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Hendaye Plage Surf Photo: 'HENDAYE; CASINO' by LGT107 3 hours earlier: Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2: 3 hours later 3 hours earlier: Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2: 3 hours later: WNW W WNW 15 s: cross 15 s: Open ocean wave model on 2 January at 10 am Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Hendaye Plage around the time the photo was taken Hendaye commune in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France Casino d'Hendaye‎ (8 F) Château d'Abbadia‎ (3 C, 75 F) E Église Saint-Vincent d'Hendaye‎ (25 F) Église Sainte-Anne d'Hendaye Plage‎ (1 F) F Fort de Hendaye‎ (3 F) G Great Cross of Hendaye‎ (16 F) H History of Hendaye‎ (1 C, 10 F) K Kote Ezenarro‎ (1 F) M Monument aux morts d'Hendaye‎ (8 F) O Ondarraitz beach‎ (1 C, 15 After weeks of planning, I was finally standing again at the GR10-infoboard in front of the old casino in Hendaye, this time to cross the Pyrenees on the HRP (Haute Route Pyrénéenne). I started full of zest and in a good mood. But my good mood and my energy were soon to drop quickly – not least because of a stupid beginner’s mistake that shouldn’t happen to an experienced long-distance Casino d'Hendaye‎ (8 D) Château d'Abbadia‎ (76 D) E Église Saint-Vincent d'Hendaye‎ (25 D) Église Sainte-Anne d'Hendaye Plage‎ (1 D) F Fort de Hendaye‎ (3 D) G Great Cross of Hendaye‎ (16 D) H History of Hendaye‎ (1 K, 10 D) K Kote Ezenarro‎ (1 D) M Monument aux morts d'Hendaye‎ (8 D) O Ondarraitz beach‎ (1 K, 15 D) P Pheasant Island‎ (2 K, 9 D) Port of Hendaye‎ (10 About halfway down the promenade there is the “Old Croisière Casino,” a building that stands out, not just because it is the only building located on the beach itself but also because it has its own particular style. Built in 1884, this is the only building in Hendaye that has an arabic architectural style. For over 70 years, until 1980, the Old Croisière Casino was used as a casino Le Casino is named after – you guessed it! – the large casino that fronts the beach at Hendaye. That puts it right in the middle of the bay. In fact, the spot spreads both west, towards Sokoburu and east, up to the headland. It’s wide and offers up multiple peaks. That’s great for beginners who want a plot to themselves to practice popping. For the most part, the waves here are mushy

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