those coming TO school, so he and Nozomi take to watching over the students at that time.
Koyomi's perched across from the convex road mirror. Nozomi can dowse herself with water and turn completely into a flow of living mud, which can assimilate with the earth around her for camouflage. But nothing happens. From Ougi's hints, Araragi guesses that the students on their way home from school only coincidentally REALIZED that their uniform's backs had been damaged because they saw them in the reflection from the street corner safety mirrors. The actual 'scene of the crime' was AT school, when the uniforms were changed for gym, which is why "only the clothes got slashed, and not the people in them". So just a Human crime.
Notes of Girls Appearing in the Story:
Spooky Ougi: Has become one of the 7 mysteries of the school, along with the classroom. Seems like she leads people who are going astray further astray. Her outer appearance hasn't changed, but her personality on the inside has dramatically changed, according to RRRG, she's ended up completely unmanageable/uncontrollable/spoiled. However, he surmises that she's the one who actually ended the case within the school so that the damages to uniforms stopped occuring.
Nadeko: Has already left the city as of the events of Musubi. Has helped Gaen out as detailed in NadeMonogatari, and has debuted as a manga-ka under the pen name Sengoku Nadeshiko. She's got three serialized works, although Ougi says their not very popular. However, she adds that, though they're cute they've got an underlying darkness in them that gives them cult popularity status.
  • Mitome Wolf:
Saizaki Mitome: 29 years old, police inspector, descendant of werewolves.
Though she comes from a long bloodline of lycanthropes, she differs in that she was not born inherently an oddity/monster. Additionally the way of the wolf is strong with her, and she can transform into wolf form not just from seeing the full moon, but by looking at ANY round object. Conversely, even under the most powerful of moons she can resist the transformation. While she has quite high physical skills, that's by Human standards and she's not altogether inhumanly strong or fast.
While she's got a rough personality and gruff manner of speeking, she carries an absolute conviction in completing any mission she's given. She was actually originally hoping to be a police dog when she aimed for the police force. It's for her mental strength, not her physical strength, that Gaen values her. By the age of 23 she was already commanding her own troops in emergency disaster relief and large-scale criminal investigations.
Hanekawa Tsubasa (written in katakana, unlike the usual kanji:
The same woman we knew, but it's more appropriate to call her "a true bakemono" these days, hence the katakana. As detailed in WazaMonogatari, she travelled the world with Dramaturgy, and it wouldn't be wrong to literally say "she toured around every and any country in the world, and travelled to them all".
After conducting various peace-keeping activities such as landmine removal, she has become an international celebrity and is reknowned as the "japanese Jeanne D'Arc". Since the age of 20 she goes around, not advocating or acting on behalf of the victims of war, but as a 'war mediator' in the interest of halting War itself. She has brought countless wars to an end around the world as she brokers peace treaties.
However, as an extreme pacifist who is as close as possible to believing in and pushing her idealogy of "erasing all the borders between countries of the world", she already is seen as walking the edge of the knifeblade of desiring world conquest herself. She is therefore treated now as an international wanted criminal offender by every nation in the world. ::A lot of people seem to comment that Hanekawa seems the most changed by the 5 years, and that her premise is crazy.::
Summary: Hanakawa tsubasa has become an internationally wanted person of interest, and so she has returned to her home country of Japan in order to completely eliminate all traces of her past presence. Mitome, who's been appointed in charge of Hanekawa's guard, goes to talk to Ararararagi and ask him about Tsubasa as he knows her.
Mitome asks him,"During her stay, do you think Hanekawa will come see you?" to which Araragi responds,"You don't need to worry about that." He returns home to find that Tsukihi has come back from overseas. He thinks he's going to settle down to a nice meal with both his sisters for the first time in a while, only to find that Hanekawa is already there and staying over.
After dinner, the two of them are washing dishes together when Hanekawa tells him,"I came back here just to see you, Araragi." "Why would you do a thing like that," asks RRRG, as well as,"How did you escape your heavily guarded hotel?" "If you can see through that trick," she replies,"Then I'll answer your other question." After the short conversation, and after leaving the Araragi house, he reports to Mitome.
Araragi concludes that the trick she used was sending an exact body double she'd found whilst traveling the world. Furthermore, he concludes, the real reason 'Hanekawa' came to the Araragi household was to reclaim, from his room, the panties he'd gotten from her in the past "in order to erase all traces of her past existence" as she'd intended. However, Mitome responds with,"The possibility exists that I could have been guarding the body double, while the REAL one might have been the one who came to see you."
Despite pointing that out, Koyomi insists there's absolutely no way THAT'S true. Because, as their positions in the world stand now, he's just an inconsequential man to her. But whether that makes him happy or not...
Notes of Girls Appearing in the Story:
Dropped out of college twice, now studying dance overseas. Her current plan is to end up as a casino dancer. Her current hairstyle is just like original Hanekawa, twin-tail thick braids. Seems like she's still in touch with Nadeko.
  • Tsuzura Human:
Kouga Tsuzura: Section Chief of the Hearsay Department. Only pure Human among the members there. Valued by Gaen for her great skill at communicating with people, and because she wanted someone with absolutely no spirit senses to command the department so as never to be influenced by oddities.
She values Araragi's abilities, and has told him she wishes him to take over as chief of the Hearsay department some day. However, she doesn't believe he necesarily lives his life in an ideal manner, and has told him to could live a bit more relaxed/comfortably if he wanted.
Senjougahara Hitagi: Honestly, most of the relavent info here is already known. The first two times she and RRRG broke up and got back together were in college. The first time it happened was due to "extreme complications" when Araragi reunited with Sodachi in university and let her live with him at his parents' place, but she eventually let it slide and made up with him after making a show of threatening/intimidating Euler.
Oikura Sodachi:
She is qualified as an accountant while studying abroad, and currently works as a local civil servant at Naoetsu City Hall. She chose that location because she was indebted to the woman in charge of her social welfare there when she was a student. She took out a civil servant loan and purchased the same abandoned house where she and Ararararagi met as kids to study math, and now lives there. She is the picture of a civil servant, her hair tightly done up and she has become a meganekko (glasses, ho!).
After graduating from high school, at Hanekawa's prompting, she took the entrance exam to a certain university's math program, and there, surprise surprise, she reunited with RRRG (fucking Hanekawa). She had trouble finding a dorm/boarding house to live in, and when Koyomi consulted his parents about it they basically ordered him to let her live at home with him (paralleling her living there when she was a kid). This did NOT go over well with Gahara-san, who broke up with him and brought her wrath upon them. She threatened How-Much that if they all didn't take actions for her and Araragi to make up and get back together, she'd jump off a building and commit suicide. Oikura immediately left the house and then helped the two get back together
For a while the three of them enjoyed a normal college lifestyle together, but after Araragi broke up with Senojougahara for the second time over stupid, worthless reasons she was so angry at him that she 'permanently' ragequit any relations with him forever for the 4th time. It was October 13th. Even after reuniting with RRRG her sharp tongue and pretending to hate him didn't change, and she later once shared her inner thoughts by commenting,"Go chase after Hitagi overseas, and afterward suffer some catastrophe and be lost by the roadside somewhere!" Now and then though, she'd give advice about the breakups, and afterwards she exchanged phone numbers with him again and rescinded 'cutting off their 'friendship' forever'.
Although RRRG and Hitagi had broken up twice before, when she began officially working as a manager at her finance firm it caused strife and they had a huge fight over the phone. By the time it was over, they'd broken up for the 3rd time. Sometime afterwards, he was submitting some documents at town hall when he ran into Sodachi. As he was attacked by her barbed tongue like usual, she eventually gave him some advice about dating Gahara-san and their future together as he wondered what on earth he actually wanted to do.
Koyomi decides to head for the North White Snake Shrine, which he admits he's been avoiding for awhile because I believe he feared his adult self wouldn't be able to see Mayoi anymore. He resolves,"I am going to hold my wedding ceremony to Hitagi there".
Seeking Shinobu's cooperation, he asks her to prepare a survey report on oddity activity in the city center, and then goes to ask Section Chief Kouga to recommend him for overseas training. Additionally, he presents that,"Since Shinobu is with me, we can act as interpreters for foreign oddities". Anything and everything to be with Hitagi.
Upon receiving his endorsement and returning home, he finds Senjougarahara there waiting for him. The final chaptecouple of pages have already been translated and are heartwarming, but essentially, while he was planning on ditching Japan for overseas, Hitagi got her company to open a Japanese branch so that she could move home and live together with him again. They were thinking the same thing and working on it from both sides. They make up and have a reversal of the scene at the end of Mayoi Snail where RRRG goes in engrish, and Hitagi goes "Koyomi fascination/tore". The indication is that he will ask her to marry him soon.
Thanks to pictochat for original share on Discord. Although I don't know who is the original writer or source is. It was written by anon and was shared on /a/ yesterday. So I'm taking no credit for the provided txt. I'm just passing it on so more people can enjoy it!
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Broadening chemistry

Wow, past 8-9 months flew by. I made it a goal to be in the top 20% of dancers at most places I go to, and I think I made it. It feels great that I can dance with almost anyone and put a big smile on their faces. Some rare nights, I can't catch a break because I hate turning down requests. I still seek out the more advanced venues to I can keep up my drive to improve.
I still try follow some mantras - always, always match the follow, both in skill and style. clarity of lead is everything. smile and have tons of fun. However, I still meet some follows, often really good ones, though mostly lesser skilled, and I still have trouble giving them clear leads. Especially the pure cuban/casino dancers. I even asked a friend, that i have a bit or trouble dancing with, to go dance with some really advanced leads and observed - they could make her look amazing, when I couldn't.
My friend thought it was the strength I'm putting into the lead, as in pulling harder and pushing harder. But I can see that wasn't the case. At most the advanced follow tensed up the lead more. No pushing/pulling harder, but like making his arms more rigid while maintaining fluidity in his motions. But he would lead her through much more advanced movements. His leads were less ambiguous, even though he did seem to slow down at a few spots or stop a pattern he was about to start.
I know a lot of it is just a style and movement discrepancy. I trained only on1/LA style, lots of turns and showoffy spins, where she learned primarily cuban. But I want to be able to lead her and other follows and get them to do really cool moves. What are some of the things I should look into? I'm starting to nail pre-lead prep movements but I want to make sure they are happening on the correct beat. I also think I can do more with my fingertips. Is there anything I can keep in mind next time I'm dancing to try and improve on this?
Thanks in advance.
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TIL that when Louis Réard introduced the modern two-piece bikini, no runway model would wear the risqué and revealing design, so he hired a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris to showcase it instead.

TIL that when Louis Réard introduced the modern two-piece bikini, no runway model would wear the risqué and revealing design, so he hired a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris to showcase it instead. submitted by wrcapricas to todayilearned [link] [comments]

[Question] Monster Season...?

What happened to Shinobu during the Future Off-season of the Novel and in the Zokuowarimonogatari Novel? I am quite curious to know of her fate, if someone could enlighten me that would be much appreciated please.
Also, I want to know your thoughts on when do you think Monster Season takes place in the Monogatari Universe. I'm glad that I was very fond of Shinobu.
And seriously? My sweet immortal Tsukihi Araragi wants to become a Casino Dancer?! (Though I might have this one wrong)
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Bally's for the Younger Crowd?

A buddy and I are going to Vegas for the second time in 2 years (yay airline staff benefits!). Last year we did PH which was great, especially the casino dancers after 10pm. This year we wanted to try something a bit different and opted for Bally's. I secured a great rate on a 3-night stay in the Jubilee Tower. So reddit, was this a good choice or should I consider another property? We're not looking for a club/party scene but rather a decent amount of similar aged folks (20s) to hang out with.
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TIL that when Louis Réard introduced the modern two-piece bikini, no runway model would wear the risqué and revealing design, so he hired a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris to showcase it instead.

TIL that when Louis Réard introduced the modern two-piece bikini, no runway model would wear the risqué and revealing design, so he hired a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris to showcase it instead. submitted by unremovable to unremovable [link] [comments]

One of my players wants to own a casino

So that's about It
One of my players (an Arasaka Corp) in an advanced game wants to buy a well placed building to start a hotel/restaurant/bar type casino. Obviously a really luxurious one. I made a list of things that he wants and will need and if I did my maths right he will need: •A big ass building in a rich zone or near •Slot machines and tables for games with croupiers •Security •A Bar with some barmans and lots of good alcohol •A kitchen with all those kitchen things, chefs and waiters •Lots of rooms for the hotel and people working in it •Probably entertainers, like music bands, dancers or similar •Something that I probably forgot
The thing is, It's easy to tell that is gonna cost tons of money, but I like the idea and the player is really enthusiastic and eager to work for it. So, the big question is how much money will he need to invest to start maybe with just the casino and later the rest? The paycheck for the workers? Things that might add some spiciness to this? Will Arasaka care if one of his workers started a side bussiness?
If anyone have any ideas or something that I didn't mention please tell me, thanks.
Pd: Thanks for all the answers! I got some interesting ideas right now, and I'll have some time to figure out how to make this work (after all 2077 is here, baby) I'm pretty sure that my Corpo boy will be very happy making a casino even though he'll have to do some serious heavylifting with that debt for a loooong time
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Mini Event

Mini Event - Crooked Creeps Takeover
Recommend Setup - Boys 2/2/2, Sam lv4, DK lv2 with 500 customers
This one is easy, but requires a lot of tapping at first.
The way I do this one is Tap your way to open SVW. Tap your way to automate SVW, and upgrade Pencock to lv2 while doing this. Get the bad guys to 2/2/1 Skip dirty dancer (you can/need to open it, and get customer bonuses, just don’t automate). Upgrade Chan to lv2 (tap to automate casino).
There’s a task trunk to get 275 DD customers, then get 900 customers, and one right after that to collect cash. Make sure you all those before you automate Casino. (The reason for this is the game bases the “collect cash” total on your highest earning business. If you start this task and then automate Casino, it will take a few turns to complete. If you automate before, it will take about 3hrs. This gets you Sam faster)
AS ALWAYS - good luck,
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[FNV] The Guide on How to get The Best LOD Possible with mods

[FNV] The Guide on How to get The Best LOD Possible with mods
This guide has some minor issues. I plan on fully updating it and making a TTW version + a frontier version if needed when the frontier comes out on January 15 (HYPE!).

As of now here's some quick fixes when you get to the Generating Lod section of the guide :

TTW- Don't generate Lod for "Capitalwasteland" in lodgen
NV/TTW- Get xLODGEN and generate terrain lod for both "wastelandnv" and "wastelandnvmini" if using MOREMOJAVE

Now back to the guide....

Video I posted earlier Showcasing the lod
Ok so this is gonna be a big one. In this post I'll detail two guides, one for base FNV and one for TTW-
[I'll do a TTW guide later because I have a lot of work I should be doing rn and typing out the ttw version would take a bit]
telling you how to completely overhaul your distant LODS and landscape. This will not cover grass mods or landscape overhauls in that sense but It will add new buildings hence more content and for TTW{lies} some optional building revisions to make your wasteland/s seem new. While technically everything is optional I will be tagging mods that are not necessary for your games distances to look just as good as mine (though I highly recommend downloading everything I say if you don't know what you're doing). Now lets begin with base New Vegas. Note: Everything is listed in install order ;)

-Prerequisites (STABILITY):
I have a GTX 1070ti and an 8700k fyi. With ENB I reach 70-80 percent GPU usage and around 20-40% CPU usage max.
Install JIP, Johnny Guitar, NVAC, NVTF, FNV mod limit fix, Heap replacer (Very important for smooth gameplay). If using an Nvidia card disable FNV vsync and use the vsync in Nvidia Control panel (test this as this doesn't increase performance for everyone).
Note on tick fix: If you use ENB disable bUseD3D9Ex. If you use Nevada skies disable bInlineCommonFunctions to remove the clicking sound during storms (this may not be needed anymore so test for yourself) . Finally If you want to play over 60 fps set bAlternateGTCFix=0 and bFPSFix=1.
YOU ARE NOW DONE WITH THE BASIC PERFORMANCE INCREASES. If you really need more fps try installing TTW (it runs better for me for some reason) or try turning down Actor fade/Object fade
The reason you're here in the first place. Start by installing these mods in This order and do EXACTLY what I say lol


  1. Lod Additions and Improvements
  2. Much Needed Lod + NMC Patch if you use NMC/Ojo patch if Prioritizing Ojo (IMPORTANT: Disable both the mod and its patch in your mod manager, not just the esp. We'll activate these later).
  3. Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul: Install the Main file for my look. (You can also install UHQNV Rocks - Roads and Terrain Overhaul in the optional files. I let all my other texture mods overwrite it. That being Nmc, ojo, etc etc)
  4. TCM's Lod overhaul + NMC patch if needed (You still need the NMC patch even if you don't use ojo as TCM uses ojo textures by default. The TCM author is working on his own NMC patch so be on the lookout for that)
  5. Lucky 38 Lod Fix: Fixes that busted ass Lod while inside the Lucky 38
  6. Improved LOD Noise Texture: If you dislike the regular Lod noise. (Optional as I'm personally not using this)
Q: Where's Less horrendous Vicki and Vance Casino?!
A: It's Included in TCM's Lod overhaul :)

For the new buildings and towers showcased In my video next download:
Uncut Wasteland: For the guide you only need the regular version but the NPC version will of course work just fine. Download any patches you may need for other mods and fix conflicts In fnvedit if needed (I personally use outside bets TTW and the outside bets patch for uncut and these do not work together by themselves. This is where things can get tricky and why the TTW guide might take a little longer). THIS AND THE NEXT MOD HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT OUT OF THE STRUCTURES SECTION OF THIS GUIDE.
MoreMojave: Adds more Locations to explore around your wasteland. Works with AWOP but I recommend using it as a replacement as its way less op and broken. This is a big one. NOTE: As of now I personally get this missing Lod glitch at this one area (3:44 in my showcase Video). It's a Lod from MoreMojave so If this happens to you and you just can't stand it remove MoreMojave.
Nellis Air Force Base Lightweight Overhaul: Adds more stuff to the barren Nellis air force base. I made this one optional because the LODS don't fully work I've noticed, and it has very op containers (can easily be deleted with FNVedit) but I couldn't leave it out as It's one of my personal favorites as of late. (highly optional)
Jean Overhaul: Adds that beautifully dilapidated casino and courthouse Lod showcased near Jean skydiving in my video. Note that you can't actually enter the buildings it adds atm, they're just for flavor. A must have for me personally (optional)
Nv Animated Zeppelin + NV Bos Zeppelin and their update files or Animated Mojave (Both zeppelin's version): Only pick Animated Zeppelin and Animated Bos zeppelin if you're not interested in the other features Animated Mojave adds or you don't know how to remove certain features yourself. (optional)
Camp McCarren Animated Monorail (Use the AAM version if using Animated Mojave from the previous mod): Well... it adds an animated monorail... kind of self explanatory (optional... but come on, you know you need it)
Ultra-Luxe Fountain Expanded: Very simple mod to make the ultra lux fountain more fancy like. (optional)
NV Animated Neon Pole Dancer for Gomorrah: For all the perverts reading this like me ;). (optional)
Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored or The Mogul Mausoleum - A Lucky 38 Overhaul. The former simply adds meshes so will be more compatible with things if you want to be extra safe. The latter is more performance heavy While inside of the lucky 38 as it also edits the interior which is kind of beyond the scope of this guide. (optional)
Q: What about Primm overhaul, the many goodsprings overhauls, Novac overhauls, Nipton, etc etc
A: First reason being performance and stability. Some of those beloved overhauls add too many things to tiny areas and will cause fps issues for most people. Second, I want this guide to be as compatibility friendly while still looking amazing so I only overhauled tiny areas that rarely see use by other mods (Jean/Nellis). Third, I just don't like those mods. Goodsprings is iconic to me, novac is iconic, nipton, etc etc. I like how they look in the base game. If you want you can add those mods though. The Lod generating process will be the same in the end but make sure you go to the locations and double check that generated Lod is working properly.
At this point you should have all the appropriate ESP's and mods with Much Needed LOD disabled in both your right and left windows (mo2). Not sure how the interface in vortex looks but just disable the whole mod basically. No esp or anything.
NOTE: I'm not gonna go in depth on installing lodgen you'll have to do that yourself. A thread that might help: How to install fnvlodgen with mod manager?(noob question sorry) : fnv (
(IN MO2 ADD THIS ARGUMENT TO YOUR LODGEN pointing to the directory of a newly created LOD Output folder for your LODS to go in).
(Vortex users) If you use vortex I'm actually not sure what you'd do. You'll sadly have to look up how to create a Lod output folder for vortex.
Example for Mo2 Users:
-o:"C:\ExampleFolder\Mo2\mods\LOD Output"

Picture Example

-Now Run Lodgen through your mod manager.
Make sure you Set your alias to 8192 by 8192. Leave the compression settings at whatever they default to for you. Don't generate tree Lod or terrain Lod if you have the option.
After that Finishes generating You can close Lodgen.
Now enable the Much Needed Lod mod and esp (Make sure it's placed below The Lod additions esp). Also if for some reason Flora Overhaul is below these two esp's put it above it (Place Flora Overhaul Below Both Load Additions and Much needed Lod)

-Open up Lodgen again and Generate everything For your Mojave wasteland EXCEPT for NVDLC01BgMT.
NOTE: We do this because Much needed Lod Doesn't work well in old world blues apparently. I actually haven't tested myself but I do know when I have much needed LOD installed during the generation process on BigMT I always Get error messages :(

After that's finished tick you LOD Output mod and have it overwrite everything. Most of you should be all set (IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS TELL ME AS I WAS VERY TIRED WHILE I TYPED THIS AND MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE SOMEWHERE... I don't think I did though)
Add these Lines to your FalloutCustom.ini:




Q: What this does?
A: This will Increase the distance at which Lod loads into the world a bit more than the max values. It wont effect timing but it MAY effect performance. I noticed maybe a 1-2 fps drop but I have a very well optimized game with good specs to boot. Test this yourself :)
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Mini Event: Crooked Creeps - 12/7/20

For 7 Prizes - Recommend Setup - Boys 2/2/2, Sam Level 4, Denture King Level 2 with 500 customers

This one is easy but requires a lot of tapping at first.
The way to do this one is:
Tap your way to open SVW. Tap your way to automate SVW, and upgrade Pencock to Level 2 while doing this. Get the Creeps to 2/2/1 and skip Dirty Dancer (you can/need to open it, and get customer bonuses, just don’t automate). Upgrade Chan to Level 2 (tap to automate Moneyvale Casino).

There’s a task trunk to get 275 Dirty Dancer customers, then get 900 total customers and one right after that to "Collect X Cash".
Make sure you all those before you automate Casino. (The reason for this is the game bases the “collect x cash” total on your highest earning AUTOMATED business. If you start this task and then automate Casino, it will take a few turns to complete. If you automate before, it will take about 3hrs. This gets you Sam faster)

AS ALWAYS - good luck, Shithawks (copy/pasted with some minor adjustments from u/chasey9550)
Here is the Spreadsheet.
(Side note, there is a bug where the Casino may open automatically when you close the game and re-open it. Even if you never clicked on it. If this happens, please fill out a support ticket for the game explaining this. Be nice, include as much detail as you possibly can, (what exactly you did and did not have open, how many customers, how much money you had, etc. They need the details to track it down), be polite and fair to them but express your displeasure)
A few reminders:
  1. We need someone on or about to hit Season 208. We need to know the cost to automate Used Gas. Somehow it got overlooked. If anyone can provide this number, please do so.
  2. We are currently seeking a few Spreadsheet Mods. Please hit me (Woz) up in Discord for more details.
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Who Am I? Reveal

Who Am I? Reveal
The clues to yesterday's celeb were:
I have 1.94m subscribers on Youtube. I have 6.3m followers on Instagram. I have 9.4m followers on TikTok.
I've been in a relationship, for around two years, with someone that has the same name as me (albeit spelt differently).
Additional Hint: I've appeared in a number of reality TV shows as a dancer.
Another Hint: Both my first and last names start with the same two letters.
The correct answer was Jordyn Jones.
The fastest five each received a Gold Coin and a few extra tokens, everybody else got 200 Tokens. In order, those five were:
Apart from that, time to do a small draw incorporating everybody who submitted a correct answer...
Note: May be a slight delay for Token and Card distribution as I prep for the Live Trivia.
Goes to... u/Silver-Plenty-4120, u/TheSnickerdoodleKid and u/collegeru7
Goes to... u/troyale10 and u/fazzle1
Goes to... u/DeadOnArrival98
Goes to... u/Bobby35muk
Goes to... u/jlinstantkarma
Goes to... u/Dojo_Casino
Goes to... u/COFFEE_BROOM
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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Sunnyvale - 10/15 Weekend Event Live!

Strategy: (confirmed, what I finished with!) Sarah at level 2, Tyrone at level 2, C&T Convenients at level 3 with 3200 customers, Jay & Silent Bob at level 6.
EDIT: This table is what I originally put up, please see the very bottom of this post for a Sunday night update with my final levels and how I got the final prize!
Character / Business Level Needed
Jay Level 6
Silent Bob Level 4
Sarah Level 5
Tyrone Level ?
C&T Convenients Level 5
Tammy Level 5
Donna Level ?
Scrilla Villa Level 5
Lahey Level 5
Randy Level ?
Dirty Dancer Level 3
Lucy Level 4
Trinity Level ?
Moneyvale Casino Level 3
Cyrus Level 4
George Green Level ?
Drug Store Level 2
Collectors (All) Player's Choice
Prizes: Bubblemaker (character), Sexy Swiper (Lucy costume), Jay (character), Chasing Shamey (Donna costume), Shrooms (character), Jason Mewes (Jay costume)
Leaderboard Rewards: Silent Bob (character), Kevin Smith (Silent Bob costume)
Sheet: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Sunnyvale
Hey-hey everyone, another week down and another weekend event here. Did everyone do okay with last weekend's event? I can't even remember, to be honest...I don't think I got every prize. Life has been super hectic as I try to get a lot of things done to start this new career. Some (great) news to share: my nursing license was approved and went active last Friday night! Pretty exciting, I think! I start new employee orientation at the hospital on Monday, so I'm not sure I'll be able to give much thought to this weekend's event, even though I love Jay & Silent Bob and all of the Clerks / Kevin Smith references in this event. Hopefully next week goes smoothly...I bought my first pair of non-nursing student scrubs this week, finally was able to get away from the boxy/crappy scrubs we had to wear haha.
Like I mentioned, this event has Jay and Silent Bob, and costumes for the normal Sunnyvale residents that are based on Clerks and other Kevin Smith movies...if you haven't seen Clerks, Clerks 2, or Jay & Silent Bob Strike back, I'd recommend them! I suppose everyone has a different sense of humor, though.
So this weekend's event is really weird. It's new, but not new...the multipliers and trunks/goals are based on events we've seen before (Sunnyvale Police Academy), but each business has two characters and there are 30 prizes...oh and there's collectors, too. So, I honestly have no idea what the strategy is at the moment. In the police academy event (and the events based on it), you have to work up then back down, so that's what the table above (and strategy) are based on for now. Please take it all with a grain of salt, as it's not for sure! Once everyone gets further into the event, we should have a better idea of what to do...I hope so, anyways. If I'm not around to update, I'll ask one of the other mods to pin a comment to the top here with updates/strategy for everyone!
The sheet is up to date for this event, for the most part, but feel free to leave a comment on the sheet itself or here on the sub with changes/fixes/errors, and they'll get added in right away.
Alright guys, have a great weekend, it's been a pleasure seeing familiar usernames!
10PM Thursday Update: I'm thinking this might be a last-business event...usually the devs mention it going up and down, so for now, please don't focus on the first business anymore than you need to until we get deeper into the event. Anything is a possibility! For now, here's what I have my characters/businesses at to open up the fourth business:
Character / Business Level I'm At Currently
Jay Level 3
Silent Bob Level 1
Sarah Level 1
Tyrone Level 1
C&T Convenients Level 1
Tammy Level 2
Donna Level 1
Scrilla Villa Level 2
Lahey Level 1
Randy Level 1
Dirty Dancer Level 1
I only renovated Scrilla Villa to clear the "renovate 1 business" trunk at the top. I just cleared 50.0G to open the fourth business with these levels, hopefully that gives you guys some direction!
10AM Friday Update: Looks like my initial gut instinct was right, and this is an up and down event, similar to the police academy events. Sounds like you're able to finish the event with the first business, and without automating the last business. There is a post here by PuffY187 with the setup they used to finish the event, which should give some guidance in the meantime!
8PM Sunday Update: So I kinda went with the flow on this event since there was no for-sure strategy. I decided upgrading Jay & Silent Bob would be worthwhile since they affect all businesses, and would help move back down the chain. My final tally to finish the game was: Jay and Silent Bob at level 6, Sarah at level 2, Tyrone at level 2, and C&T Convenients Store at level 3 with 3200 customers -- I did not upgrade the collectors at all, and spent 200 hash (on two event trunks for the joints/liquor).
I think this is a lot lower than what other people finished with, but as long as you finish that's all that matters. I'm going to make a table (below)
Character / Business Level Needed
Jay Level 6
Silent Bob Level 4
Sarah Level 2
Tyrone Level 2
C&T Convenients Level 3
Tammy Level 5
Donna Level 5
Scrilla Villa Level 2
Lahey Level 4
Randy Level 3
Dirty Dancer Level 3
Lucy Level 2
Trinity Level 3
Moneyvale Casino Level 2
Cyrus Level 1
George Green Level 2
Drug Store Level 2
Collectors (All) Level 1
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New Years in Las Vegas!

Hello! I am interested in heading to Las Vegas with my girlfriend for New Years. Neither of us have ever been to Vegas, and doing this is on our bucket list. I am looking for advice from anyone with insight or experience with Vegas during the ball drop. In prior years, we have gone to Chicago/New York/Denver and stayed at a hotel with a large ballroom for dancing and an open bar with a champagne toast at midnight and an afterparty -- we are looking for a similar experience in Vegas. Honestly, we just plan to take molly and be with each other with the party going on around us. The strip/casinos/marquee DJs & artists aren't all that important to either of us. Affordability is the primary variable (we aren't too poor but grad school is expensive). What are the best and most affordable hotel/flight bundles I should look into? Thank you in advance for any insight, I don't know what I am doing and I am trying to surprise her.

This is awkward for me to say, and it isn't that important, but my girlfriend also mentioned that she would enjoy topless dancers like we experienced together in Chicago -- she wants an "adult" experience (I don't understand her but I love the shit out of her). Fuck, I am going to marry this girl.
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How could Uncle Clifford not raise $50,000?

Granted it was essential to the plot, but:
  1. Looks to me like between admission, bar sales and her cut of the girls' take, less expenses, she must be clearing at least a couple thousand a night. Can anybody see her coming away with less than that?
  2. Why the hell did Hailey not just loan or invest $50,000 before foreclosure? Because it was her plan all along to buy the Pynk? For that matter, why wouldn't the rest of girls collectively loan or invest a few thousand?
  3. How could that critical piece of land be worth less than a Million to the casino developers? Why wouldn't whoever owned the Pynk free and clear sell the property and set up shop down the road? It isn't like they're making any use of having riverfront property.
These may be overly practical, but there's so much that doesn't add up -- especially that insurmountable debt -- that it kind of distracts from the rest of the plotlines, which while melodramatic kind of make sense.
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Is there are formal or informal name for this style of salsa?
The constant curling, twirling, folding, unfolding, pretzel-ing. All while looking relaxed and chill. I love it.
Is there a name for this style? (e.g. L.A. style / Cali Columbia style / Puerto Rico NY style / Cuban Casino style / etc. ??)
I want to loosen up and be able to do these. What keywords should I search to find tutorials that specifically address such a style of dancing? (I have a compliant dance partner, and we've been able to pick up a lot from YouTube lately.)
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International Peace Gardens

Hello! I’ve never been to North Dakota, but I’m thinking of getting married in the International Peace Gardens in February 2022. Are there any hotels and restaurants nearby that you would recommend? My mother-in-law has a pretty severe gluten allergy, is it going to be terribly difficult to accommodate her? I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, or if my questions are stupid. Thank you very much in advance for any advise/help!
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Trouble with Linear Time Continuity

Okay, so this is more like a large set of glitches I've experienced over the years, and I'll avoid the childhood ones. Instead, I'll mention an event from less than a month ago verifying warnings from what I'd like to call nonlinear temporal information messengers.
This is long, but it is weird. I've only told this to a few people, and I hope this is worth the read.
The glitch I'm going to be referring to today is my acting on information that I believed may have saved my life, as info I've been given has helped give me so much peace of mind when life has thrown me curveballs.
Since I've been an adult, I've had TWO separate events in which men of difficult-to- place ethnicity and appearing to be 35-55 years old but hard to place more than that have approached me while I've been working and been around coworkers, both appearing at first to be conversating with me in a work- related way until getting me away enough to tell me they have things that they have been sent to tell me. I am skeptical usually, but over the years, not one thing these men have told me has been a lie.
The first man approached me when I was working an event in the Bahamas for a modeling team I had barely it onto via contests. I was in a large group of ladies, and there were lots of people inside and outside a hotel/casino. He tells me he like to get privacy-- I think he's being a creep, but then he asks if I've been outside yet to enjoy the beach. I hadn't-- it was sunset, people were everywhere, and the beach area was part of the hotel. I went and kept looking back at the hotel while we walked and exited the building.
He then tells me he needed to get me alone because he had a message for me from God. I'd grown up religious but become VERY agnostic/skeptical at this point, so I thought this rich guy was crazy or playing me. He tells me he has a gift from his mother because she had the gift, too, and it's his job to share with me what he is led to tell me. I had said nothing about myself, and there was NO info about me other than the fact I was from the US. I made sure to give him NO info to John Edwards his way into looking like he knew anything. This was in 2006, so looking me up was laughable.
He begins to tell me VERY personal things about myself and my family that I'd never told anyone. He begins to tell me how I feel about some of these things, including guilt, is not right, and that I had to give certain people time to rebuild relationships. He tells me it is okay, almost absolving me of a HUGE burden I'd been carrying. This ended up being true, and it took over a decade to verify.
He tells me I'll have my first child within the year, it will be a girl, and I'll have one or two more children who will be boys much later. I had my daughter less than a year later despite efforts to not get pregnant (ex sabotaged bc and prevented medical care), and I had my son almost thirteen years later this May after thinking I'd never get pregnant again due to lots of doctors telling me I shouldn't have been able to have the first baby.
This man then tells me my current partner at the time is not the person I'm supposed to be with at all. I told him I was trying to make things work with the guy, and the man tells me that my now-ex will die fairly young like early forties or so. However, if I waited that out, his abuse would be so bad that there would be nothing of me left, and my life would be meaningless since I would be broken irreparably.
If I left as soon as I could, life would be hard for a while, but I would be myself. My ex is still alive as he's in his late thirties, but the abuse he meted out as soon as I was pregnant and until I left was bad enough (along with the psychological and other abuse that I'd been oblivious to when this man came along) to match what the man warned me. Until that point, I'd been in denial about the abuse since it hadn't been physical and had never even thought about it not discussed it.
He then describes the man I'm going to end up with as someone older who will love me and run a successful business with me after hard times. This is who the other child(ren)'s father is. We won't be happy until we move to Florida. My partner is almost a decade older than me, we're obsessed with trying to find all sorts of ways to make money now and long-term (we've had a few failed or not- worth-it ventures already), we've definitely had hard times, and he's the father of my newborn. We haven't moved to Florida, but that's come up more than once as a possibility!
The man had kept gingerly putting his arm around me in the least creepy way possible-- like how my dad would do-- and kept looking INTO me as if to make sure I was okay with the information he was giving. He told me everything was going to be okay-- like I'd make the right decisions but I'd needed the data he'd given to get there. I walked back in with him, and everyone had wondered where I'd been. Oddly enough, no one had been outside, and for nearly an hour, I'd had a beautiful Caribbean sunset on the beach with just one other person who seemed to care about ME more than anyone else had in a long time.
I went to grab a drink finally, saw the guy while waiting, and quickly snapped a picture. It is the only picture in my whole trip where there is extreme motion blur despite him not moving. He seemed surprised by the photo and acted like he was shocked I took one.
Later, when the other ladies asked me where I'd been and I told them, they all told me that no one had seen that man. They'd all been standing right by him with me. They said I was alone outside! The picture of him is literally the only thing that made me realize SOMETHING wasn't right, and it wasn't my perception.
I shook this glitch in my life off, even as events unfolded the way he said and even things he left out began to make sense. Then, years later, I was at work as ahem a "dancer," (life had been hard-- someone got criminal charges in my name, so jobs were hard to get in a post-2008 world for a nerdy college grad with an arrest and dropped charges while getting sick from allergies and then-undiagnosed issues lol).
There was a table of regulars with three guys. One guy was always in a suit, and occasionally, you'd see him give a girl money. Another salt-of-the-earth guy would take girls for dances, but it was rare. A third guy sat there and smiled. He looked business casual every day he was there., and he was there often.
After seeing him a few months with none of the guys at that table ever being anything more than polite, I didn't bug him. One day, it was slow, and he flags me over. He then asks if I'd like a palm reading. I get this weird feeling. The guy in the suit looks low-key excited and nods, like he wants me to say yes. The other guy wasn't there.
I say yes, sit down, and give him my palm. He doesn't even look at my palm, my hand drops, and he begins unloading details about me EXACTLY like the last guy, almost like updates on some things from the last time and new information. I am in total shock.
He tells me I'm very sick. I need to get out of that kind of work as I'm very sick and making myself worse. I ask how-- was it my female issues or weird allergy? He says not just that but it was many things. This proved to be true as I have a kind of rare genetic disorder that causes other issues. Working on my feet and not resting like I'd been doing there and at restaurants could have crashed my nervous system.
He tells me specifically that the MAIN thing I need to watch out for is my kidneys. I ask him if they are damaged. He says no, but that I need to be very careful as I could die (almost like earlier than planned) if I don't protect them. I thought wrongly this had to do with my blood pressure being low as that stresses the kidneys when you go untreated like I did for decades.
A few weeks ago, I got bloodwork showing my kidneys were failing and causing anemia. I thought I'd just had an allergic reaction to a med a few weeks prior, but in additionto that, my kidneys had been shutting down. I'd been losing hair in clumps, itching all day, and looked like I was dying, even after discontinuing the meds and taking antihistamines that only helped a few symptoms.
Before I saw my doctor, I began treating the kidney issues. My doctor is not willing to admit the meds did this, but I saw the bloodwork and know. She wants me on more of the same kind of meds, but I'm getting a new doctor. I heard the man warning me replay in my mind my whole visit, so I'm going with that!
Perhaps the most weird is the statement he made when he fussed at me. He told me even more details about the guy I was supposed to be with, and I started trying to figure out how some of that could be true since it didn't match my boyfriend at the time. He looks at me like I'm stupid and says, "He reminds you of the man you're supposed to be with, but he isn't him. You'll see." It was like he thought I had mistaken one man for another outside time-space continuum limitations.
My logic circuits did not like this statement. It rolled around in my brain for MONTHS, on and off. "Reminds" meant I already knew and remembered who I was supposed to be with, but that is in the future, so wtf?! I considered it maybe a fluke or issue with the guy's English. He had a slight accent that was hard to place (like the other guy in the Bahamas), so I filed this glitch statement away.
I got up after the conversation as he also reassured me much like the other man had. Despite working there for a few more months, I never saw him again. I saw the guy in a suit a few times alone and quiet, but not nearly as often. This weirded me out. When I asked girls there about the guys, almost no one knew who I was talking about despite them being there all the time. The girls who did know had seen one guy but not all of them, and no one had seen the ambiguously ethnic guy.
About two years later, I had just broken up with my ex and was out with a friend at an afterhours club on July 4th. It was slow, but she was trying to keep my sanity by keeping me occupied and distracted. I was out on the patio, and the very nice young guy I was talking to about his breakup with his boyfriend (he'd been in tears) had his buddy come out to take him home.
His friend looks at me as he helps his friend up to leave and says, "Why are you out here? Your husband is in there, waiting for you!" The crying young guy looks confused and says something to that effect. The guy tells him it's true and walks him away.
I was shocked as the only guys I'd seen were gay or obviously taken, other than the dj. That's why I'd gone outside to breathe fresh air and feel sorry for myself. I thought the dj was some young guy who thought I was weird after my friend introduced me to him-- she'd brought me there for that purpose. The dj was, in fact, quite a bit older than me and liked that I was weird. Most importantly, he was very single after getting out of a relationship a few months prior. This is my partner.
Shortly after dating, I began noticing LOTS of impossible similarities between him and my ex- boyfriend as to likes, dislikes, hobbies, bad habits, and even personal stories. He was a very different person, but it was almost like my ex had been trying really, really hard to be who my partner is naturally.
My partner said he felt like a replacement due to how many times even my daughter would point out these things. I then remembered:
"He reminds you of the man you're supposed to be with. You'll see."
I told him about this, and my partner was just as confused as I was. When I told him all of the above, he only wants to know smart-ass things like why I didn't ask WHAT the successful thing is we are supposed to do so we can move to Florida already! (He also said all of it was bullshit until I got pregnant, reminded him it would be a boy, and it was!)
I really feel almost like I've had "people" glitch into this reality to help me out through what have been some crazy, dangerous, and seemingly-impossible situations. The advice, analysis, and predictions I've been given have held up.
I also feel like two events happened in these interactions that shouldn't have. The first was the picture. The guy acted like I'd broken some weird rule but didn't guilt-trip me about it. It was like I should've asked him first, but he would have said no anyway.
The second was when the second guy got annoyed with me trying to get my ex to make sense as "the one." It was like he lost composure and explained something in a way that shouldn't have been explained. The conversation was cut not long after that.
Telling me I mistook my ex for someone in the future was SUCH a loaded statement as to the nature of reality and myself. The future was influencing my past, and not just from what they told me but from what I must have subconsciously known about my future. I started realizing some odd events and decisions I'd made over the years backed this up.
The mindfuckery of then trying to decide what I'm doing because I like it and what I'm doing because it makes sense cosmically in a nonlinear temporal fashion became something I tried to avoid pondering. I've had lots of little glitch moments, but what takes the cake is these two men who seemed to not exist glitching in and out of this plane to help me.
Either I'm insane, very psychic, and can manifest photos of nothing into people, or for some weird reason, I'm being looked out for to make sure I have hope when I'm on the edge of being hopeless (later, not at the time of these glitches). I'm very honored that I was given what I was given either way.
Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen?
Also, I really feel like being told I was mistaking something now for something in the future might REALLY apply to some of the stories here! Taking linearity of time out of the equation makes what seem to be synchrocity, Mandela Effects, and weird memories (especially of things that never happened but you avoid like a warning) all rational event types.
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[ Simpsons ] Homer is abusive to Marge, and their marriage is awful

This is my first time posting on this sub, so sorry if this makes no sense, or if it's been done before
Simpsons is a relatively endearing show, occasionally touching base on some heartfelt issues, but mostly sticking with it's goofy, hilarious theme. However, the one thing that has always bugged me is Homer and Marge together, and I think I now know why. Homer is loud, crude, and apathetic; almost a complete opposite of Marge. Their marriage was going well when they first met, but it slowly got worse, and it completely sunk when Homer became abusive.
  1. Marge shows a good amount of symptoms of abuse.
She is constantly apologetic to everyone, and seems almost afraid of Homer. In multiple episodes, we learn how Marge was brought up, being taught that she should repress her feelings, not make waves, be polite, smile, ETC. And the worst thing is, Homer supports her acting like this, all because he doesn't want her to leave him. She acts on edge, anxious, and has a surprisingly low self-esteem. She is always cleaning or taking care of her children, which is a common stress symptom, possibly in order to stop herself from saying or expressing any emotions. When we see her before she married Homer, she was a confident, free spirited person who wasn't afraid to express herself, and now she is timid and does pretty much anything she is asked. Another symptom she shows is developing an addiction to something such as drugs or alcohol. She doesn't develop a drug problem, per se, but in You Only Move Twice, she develops a wine addiction, in Co-dependents day, she develops an alcohol problem, and in $pringfield, she is seen spending practically weeks on end gambling at a casino.
  1. Homer is awful to everyone, especially Marge.
Lets go back through a few episodes and name some of the absolutely disgusting things Homer has done to Marge, shall we?
Season 1, episode 9: Homer forgets Marge's birthday, then completely ruins it. He gives her a bowling ball with his name on it, in hopes that she will give it to him.
Season 2, episode 10: Homer tries to bully Marge into lying in court, and when she doesn't, he throws a fit and declares that he no longer loves her.
Season 4, episode 2: May lord have mercy on Marge Simpson's soul for trying to have a hobby for once. She scores lead role in a theater production, and Homer ignores her every step of the way, insisting that all of her hobbies are stupid and frugal.
Season 5, episode 22: Homer inconsiderately tells all of Springfield Marge's deep, personal secrets. When she finally manages to do something right and overcome her fear of him, she kicks him out of the house. Homer then guilttrips her into taking him back.
Season 15, episode 15: Homer drives while drunk, with a sleeping Marge in the passenger seat. He crashes over the side of a bridge, and the car lands upside down. When the cops show up, he moves Marge, who's still asleep, over to the drivers side and escapes so it looks like she was driving. He literally framed Marge.
Season 14, episode 4: Their relationship has become so toxic, Marge feels she is not desirable enough. To please Homer, she undergoes surgery and has liposuction and implants done.
  1. We see Homer flirting with women other then Marge multiple times.
In war of the Simpsons, he was eyeing Maude's chest. In Homer's night out, he gets a little too cozy with a belly dancer. In the last temptation of Homer, he falls in love with his coworker, Mindy. In Viva Ned Flanders, he LITERALLY GETS MARRIED to someone in Vegas. I don't care if he stays with Marge everytime, this relationship is not healthy in the slightest!
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Felipe Calderón Hinojosa wanted his government (2006-2012) to be remembered as the six-year term of security.

He bet on the persecution of organized crime, multiplied spending on federal police, sent the army to the streets and launched a strategy to make his actions convincing: the war against drug trafficking. The year prior to his inauguration, the country's homicide rate was 9.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.
The figure soon multiplied, leading the government to deny that there were collateral victims; those killed in the "war" were criminals or heroes - policemen and soldiers - who fought them. Fourteen years later, too many unknown victims have fallen in this battle. Estimates are close to 250,000 dead and 60,000 missing.
The beggining
The beginning of this dark and violent era can be dated December 11, 2006. On that day, then-President Felipe Calderón declared war on narco.
The intention was to arrest criminals who acted as lords and masters in various entities. He launched the Joint Operation Michoacán and sent 6,000 troops to stop the violence of the cartels. Since then, the beast of crime felt the prick in the back and has not stopped slapping its tail.
There have been fourteen in which it has been learned to measure homicides linked to this type of violence. Fourteen years in which the structure of the narco "faltered": new cells arose, new leaders appeared, others died or were killed. It has been fourteen years in which journalists have used self-censorship as their “survival” card. Fourteen years, 168 months and 5,250 days, of "blood and lead."
Heads rolled in Michoacán
The attack on the Sol y Sombra bar, which occurred on September 7, 2006, in Uruapan, Michoacán, it is said, was the germ of the war against drug trafficking that ex-president Felipe Calderón waged.
That day, a score of hooded individuals with AK-47 rifles dressed in Federal Investigation Agency uniforms opened fire without commiseration on the business.
The roar of the bullets sent dancers and customers to the ground. The fake agents entered, approached the dance floor and took out a bag with five heads. They left without a word, but left a narco-message. “The family does not kill for pay, it does not kill women and innocents. Only those who must die die. Sepal. This is divine justice ”, it read.
This crime attracted international attention like few before. It was also the first time that the name La Familia Michoacana spread to the rest of the country.
Four months after the start of the war against drug trafficking, the Army - responsible for the fight with criminal groups - suffered its first major ambush. It was in Carácuaro, in the Tierra Caliente region, near Guerrero and the State of Mexico.
On the night of May 1, 2007, an armed group attacked a military convoy with rifles and grenades during a patrol. Five soldiers, a colonel, a sergeant and three corporals were killed.
The Army turned in the area. Within days they arrested ten people, four of them women and minors. They seized long and short weapons and scored a victory.
In September, however, the minors reported rape and sexual abuse by the military. The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) issued a devastating report. Shortly after the war against drugs, elements of the Army were already facing charges of arbitrary detentions, torture, sexual abuse and rape. It would not be the last time.
That was just the beginning. On the day of the scream, Independence Day, criminals would throw hand grenades at a crowd in the center of Morelia, Michoacán in 2008. Almost a dozen dead and more than 100 injured would be the figures for the violent episode.
In 2009, Calderón captured dozens of Michoacán officials for alleged ties to drug traffickers. Most were released months later.
Ciudad Juarez, resist
Hell broke loose on this site.
When Felipe Calderón came to power, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, two people were killed a day. In 2008, the average rose to five, and in 2009 there were already seven daily deaths.
It was enough just to look out to the city to see that many of the victims were young people captured by some criminal organization and killed in retaliation by a rival cartel. But also, it was easy to find a good number of lawyers, policemen, engineers, doctors, journalists turned into corpses and suspects.
In 2010, at least 60 student students were celebrating a party at number 1,310 Viñas del Portal street, when a group of hitmen arrived at the site aboard seven vans. Without a word, the hooded men shot at the teenagers. Sixteen died.
That same year, Luis Freddy Lala Pomavilla, 18, a bleeding and badly wounded Ecuadorian, arrived at an Army checkpoint on Highway 101 in Tamaulipas —on the border between Mexico and the United States— announcing: "they were all killed."
Before dying in a clinic, the man accompanied the soldiers to a ranch in San Fernando where the horror was found: 72 migrants lying on the ground and killed. The massacre also included another piece of information: the kidnapping of undocumented immigrants was a new item in the dirty business of the cartels.
As they explained, the drama began when members of Los Zetas forced him to work for them. By rejecting the proposal, they were killed one by one, with shots in the back and the head. The corpses passed like this for hours until Luis Freddy gave the warning.
The cruelty of the massacre and the calm with which it was carried out stunned the country.
A year later, 2011, the misfortune was called Casino Royal. The attack on the gambling business in Monterrey, Nuevo León, lasted only an instant, but it was enough to leave 52 dead and dismay an entire city.
With the crime, the people of Monterrey lived a day with a mixture of anger, indignation, sadness, and frustration due to the insecurity and the wave of violence that escalated in recent years.
The macabre events continued to shake Mexico. In May 2012, the mutilated bodies of 49 people were found on a road near the town of Cadereyta, in Nuevo Léon. The killers left only the torsos of the victims in plastic bags.
The massacre was added to the one that occurred in Jalisco, where 18 bodies were found, some of them beheaded.
By December of that year, the government changed, but not the legacy of the war.
In 2013, the epicenter of the pain moved to Tierra Caliente - a region that includes the states of Guerrero and Michoacán. There, the challenge of the self-defense groups escalated. The intention of this group of civilians up in arms was to rid the neighbors of the harassment of the Knights Templar cartel.
During the six-year terms of Enrique Peña Nieto and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the declared war against drugs was no longer explicit, but in the facts disappearances and confrontations continued. From Ayotzinapa to Culiacanazo and the LeBarón massacre, tragic events linked to organized crime squeezed the entire country.
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r/StarWarsCantina, which is the best cantina scene (besides Mos Eisley)?

"Mos Eisley Spaceport. Never again will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."
In the original Star Wars, Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina (yeah I just found out what it was actually called, thanks Wookieepedia) introduced us to the breadth of bizarre alien creatures in the Star Wars galaxy, all crammed in a seedy bar on a backwater planet. From the hammer-headed Ithorian designed by Ron Cobb to the devilish Devaronian designed by Rick Baker, Lucas's creative team helped bring a universe of seemingly limitless possibilities to life in one short sequence. The scene has had a number of homages and imitations in other entries of the saga, but how do they all stack up compared to the original and arguably the best?
There's some criteria for what constitutes a "cantina" scene. It has to be some kind of enclosed environment featuring a plethora of unique alien designs with tonnes of visible personality as well as an overall lively though somewhat intimidating atmosphere for the protagonists. I'll be ranking them all out of 10 on the Cantina Factor. I'll only be counting the mainline "episodes" of the saga.
Episode V... doesn't have a cantina scene. The closest thing is the bounty hunter gathering on the Star Destroyer bridge, but... it doesn't really have the same feel and is a bit too brief to count. Move along, move along.
Episode VI, on the other hand, throws us right into the 24/7 partyhouse that it Jabba's Palace. A stew of filth and debauchery surpassing Mos Eisley, you almost feel dirty just looking at this place. Jabba is truly the Fisher King of his establishment, everything is as grimy and seedy as the giant slug himself. We see Jabba's entourage of performers, jesters and burlesque dancers, as well as servants, guards, bounty hunters, VIPs and assorted criminal scum. Compared to Mos Eisley, we get to see this litany of bizarre characters in greater focus, with many turning out to be quite important figures in the expanded universe. The main centres of attraction include: Jabba's pale, weak-minded Twi'lek majordomo Bib Fortuna; the axe-wielding, boar-like Gamorrean Guards; Jabba's cackling jester Salacious B. Crumb; Boba Fett flirting with girls; Oola the sexy Twi'lek slave dancer who's fed to the Rancor; Malakili the Rancor keeper who tenderly weeps when his beloved pet is crushed to death; EV-9D9 the sadistic torture droid; Ephant Mon the horrifically ugly elephant thing who is apparently Jabba's best mate; and last but not least, Max Rebo the cute blue DJ. Bossk the Trandoshan bounty hunter also has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. The 1997 Special Edition controversially extends the song-and-dance number with Sy Snootles, replacing her (admittedly awful) puppet with CGI and adding an entirely new singer, Joh Yowza, who obnoxiously mugs the camera during his solo. Overall, the Jabba's Palace scene is in many ways better than the original Mos Eisley cantina scene, but it suffers greatly in the Special Edition... still, nothing can stop it ranking a solid 9/10 on the Cantina Factor.
With an enhanced budget and new fangled digital effects technology, Episode I is basically one long creature-feature. There's not really a single scene quite like Mos Eisley, as nearly every scene seems to have crowds of alien extras wandering around. Ironically, we don't see any cantina-like locations on Tatooine in the film, though the Boonta Eve Classic podrace scene provides us a decent alternative. All of the greatest podracers in the Outer Rim gathered together with their own idiosyncratic vehicles, including Anakin's cruel arch-rival Sebulba, the four-armed Gasgano, and the legend himself Ben Quadrinaros. Pit droids wander around providing some visual comedy. We see Jabba and Gardulla presiding over the event, with live race commentary provided in both Basic and Huttese by the hammy two-headed Fodesinbeed Annodue, a.k.a. Fode and Beed. Anakin's slave friends, including the young Rhodian played by Warwick Davis, also appear to cheer him on. However, considering that the rest of the film shoves so many CGI alien mugs in our faces all the way through, it doesn't have quite as much impact. 6/10.
In Episode II, we get the Outlander Club on Coruscant during Obi-Wan and Anakin's citywide chase for the bounty hunter Zam Wessell. As an avid clubber myself (not so much now, thanks COVID), I naturally like this scene and it's also cool to see the night life on a civilised Core World for once. On the downside, we don't get a good look at many quirky alien characters, but the one who does make an impression is no less than excellent: the deathstick dealer Elan Sleazebaggio. I wonder if he did go home and rethink his life? The scene also started the fan theory that Obi-Wan might be an alcoholic, seeing as he eagerly heads straight to the bar for some shots like the absolute legend he is. The "Jedi causes commotion with lightsaber, everyone looks then just carries on as normal" beat is given a tribute too. Moreover, the Outlander Club is used in an awesome fan film called Hell's Club which mashes together various iconic club scenes from other movies -- Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan encounters Ewan McGregor's Renton from Trainspotting while Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever leers at Anakin a little too long (also the madness makes Carlito's death no less sad, RIP). 8/10.
Episode III, there isn't one, skip.
Being a soft remake of Episode IV, Episode VII gives us a straightforward cantina scene with Maz Kanata's Castle on Takodana. Takodana might be one of my favourite locations in the whole saga. On paper it's an unremarkable forest planet but there's something... tangible about it. The fact that it was filmed in a real forest and a real set for the castle rather than a greenscreen backdrop definitely helps. Beyond Kanata herself, we see glimpses of some interesting looking characters, including: Grummgar the hulking big game hunter; Bazine Netal the enigmatic First Order spy who rats on BB-8; and most memorable of all, Sidon Ithano a.k.a. The Crimson Corsair, the red-garbed mercenary who Finn offers to join up with. Among the flags adorning the castle, you can also see the emblem of the real life charity organisation, the 501st Legion. Nice touch. Will we ever find out how the Skywalker lightsaber got there though? 9/10.
Episode VIII gives us the controversial Canto Bight on planet Cantonica. I'm very much pro-Canto Bight, it's a perfect 'anti-Mos Eisley'. Rather than a usual wretched hive of destitute criminals, Cantonica is a luxury casino resort filled with the disgusting, decadent elite of the galaxy. Crooks of a different breed. The aesthetic is great, it's all white and clean but filled with some truly repulsive-looking aliens squeezed into tight tuxedos and dresses. Like Finn, it's easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour until you see what it's all built on, then you can cheer when the Fathiers tear it all down. As bad as it all is, a part of me still finds Canto Bight appealing -- I wouldn't mind getting suited and booted and playing a bit of roulette (or the Star Wars verse equivalent of it, idfk) with some fuckin' weird aliens. Speaking of, let's get to some. We've got: Countess Alissyndrex delga Cantonica Provincion, the ruler of the town who can only be described as a purple slab of meat with a human face; Lexo Sooger the long-armed masseur; Slowen Lo the busybody Abendedo who almost destroys the Resistance because Finn and Rose parked on a beach; the Cthulhu-esque Palandag jazz band, somehow weirder than the Modal Nodes from Mos Eisley; Dobbu Scay the diminutive monocled alien who drunkenly mistakes BB-8 for a slot machine, also played by Mark Hamill; Justin Theroux and doll-faced model Lily Cole cameoing as the suave "Master Codebreaker" and his square-haired partner respectively; and of course, Benicio del Toro's "DJ" imprisoned down in the cells. Below the casino itself, we see the abusive slavery practices on both animals and children, with the boy Temiri Blagg revealing himself as Force-sensitive in the ending shot of the film after being inspired by the legend of Luke Skywalker. Whether or not you like its role in the story, it's a damn good alien cantina, 10/10.
Finally, we get to Episode IX. It's easy to miss because of how insanely fast-paced the film is, but yeah, there is a cantina scene on Kijimi, in the Spice Runner Den. I always wondered if this planet is a reference to Hideo Kojima, makes sense considering he and J.J. Abrams are friends, though apparently it's also a reference to some Japanese synthesizer brand. It's nothing to write home about. I mean, yeah, we're introduced to Zorii Bliss and Babu Frik, the best character in the entire trilogy, but what else is there? Oh yeah, a cameo from John freakin' Williams as the bartender Oma Tres. But yeah, apart from that, it's bland and forgettable, there are some aliens dotted around but none of them are focused on particularly. 3/10.
And there you have it. I felt weird about ranking Mos Eisley itself with its own imitators when it originated the whole trope, so I leave that one to you guys. Which is your favourite?
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Cuban Casino dance at Washington, DC - YouTube

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