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Teacher looking for own

Hello. I'm a single f 35 yr old teacher and I've never had my own place. I can't afford much because let's face it teachers don't get paid a lot. My budget is 800 max. I'm tired of renting rooms, so I prefer not to do that anymore. I realize it's not a very big budget to have my own, but there's somewhere for everyone and it's possible there's someone willing to work with me. I've been in WA since 2016 and have lived in the same house renting a room in Kenmore, but it's not a good situation anymore and is stressing me out. I'm looking to move July or August and I'm looking for a studio or back house or in law type of situation in any area except Seattle or casino road in Everett. If you feel you can help me, please feel free to contact to me.
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[RF] Pale in Comparison

Winter had sucked all the color out of the world.
The prairie in the glory of midsummer had been a surge of green, summer winds sending pulses through the tall grass, causing it to wave like an underwater kelp forest in a strong current. Now, however, it had relinquished its blooming majesty, its former radiance dulled to straw the color of a deerhide. The flowerheads were stripped of their colorful identities, appearing like sepia photographs of themselves; the ghosts of summer past. The sweetclover, which had extended from one horizon to the other back in June, covering the prairie in a blanket of gold, was now skeletonized, its broken-off stems rolling like tumbleweeds in the winter gales.
Trevor was over it. Another South Dakota winter, another four months until the snows would cease and the ice would melt in the creek. In March and April, the spring blizzards would bury the world and on the subsequent sunny days, the combination of blue sky and white land would be startling, like finding oneself living in the center of a bicolored flag.
But for now, a capricious midwinter thaw had left snowdrifts only in the prairie draws, on the north-facing ridges, in the shadows of the ponderosas that speckled the hills. And around the trailer, mud. In a few nights, a deep freeze would turn the sides of the tire ruts into knife edges, testing the suspension of any vehicle that took the approach too fast. Still, that was better than the loamy mud, which could imprison even a 4x4 until freezing cold or drying winds finally freed it.
The view from the front porch could be gorgeous. Back in July, when the church group from Virginia had constructed a wheelchair ramp for the trailer, the evening sun had set the prairie on fire, its light reflected by a thunderstorm hanging in the sky as if by a puppeteer’s strings. “God almighty,” the youth pastor had exclaimed. But now, grays and browns mingled in a decidedly drab palette. Over at the little bird feeder, the goldfinches were no longer yellow-and-black exclamation points, but had acquiesced to dullness, dressed for a time of year when vibrant color seemed to be outlawed by some unseen authority.
Trevor stared at the expanse of mud that spooled out from in front of the trailer and unwound into a ribbon that led over the hill toward the old sundance ground and, eventually, the paved road. He wondered if he would get out today. Always a calculation this time of year. Driving on the muddy channel that was his approach was out of the question; he would set a course across the grass, which would provide enough barrier to keep his tires from sinking in again. Two-tracks radiating out onto the prairie showed how many times he and his family had taken this course of action since the last snow.
It felt ironic that their approach took them by far the long way around – heading north to go south; harder than it needed to be, like so much of life around here. But the way south was blocked by Roanhorse Creek. This wasn’t all bad; the creek provided nice wading in the summer and water for the horses for most of the year. It also gave rise to the only trees on the property, although the cottonwoods whose leaves whispered in the summer breezes now stood dumb and impassive, and resembled skeletal wraiths at nighttime.
A horse would make it, of course. He could saddle up the buckskin, ride cross-country and be in town in twenty minutes. But that would be silly…he snorted at the ludicrousness of this thought. First of all, he had to go way beyond town today. And even if he were just going to his old job at the tribal building, was he supposed to just hitch it up outside for the day? Tie its reins to one of the smokers’ benches by the entrance? What was this, 1895? No, better not to risk TȟatéZi getting stolen or having some gang sign spraypainted on it or some shit. Besides, he needed to pull into his job interview looking halfway decent, not spattered with mud and smelling like horse sweat.
Trevor regarded his truck, sitting smack in the middle of the sloppy mess. Fuck, he thought.
Still, he didn’t really have a choice today. No job interview, no job. No job, no funds. Another calculation, but this one was straightforward. He went back into the trailer and made his way to his bedroom in the back, passing his brothers in the living room. One was sleeping on the couch and the other was crashed out in the recliner, oblivious to the flickering hearth of the muted TV. Let ‘em sleep today, Trevor thought.
In the bedroom, he stepped across piles of clothes – some clean, some dirty – and over the miscellany of his life; a pile of old DVDs, a defunct gaming console, a canister of Bugler and squares of broadcloth for the tobacco ties he was supposed to make for ceremony, a scattering of empty Mountain Dew cans, a 24-pack of ramen, a basketball.
He hunted around in his closet for the dressy clothes that he knew were there. He had worn them once, on the day of his high school graduation, three years before. And there they were; a purple button-down shirt, a solid black tie, and black chinos. Further rummaging found him a pair of brown loafers and a tan braided belt. He would look sharp for this interview – couldn’t hurt.
Trevor took a quick shower. The hot water always took forever to come and once it did, didn’t last long. He got dressed hurriedly, glad the tie that had come as a set with the shirt was a clip-on, and ran a comb through his hair. It wasn’t long enough to do much with other than backcomb it a little with some hair gel, but he figured that looked better than not. He considered putting in big stud earrings to look extra fly, but decided again it; might not be the right look for the occasion.
Now fully dressed and ready, Trevor took stock of his appearance. His summer tan was long gone and his skin was as pale as the white kids he had met during his one semester of college. The same change of season that had desaturated the prairie and garbed the birds in dull colors had undone all those days spent out in the badlands sun – working with the horses, swimming at the dam, helping keep fire at sundance. Too many French fur traders in his lineage. He recalled the book that his eighth grade teacher had assigned them – Part-time Indian or something – and thought, Yup, that’s me. Indian in the summer and wašiču in the winter, like changing plumage.
Trevor envied his brothers their melanin. He had learned that word in one of his college classes and now thought of it nearly every day. Travis was a rich brown complexion even in the dark days of midwinter. Trenton was in between the two but had jet-black Lakota hair and definitely looked “ethnic,” enough to be followed around stores in the border towns. Trevor knew it was his privilege to be exempt from such treatment, but it bugged him nonetheless. He hadn’t asked to be light-skinned. His brothers called him žiží – a reference to his tawny hair. They had gotten into scraps over this, and Trevor even bloodied Travis’ nose in one such altercation. Once one of them had even called Trevor a “half-breed” but Trevor retorted with “Fuck you, boy, you got the same blood as me. Fuckin’ dumbass.” This seemed to put the issue to rest.
Trevor’s brief stint at college had been at an out-of-state school, which now struck him as an ill-advised decision. At least South Dakotans had some experience with Natives. Even the East River kids had at least crossed paths with one at some point, and didn’t think of Indians as something from the pages of a dime novel. Trevor was the first Native in many years – maybe ever – to attend the small-town liberal arts college in a neighboring state. He thought the fact that the college was reasonably selective would mean that the students were smart enough not to ask dumb questions. He was wrong.
The queries were predictable enough, clichéd even; Are you really Indian? (Yes) Do you speak your language? (No) Did you get in because you’re Indian? (Who knows? I’m pretty smart and got good grades.) Does the college have admissions quotas for Indians? (If it did, you’d think more would go here.) What’s it like on the reservation? (I don’t know; different.) Do you prefer “Native American”? (I find the question annoying, to be honest.) Do you like Leslie Marmon Silko? (Who?) Have you seen Dances with Wolves? (Some of it.) Do you know a guy from Pine Ridge named Verdell? He used to work with my dad. (Maybe) His last name was something Horse. Running Horse? (No)
Fielding these questions was exhausting and added another layer of weariness and alienation to his college experience.
He found himself having to answer such inquiries from his roommate, classmates, professors, his R.A…Sometimes they were cloaked in well-meaning concern (I bet you get tired of all these questions, huh?) but they were always there. Most evenings, Trevor would retreat to his room and call his mom. His roommate, Skyler, a cross-country runner who was handsome in an unspectacular way and who monitored his water intake religiously, was hardly ever around. He seemed to have no trouble making friends in college and reveled in the social opportunities around him.
In his phone calls back home, Trevor found himself experiencing a homesickness that inhabited the pit of his stomach like a hunger pang. He had never been gone from home for that long. Really, his only trip away had been the summer before his senior year, to a weeklong STEM camp for Native kids that one of the state colleges had put on. But that had been with a half dozen other students from his high school. Here he was alone.
The subjects of their conversations would leave Trevor feeling a gravitational pull toward home: Trenton got into a fight at school and got suspended. Travis is drinking again. We had sweat for your auntie because they have to amputate her leg after all. Those dogs were back again. Everett hit $200 at the casino on Tuesday night but of course he put it all back in. They’re having a basketball tournament for that boy who got paralyzed in that wreck. Our hot water heater went out but uncle came and fixed it. They still haven’t found that Two Arrows girl that went missing. Travis wants to go up on the hill this spring – maybe that will get him to quit drinking.
Good news, bad news, mundane news…The latter tugged at him the most. Like many who grew up on Pine Ridge, he had a love-hate relationship with the reservation. It was the home of his people after all, and could be so beautiful (“God’s country,” as it was called by even those who had no time for the white man’s God). But the hardships, the tragedies, the death…it all wore away at your spirit, hardened you. Still, the news of day-to-day life going on in his absence; a school powwow, a bingo tournament, tribal council drama, rumors of a Dairy Queen opening. It made him miss home in an ineffable way.
The last vestige of his indecision evaporated after a particular conversation in the lounge of his dorm. He had been sitting on a beanbag chair, discussing random topics with two friends (at least, he considered them friends, in some ill-defined adolescent way). They had all left a dull party that hadn’t livened up even after a couple of drinks, but still felt heady and obligated to prolong the night a little longer. So, they were shooting the shit, in a garishly-lit common space that smelled of burnt popcorn, and Trevor was feeling rather collegiate. An off-campus party, late-night conversation; weren’t these the trappings of university life that he had seen in teen movies, if a much more prosaic version?
Kayleigh, tipsy off Jäger bombs, started the chain of events that would unravel his college experience with a simple, but pointed question: “How Indian are you, anyway?”
Colton snorted at this comment. “Kay, you can’t just ask that!” But he was clearly more amused than disapproving.
“You mean like my blood quantum or what?” Trevor asked.
“Is that what you guys call it?” said Kay, now playing the innocent party. “I just mean, like, you say you’re Indian, I mean like I know you are, like, I know you are on paper…” The alcohol was causing her to trip over her words but she plowed on. “I mean like, okay, if I were to like, run into you on the street…” Kay was now gesturing expansively, as if the meaning of what she was saying wasn’t explicit from words alone. “Like, I wouldn’t be like, ‘Damn, look at that Indian,’ right? I’d just assume you were a white guy. I mean you know what I mean? Ugh, I’m not making sense.”
She was making perfect sense. Colton looked embarrassed, and for a second, Trevor thought he might shut Kay down. But instead, his inhibition similarly worn down by a few shots of German 70-proof, he followed suit. “I think what Kay’s drunk ass is trying to say is, like, your ancestors are Indians, right, like in the history books. Like Geronimo or whatever. But do you consider yourself one of them? Or are you, like, their descendant?”
Trevor could feel the ball of rage growing within him, a sea urchin radiating spikes in his gut. Stop talking, he thought. Just stop talking.
Colton continued, heedlessly. “Okay, so like I’m Irish but I’m not like Irish Irish, like a leprechaun or some shit. Like my ancestors…”
Trevor stood up, his fists balled. He was now stone-cold sober but his anger was its own intoxicant. “It’s none of your fucking business. It’s none of your business what the fuck I am!” He was shouting; he couldn’t help it. He picked up a half-empty can of PBR and threw it at the wall, slamming the door to the lounge on his way out. The sudsy contents of the can leaked onto the ugly orange dorm carpet, as Kayleigh and Colton sat in stunned silence.
“Jesus,” said Colton finally. “Just trying to ask an honest question.”
After that, Trevor had holed up in his room for a few days, skipping classes and avoiding other students. When he told his mom he was dropping out, she hardly sounded surprised. He knew she would be glad to have him back home; the prodigal son returning. Trevor, the one who had his shit together, who had gone to a STEM camp and was almost salutatorian. He knew she thought that once he got back, he could do what she couldn’t; get Travis on a better path, bring another income to the household, fix what needed to be fixed around the trailer, shoot at the stray dogs when they came around. It would all fall to him. His failure was their blessing; they would lean on him as long as he could stand.
So here we fucking go, he now thought, patting his gel-stiffened hair and giving himself one last hazel-eyed glance in the mirror. Gotta get that bread. His brief stint at the tribal building hadn’t panned out. He was a good worker but wet weather made his road too sloppy to get out easily. Too many latenesses had translated into a pink slip. “Shit man we all got bad roads. Gotta leave earlier,” his boss had said.
So, lesson learned, he was giving himself extra time getting ready for this interview. Really, the lady had just told him to come by “around mid-morning,” so he’d probably be okay. The job was off-rez, down at the county livestock auction and sale barn in one of the closest border towns, “white towns,” as Ridgers called it. It was mostly going to be paperwork – inventory and itemizing and that kind of shit – but it was decent pay and Trevor hoped that he could transition over to working with the animals before long. On most days, he preferred their company to dumbass people.
Grabbing his bag, Trevor stuck the loafers inside with his other miscellany. He would need to wear his cowboy boots across the muddy expanse between the bottom step of the porch and the door to his Blazer so he jammed his feet into them. Outside, he walked gingerly so as not to stain his black slacks with muck. Once in the driver’s seat, he figured he would leave the boots on for the drive, since they were already smearing mud on the floor liner, and in case he got stuck and needed to get out. Trevor knew that the people who worked at the sale barn were as countrified as he was and wouldn’t judge muddy boots under most circumstances, but he also knew that being from Pine Ridge meant he had to put his best foot forward, literally in this case.
Trevor fired up the Blazer, put it in four low, and gunned it. His tires found grip and he jerked along, slimy divots of earth spattering his windows and roof like hail. His windshield wipers left a pasty smear that obscured much of his view, but he practically knew the way by feel. As soon as he could, he bumped up onto the grass, gopher holes and clumps of prairie bluestem jolting his ride, testing what was left of his suspension. When he finally hit the pavement, the smoothness was startling as it always was, like a TV being suddenly muted, like silence after a door slamming.
He cruised through town, passing the gas station, the other gas station, the commod building, the quonset hut, the old BIA headquarters…and turned south into Nebraska. He tried to ignore the persistent squeal under the hood that had gotten worse lately. The overcast sky reflected the dullness of the land – as below, so above – and Trevor alternated between zoning out and counting hawks on telephone poles. A handful of miles south of the border, the vehicle gave a jolt and Trevor felt a temporary loss of control. He hit the brakes and steered toward the shoulder, but the Blazer was suddenly steering like an army tank. Fuck, he whispered.
Once he wrestled Blazer off the road, Trevor got out and popped the hood. He already knew what he would find under the rising steam. “Fucking serpentine belt,” he hissed to the universe. Trevor was good with cars but he didn’t have the tools for this fix. Luckily, he thought, out here in the country, somebody who did would be by soon. Lots of Natives on this road, maybe even a cousin would happen by who could at least give him a ride to town. Trevor thought of calling his dad’s brother Everett on his cell, but figured he’d give it a bit. He hated the thought of owing Uncle Ev anything.
Sure enough, in a few minutes, a gunmetal gray truck passed by slowly, hit a u-turn, and pulled up behind him. Trevor felt a twinge of envy over this late-model Dodge Ram MegaCab with duallies. It had county plates on it, so the cowboy-hatted driver was a local guy, and as he got out, his Carhartt overalls and mud-caked boots identified him as a rancher.
“Trouble?” MegaCab asked, giving Trevor an easy smile.
“Serpentine belt busted,” said Trevor, unconsciously smoothing out his rez accent in favor of a more neutral affectation. Code-switching – another term he had learned at college (by the professor who asked him if he prefers “Native American”).
“No shit, huh?” MegaCab considered this information. “I got nothing for that but I could give you a ride somewhere. You call anyone? Someone coming after you?”
“No,” said Trevor. “I’m trying to get down to the sale barn for a job interview.”
MegaCab looked at Trevor as if for the first time. “Oh ok so that’s why you’re all fancied up. Well, hop in if you don’t mind leaving it here.”
Trevor considered this. He was off the rez so there was less of a chance that the Blazer would end up with busted windows or slashed tires. And he was eager to get his interview over and done with.
Before he could answer, MegaCab added “I have to stop in Whiteclay first but then I’ll take you down.”
This was only a few miles out of the way so Trevor assented and climbed into the rancher’s idling behemoth. It still retained some new-truck smell, mixed with a tinge of manure and rich earth. Really, it was almost luxurious.
MegaCab flipped a u-ey again and headed back north toward Whiteclay. Formerly notorious for copious alcohol sales to people from the dry reservation whose border it sat on, Whiteclay’s package stores had been shuttered after the state had revoked their liquor licenses following years of protests over their depredatory business model. Now, it was just a town of a couple small stores and fewer than a dozen permanent residents, its streets empty of vagrants, its ghosts banished.
“So, you from Hot Springs?”
Trevor momentarily wondered where this question had come from, and then remembered that he had 27-plates on the Blazer – Fall River County, a relic of when he bought the car from a white lady over there. He had kept the off-county registration because the plates were far less likely to get you pulled over off-rez than the infamous 65s of Oglala Lakota County.
MegaCab continued without waiting for an answer. “I used to go up to Hot Springs a lot when my dad was in the V.A. hospital up there. Nice town.”
“Yup, it’s pretty nice,” said Trevor, wondering if he would have to sustain this small talk the whole way.
Luckily, MegaCab took it from there, reminiscing about his high school football team dealing Hot Springs a particularly lopsided loss, and then they were at Whiteclay. Trevor played around on his phone while his driver of the moment went into the little grocery store. He looked up his old roommate Skyler on Facebook (why, he didn’t know; certainly not to friend him) and then Googled “Pine Ridge South Dakota Dairy Queen” just to see if there was any truth to that rumor.
MegaCab returned with some mail – Trevor had forgotten that there was a little post office in there – and they turned south toward Rushville.
Two miles and five hawks-on-telephone-poles into their trip, MegaCab got chatty again:
“I still can’t believe that the state revoked the liquor licenses. They had no legal right to do that of course, but just like everyone else these days, they bowed to the pressure from liberal special interest groups. Those store owners – my brother was one of them – followed the damn law to a T but still got their rights taken away. They’re the real victims in all of this.”
Trevor, whose father was found dead in Whiteclay when Trevor was ten years old, didn’t answer.
“You know it’s just going to push the problem down the road. These Indians are gonna get their liquor one way or another. You guys must see that all the time up in Hot Springs.”
These Indians. You guys. Trevor suddenly recognized MegaCab’s presumption, and wondered when if he should correct it.
“If they wanted to buy millions of cans of beer in Whiteclay every year and drink themselves to death, shit, I say let ‘em. It’s a free country, right? Those AIM types are always going on about Native rights and shit, y’know? Well shit, you have the right to drink and die if you want. Not saying that I want that for those people or anything, but the nanny state can’t be protecting everyone from problems of their own making.”
Trevor, whose brother had first gotten jailed for drunk and disorderly at age 14, two years after their father died, said nothing.
MegaCab continued to rhapsodize about “the Indians” and their problems, adopting the tone of an expert, one who knew all about them. Trevor felt the blood rise to his face. Some coloration at least, he thought darkly. In the pit of his stomach, the sea urchin had returned to stab at his insides. What must it be like, he wondered, to live a life in which people aren’t constantly telling you who you are, naming your characteristics like symptoms, trying to trap you like a spirit in a photograph?
The Blazer came in sight on the shoulder ahead. “Can you let me out at my ride?” Trevor asked, his voice hardly recognizable to his own ear, like hearing himself talk underwater.
“Sure, you need to grab something out of it?” said MegaCab, reluctantly pausing his diatribe.
“No it’s okay,” replied Trevor, “I’m gonna call someone to come help me fix this after all.” He fiddled with his phone as if to underscore this intention.
“Well, if you’re sure,” said MegaCab. “And hey,” he added as Trevor stepped down onto the running board. “You be careful around here. One of these rezzers might see you here all by yourself and try to mess you or your car up. And watch out for drunk drivers. You just never know with these Indians.” MegaCab gave a serious nod to accentuate this show of concern. Then he wished Trevor luck and drove off.
Trevor watched the truck recede into the distance until it was merely a gray speck between the monochrome earth and the steely sky. He sat down in the cold front seat of the Blazer and looked into the rearview mirror. Hazel eyes stared back at him under a pale forehead. Fuck it, he thought; people are dumbasses. Let ‘em believe what they want; that he was from Hot Springs, that could be was related to that Apache, Geronimo, that he was only Indian on paper. Trevor saw what they didn’t; the hidden depths beneath the surface, and in their faces, in the spaces between their words, their ignorance displayed like a tattoo.
In another minute or two, he would call Uncle Ev for a ride. In another hour or two, he would be offered a job at the sale barn that would bring another income into his household (and buy him a new serpentine belt). In another day or two, he would finally finish the tobacco ties for ceremony, at which he would pray for Travis’ sobriety and his auntie’s diabetes. In another month or two, the lengthening of the days would be unmistakable.
Spring would come as it always had, first heralded by a single meadowlark piercing the predawn silence with his song. This would be followed by a green sprig on the prairie, pushing up, perhaps, through snow. Then a cluster of pasqueflowers appearing suddenly on a hillside, a skein of geese overhead, sheet lightning on the horizon. Small miracles, one after another. Finally, color would surge back into the world like paint scintillating on a canvas, causing goldfinches to glow like stars and evening thunderheads to stand like towering fires.
The brilliant Dakota sunlight would stoke the melanin in Trevor’s skin, and nobody would mistake who he was. He would go up on the hill for two days and nights with Travis that spring, and Trenton would keep fire for them. He would pray for the coming year, for the survival of his people, for enough blessings to outweigh the hardships. And there, among a sea of undulating green, facing the crimson blaze of sunrise, he would again know himself and find the strength to carry on, in the face of all the peculiar indignities of this world.
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The next generation of bus lanes is coming to Greater Boston - The Boston Globe

The next generation of bus lanes is coming to Greater Boston - The Boston Globe Shirley Leung 5-6 minutes
Neither concept is exactly novel. Many cities around the world and even in the United States already feature center-running bus lanes, a key facet of systems known as “bus rapid transit.” One was once even considered in Boston, on Blue Hill Avenue, back in 2009, long before the current bus lane renaissance. And on the highways, Massachusetts is decades behind other states that allow buses to operate apart from traffic.
Get Metro Headlines in your inboxThe 10 top local news stories from metro Boston and around New England delivered daily.
But better late than never for Greater Boston to make bus travel more attractive as part of the fight against pollution and congestion, advocates say.
“It’s prioritizing transit,” said Julia Wallerce of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, whose Boston office has been pushing for more bus-only lanes in the region. “And anywhere we can do that, we should.”
The center-running lanes may first appear in Boston, straddling the Roxbury-Jamaica Plain border on Columbus Avenue between Egleston and Jackson squares.
It’s only a half-mile stretch, but it’s ideal for the configuration because of its width — it already features four lanes, plus space for parking, and a median strip — and because a high number of bus riders use it, said Boston transportation planning director Vineet Gupta. About a third of all people traveling along that busy stretch are in buses, but traffic jams can triple the length of their commute.
“It’s a very important bus corridor for us, and we’d like to see the best possible bus priority on this corridor,” Gupta said.
It will take about six months to design the Columbus Avenue project, and longer still to implement it, Gupta said. But the city has shared preliminary ideas of possible center-lane configurations. One version has bus stops in between the two bus lanes, essentially on a median. However, that would require buses with doors that open on the left, rather than the right, unlike almost all of the MBTA’s current bus fleet. So another option may be to stagger bus stops on the opposite side, on platforms with shelters, lighting, and other amenities. This section of Columbus Avenue in Boston between Egleston and Jackson squares may soon have a dedicated bus lane running down the center of the road, with new concrete islands for passenger boarding and unboarding. This section of Columbus Avenue in Boston between Egleston and Jackson squares may soon have a dedicated bus lane running down the center of the road, with new concrete islands for passenger boarding and unboarding.Lane TurneGlobe Staff/The Boston Globe
Meanwhile, in Everett, Mayor Carlo DeMaria pledges to eventually set up a similar system for MBTA buses running along Broadway, extending the current dedicated bus lanes farther south, past the Encore Boston Harbor casino to the city line with Boston, where he hopes to see it continue to North Station.
Center lanes are also under consideration on the North Shore — on the busy six-lane Lynnway. As part of a review of possible transit improvements in Lynn, MBTA and city officials say these types of bus lanes on the Lynnway could make it easier for mass transit riders to go between the city’s downtown and the Wonderland Blue Line stop in Revere.
The Lynnway, which is owned by the state, is a major regional connection into Boston for much of the North Shore, with more than 40,000 cars a day. But Mayor Thomas McGee of Lynn thinks the current configuration could accommodate bus lanes without affecting other traffic too much. Moreover, a bus system with stops on center islands would make it easier for pedestrians to cross the Lynnway. That’s crucial for Lynn’s long-range plan to better link downtown to the now-desolate waterfront, which are both slated for significant development, McGee said.
“The Lynnway is a real barrier to connecting our community back to the waterfront. . . . So adding a bus lane in there is a reasonable discussion to have,” he said.
A lot of issues would need to be sorted out first, McGee noted. A recent MBTA presentation, for example, noted that center bus lanes would require some way for other motorists to make left turns at some intersections.
Buses may also get a leg up soon in the undisputed realm of the automobile: the major Massachusetts interstates. The state Department of Transportation is studying whether some highway shoulders could be turned over to buses during peak periods.
It’s a common practice in more than a dozen metro areas across the country, but Massachusetts went the other way back in the 1980s, when it allowed most vehicles to drive on some highways’ shoulders during rush hour.
But as soon as this year, officials hope to allow MBTA and other buses to ride on the shoulders of a section of Interstate 93 north of downtown Boston, freeing those commuters from some of the worst gridlock in the country. It will require approval from the Federal Highway Administration, but could be a “good learning experience” as a pilot program before being implemented on other highways as well, said Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack.
Adam Vaccaro can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter at @adamtvaccaro.
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[All] /r/twinpeaks, I need your help finding The Return locations

I gathered all the info on S3 locations out in the web here in this map, while also trying to identify specific rooms and spots when possible. I wanna thank @underthefan113 who tracked down a lot of the most relevant locations, and that publishes it all on this blog. Also Ashok from for some of the pics here.
There are a lot of places yet to be found though, and since /twinpeaks is the biggest Twin Peaks online community, let's crowdsource this shit. I'll add any clues and guesses here in the thread, but we'll need visual confirmation (through comparing images) or the word of somone who saw it in person in order to add it on the map. Here are some tips and ways to search:

To be found in LA Area

Part 1. Buella’s, Ruth Davenport’s apartment and building, Log Lady’s house interior (I think Sabrina Sutherland said something about it?), Buckhorn Police Department offices, NY glass box (studio or warehouse?)
Part 2. Duncan Todd’s office, Hastings residence interior (same as exterior?), the garage storage where C kills Jack, Roadhouse interior (supposedly a location in Pasadena)
Part 3. Dougie/Jade house interior (same as exterior?), 119 house interior (same as exterior?), FBI reunion room, FBI Gordon’s office
Part 4. Denise's office, Yankton prison (exterior, patio, meeting room, prison cells)
Part 5. Buckhorn morgue, Lorraine's office, Lucky 7 insurance interior (maybe studio?), Casino’s control room, Colonel’s office
Part 6. TP Sheriff Station bathrooms (maybe studio?).
Part 7. Diane’s apartment, Warden Murphy’s office, Beverly’s home (int and ext).
Part 8. Spot where Ray shoots C, Nevada gas station, Nevada road where Woodsmen attack, Girl’s home (int and ext).
Part 9. Farm (with Hutch and Chantal), Las Vegas Police Station interior
Part 10. Doctor office (ripped Cooper scene)
Part 12. Warden Murphy’s home
Part 13. Crime syndicate ("kindergarden"), Las Vegas police back alley (Anthony orders poison)
Part 14. FBI LA offices (Headley and Wilson), Great Northern’s back place (where Freddie's story is told), Great Nothern’s furnaces

To be found in Washington

Dr. Jacoby’s trailer (supposedly North Fork Enterprises-Littlejohn?)
New Glastonburry Grove (or is it the same?)
Richard/Red meeting (supposedly in a warehouse on Broadway, south of Everett Avenue)
Clearence where Richard stops truck to clean blood (supposedly North Fork Enterprises-Littlejohn?)
Place where Andy talks with bearded man
Road where Andy waits bearded man
Sylvia Horne house
Betty Briggs house
Miriam’s trailer
Kids playing ball where a hurt Miriam appears (alledgedly here)
Log Lady’s cabin exterior (same as the OG's, never been located)
Rock where Richard dies (maybe not WA?)
Precise geographic location of: Jack Rabbit's Palace, White Lodge entrance, spot where Cyril Pons finds Steven, and Carl's red bench

Possible, unnassigned locations

These are places the Twin Peaks crew thanked or that were said to be locations by third parties.
In Washington
Fire Training Academy
Transmissions Plus
Cascade Covenant Church
Snoqualmie Ridge Neighborhood
Snoqualmie Valley Antiques
The Valley Theater
Eagle Nest community
Colonial Square Apartments (maybe Betty Briggs home?)
Georgia Bakery, Pioneer Coffee, Euro Lounge Café, Mt Si Art Supply, Scott’s Dairy Freeze
TPC Snoqualmie Ridge
Spring Glen
Department of Natural Resources
Bybee Farms (Jerry's meanderings? Miriam’s trailer?)
Farmhouse Market
Si View Parks Department
Snoqualmie Valley Aliance
Rockwood Farm
Issaquah, near the Issaquah Cannabis Company (alledgedly)
North Fork Enterprises-Littlejohn
In LA area
Slauson Ave. around Inglewood Oil Field
Langham Apartments
LA City Hall interior
Roosevelt apartment building on 7th st. near City Hall
LA Times

Shot on studio:

Above the convenience store, KPJK radio station (part 8), Red Room (obviously), Sheriff Truman’s office, TP Sheriff Station cells, Ben Horne’s office, Jeffries’ room (which is also the Purple Place's interior), Buckhorn hotel rooms.
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CreateYoureReality NFL Analysis and Picks Week 7 (Sunday Games)

CreateYoureReality NFL Analysis and Picks Week 7 (Sunday Games)
Hi All! Big slate with some really nice match ups. First lets recap the TNF game.
Singles: 0-4 (-6.13u)
Parlay: none
BBDLS: none
Teasers: none
Notes: Well, this was a rough one to watch. On the bright side, I learned a lot! The Broncos almost had that first quarter. They came out strong, but I think they were a little deflated after missing the two point conversion. Conversely Maholmes came out much hotter than expected. It sucked seeing PM go down like that so early in the game but, it gave our wagers life. The QB for the other side however, Flacco, is done. (IMO) He may have another good game here and there, but he looks SHOOK. He looks so scared to stand in the pocket and take a hit. I think any team that can pressure him will have easy wins. Tyreek Alllmost came through for us in the end having a bomb for a TD, but not quite reaching the yards needed. Sucks we lost our picks, but good to learn about Flacco.

Early Games (1pm)

Arizona @ NY Giants (-3/-4): A fantastic match up to start the day with! Two first round QB picks go head to head. The number one pick, Kyler Murray, and company are coming in with a 2 game win streak while the number 6 pick, Daniel Jones, and the Giants are returning from a few extra days of rest. This extra rest comes at the perfect time as the Giants are getting back offensive juggernaut, Saquan Barkley. They also see the return of a favorable target in TE Evan Ingram. Other than Sterling Shepherd not returning for the Giants, they seem to be near full strength. The Cardinals, not so much. While they do see the return of Patrick Peterson (6 game suspension), they are going to be a little short on offense. So far out is (DL) Zach Allen (neck), (RB) D.Jd. Foster (hamstring) and (OL) Brett Toth (illness). Game time decisions are (WR) Christian Kirk and (RB) David Johnson who is probable to play (but with an ankle injury). If for some reason he is out, Arizona will be down to only 1 RB, Chase Edmunds. They could use both of those RBs to help pull linebackers in because the Giants are horrible against the pass. So far they have let opposing QBs average a 103 Passer rating and put up 285 yards p/g passing They rank 27th in points allowed and 28th in yards conceded. (however, I take these stats with a grain of salt. First two games Giants were flat because Eli, after that Saquan was out, costing the Giants TOP and putting their defense on the field longer) Luckily for NY, the Arizona defense is worse. The are 29th in points allowed, 30th in yards conceded and are the only team in the league not to have an INT. Combine the return of Evan Ingram with a Cardinals defense that has given up a league-high 599 yards and seven touchdowns to tight ends...
I think this is also a good game to look at props:
  • Evan Ingram: Obviously I am looking here. He is coming off two weeks rest. He is the primary receiver for Jones and he is facing the Cardinals.
  • Scary Larry: Not only does he normally do well playing in MetLife stadium, but he is the most consistent, reliable option for Murray. Fitz has caught at least 5 balls in EVERY game this year. His total is 5.5 right now and is +
  • Markus Golden: He has been killing it this year. Recording at least 0.5 sacks in 5 games straight and Kyler Murray is 5th on the most sacked list right now with 21 times.
At the beginning of the weak, I was going to be hard on the over too. Both crappy D, both two young QBs looking to be the better choice. But, with the addition of Saquan back in the lineup, I am cautious of the Giants running the ball against the Arizona D that is giving up 4.6 ypc, allowing them to manage the clock better. The algo has the Giants at -5 and I am definitely in concurrence on this game. I also might sprinkle a little on the Giants to win the NFC East. It's early, but looking at their would be the time to take them if you like them!

Houston @ Indianapolis(PK/-1): Here we have one of the more anticipated match ups of the day. A divisional battle for the current 1st place in the division. Both are coming off an upset victory over the Chiefs in Arrowhead. But, the Colts are coming off a bye week and extra rest. First we start with injuries. The Colts utilized their bye week and are nearing full strength. (LB) Darius Leonard has been out for 3 games, but looks to return. The Texans have sustained some key injuries. They lost Bradley Roby (corner) and offensive tackle Tytus Howard. DeAndre Hopkins was limited in practice (ribs) but appears to be a go for Sunday. The Texans offense is pretty good. They are 1st in the league on 3rd down completion and averaging 4.9 ypc on the ground. The Colts D is pretty weak vs. the run giving up 5.1ypc (28th). Their pass D is pretty horrible too, giving out ratings of: QBR (29th) completion % (26th) and 3rd down stopping (26th). However, it is the same story on the other side of the ball as the Colts run offense averages 142 ypg (4th) and 4.5 ypc (13th). They are going against a Texans run D that gives up 4.4 ypc (18th). The Colts offense is (9th) on 3rd down at 46% and Houston is bottom 10 in the league at 3rd down stoppage. There are these interesting stats: Jacoby Brisset has only been sacked 6 times this year and colts are currently the least penalized team in the league. Also, Brisset is somehow 3-0 vs Houston? (Not sure this stat means much).
My algo has this one as a 21-21 PK. That doesn't include a HFA adjustment. This easily has me leaning the home team. Personally, I feel like the extra rest, the HFA, and the offensive line/run game of the Colts are the factors that tip the scale. (I do like the Colts in this game, but I still favor Houston to win the division)
Something to keep in mind for this game. Yea, Watson has put up over 80 points the last two weeks...But how did he look against two of the three formidable defenses he faced? 13 points against JAX and 10 points against the Panthers. Both home games. He did score 28 against the Saints D....but that was week 1, when everyone is just getting in the flow. I expect the Colts to to a much better job at keeping the Texans below 20 points.
If I was looking props in this game, it would be Marlon Mack for IND.

Miami @ Buffalo(-16.5/-17): Probably one of the lesser watched games of the slate. Buffalo is coming off a nice rest. Miami is coming off a missed Tua-point conversion that was probably their best shot at a win this year. They also benched Rosen in the middle of last game for Fitzpatrick. He came in and did OK vs the Redskins throwing 12-18 for 132 yards, 1 TD and almost a 107 QBR. However, that was vs. a Redskins D. This is vs. a Bills D that is top 5 in pretty much every category. They also have a takeaway in 4 out of 5 games this season. Which sucks for Fitz-running out of- Magic who through 4 INTs in BOTH game 1 and game 2 for Miami. Bills rush offense averages 139 ypg (6th) and 4.8 ypc (10th) and they will be facing a Miami defense that has 4.7 ypc allowed (23rd). Here you would think the focus will be on Frank Gore one of his former teams, but personally I think the focus is going to shift to the return of Rookie (RB) Devin Singletary. He has missed the Bills last 3 games with a hamstring injury, but looks ready to go. The Bills should look to use him to balance the load on the aging Gore. Fitz is a favorite to throw a TD and and INT. But barring some miracle defensive showing from the Dolphins, i see this one as an easy win for Buffalo.

Jacksonville @ Cincinatti(+4/+4.5): Here we see if the Stash can get back on track, vs the win less Bengals. The Bengals are 0-6, but they have lost 4 of those 6 by less than a TD. Jacksonville was disappointing at home last week but I think more credit has to be given to the Saints D rather than taken away from Jacksonville. First lets dive into the injuries. The Bengals have a ton: OUT: (OT) Cordy Glenn (suspended); (WR) A.J. Green (ankle); (OT) Andre Smith (ankle); (CB) William Jackson III (shoulder); (CB) Dre Kirkpatrick (knee); (DE) Carl Lawson (hamstring); (G )John Miller (groin). Doubtful: (DE) Carlos Dunlap (knee). The Jags injuries are all on the offensive side of the ball: Out: (WR) Marqise Lee (ankle); (TE) Geoff Swaim (concussion/ankle). Questionable: (WR) Dede Westbrook (shoulder). However, the Jags are very Four-tu-nette to have Leonard on their team. He has 584 yards with 5.1 ypc and is facing a Cincy run D that gives up 5.3 ypc. (good for last in the NFL) Looking defensively, the Jags 19 sacks (4th) this year and Dalton has been sacked 22 times this year (28th). The Mustache has has 9 TDs to 2 picks and a 97.5 passer rating (13th). I look for him to get back on track this week against a Bengals pass D that has let opposing QBs have a 105 passer rating (27th) and 69% completion percentage (24th). If I look at props this game, I will probably be looking the way of DJ Chark. He has been killing it since the insertion of Minshew and with the string of offensive weapons out for Jacksonville, I look for Chark to have increased opportunities. \**Another props look might be Joe Mixon. He has averaged over 100 yards in his last 10 home games. (Although a main counter to this stat is the most likely game script has Cincy playing from behind meaning less rushing opportunities) His total is currently only at 67.5.*

San Francisco @ Washington (+9.5/+10): Another game this will likely be one of the least watched. The undefeated 49ers travel to D.C. to take on the Redskins who are coming off their first and likely only victory this season. This game sees the 49ers coach return to the place that last fired him. First we look at the injuries. For the Redskins, Running back Chris Thompson is OUT with a toe injury. Tight end Vernon Davis is OUT with a concussion. Offensive lineman Wes Martin is OUT with a chest injury. Deshazor Everett is OUT with an ankle injury. Linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemson is OUT with a hamstring injury and Cornerback Josh Norman is QUESTIONABLE with thigh/hand injuries. For the 49ers, OUT is (DT) DJ Jones (hamstring), (CB) Ahkello Witherspoon (foot), (FB) Kyle Juszczyk (knee), (OT) Mike McGlinchey (knee), (OT) Joe Staley (fibula), and (WR) Deebo Samuel (groin). With (RB) Raheem Mostert (knee) listed as questionable. The 49er offense is pretty good with their rush offense leading the way. Rushing for 180 ypg and doing so at 4.6 ypc. The Redskins rush D gives up 134 ypg at 4.6ypc. Sadly the Redskins pass D isn't much either, allowing opposing QBs an average 71% completion percentage and a 101 passer rating. My algo has this as SF -14. (However, this is before injuries and... the allllll important trip from West coast to East coast for a 1pm game... adjustments have been made) The algo has this as a 31-17 game but I can easily see SF putting up more...OR less. For that reason this will probably be a no play for me. (Although, as my consistent readers know, I love betting the first quarter against West coast teams traveling east for a 1pm game. This may get a look, especially if I can find a +3 or better for WAS.)

Oakland @ Green Bay(-4.5/-5/-5.5): One of the bigger and more curious line movements of the week. Opened at -7, Green Bay WON vs the Lions, and the line has moved allllll the way do to settle at -4.5 at most available books. Very Very curious to me. Not only is then line moving against Green Bay (getting almost half the tickets written on them), but GB WON their last game!!! This has to be a red flag for heavy sharp action on the Raiders point spread. Which, when we dive in, has some serious merit. First of all, the Raiders are coming off a bye, having played their last game two weeks ago in London and put an upset on the Bears. Secondly, the Oakland offense is doing pretty well right now. Derrick Carr is leading the league in completion percentage at 73.3%. To compliment that, the Raiders rush attack is running at an average of 4.9 ypc and gaining and average 134 ypg. The GB rush D has given up 120 ypg in 4 out of 6 games this year and is averaging giving up 124 ypg rushing on the season. Unfortunately for the Raiders, their Pass D isn't the best. They did pretty well in their last game, but it was against a Chase Daniel lead Bears offense. Overall they give up an average 104 QBR (26th) to opposing QBs and 264 ypg (22nd). Let's take a look at the injury report. For the Packers, receiver Davante Adams (toe) and safety Darnell Savage (ankle) are both out. Receiver Geronimo Allison (concussion) and tight end Robert Tonyan (hip) are doubtful and defensive lineman Kenny Clark (calf/back), receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling (ankle/back) and cornerback Tony Brown (hamstring) are all questionable. On the bright side for the Pack, cornerback Kevin King, tight end Jimmy Graham and cornerback Tramon Williams are all expected to play. For the Raiders, Tyrell Williams and Arden Key are OUT. Right tackle Trent Brown is doubtful, while receivereturner Dwayne Harris and guard Gabe Jackson are both questionable. The Algo has GB as -5.5 in this one, but the the heavy line movement that is counter to GB having a win on Monday night has me leaning OAK or stay away.

Minnesota @ Detroit(+2.5): Minnesota coming off back to back wins where Cousins took care of both his crying receivers. Detroit is coming off a heartbreaking loss that in the opinion of many could be chalked up to the Refs. However when we look closer we see that the Lions were 3 of 13 on 3rd down and kicked 5 field goals (two inside the ten yard line). They also had a stupid 12 men on the field penalty in a key spot. Let's take a look at the injury reports. For the Lions, no new injuries appeared to take anyone out of the game. Defensive tackle Da’Shawn Hand, safety Quandre Diggs, offensive tackle Rick Wagner, fullback Nick Bawden, and cornerback Darius Slay are all questionable, but all will most likely play. For the Vikings, only line backer Ben Gedeon is out, while LB Kentrell Brothers remains questionable. This feels like it has the makings of a low scoring game where Stafford has the ball in his hands to win it or lose it in the 4th. Will he redeem the divisional loss to Rodgers on MNF in the closing minutes? Or will the Lions fade away in the division race? The Minn D speaks for itself, top 10 in EVERY Defensive category. The Minn run game is also elite averaging 5.1 ypc (3rd) and it will be facing a Detroit run D that gives up 5.1 ypc(28th). My model had this opening at Detroit -1.5 but after the loss the GB, I can see why the line is moving. I can't imagine it getting up to +3 but if it does, I will be all over the Lions. I would have to say my strongest lean here is towards the Under. Barring a few defensive scores, I think this game is ground and pound with a side of slow clock management and has a good shot at staying under the total. I would be surprised if either team scores over 21 here. The Vikings (even with the 28-10 win over the NYG) are only averaging 17 ppg on the road. I will be looking for a closer game and leaning under the total.

L.A. Rams @ Atlanta (+3): The last 1pm game on the slate and it's a tough one to decipher. The Rams started off great going 3-0 but have since dropped 3 straight. (Two against division opponents) The Falcon's, while it looks like a shit show sitting at 1-5, actually still have a outside shot at winning their division. This is because they haven't played ANY of their divisional games yet. It would be sooooo sweet to see them somehow go 6-0 in the division and lose every other game but still win the division. Which...if their defense can somehow get good overnight.. could actually be a possibility with the way Matt Ryan is playing. Last week he went 30-36 350+ yards 4 TDs and a 145 QBR. He has had a 300+ yard passing game EVERY GAME this season. And only thrown less than 2 TDs one time. Unfortunately for him, he faces the Rams D that only gives up 241 ypg (14th) The placed Talib on IR, and traded away Marcus Peters, but replaced him with a fancy new toy in Jaylen Ramsey. On the other side of the ball we have the Rams offense. Which it seems like something is a little GeOFF. Geoff has 7 TDs and 7 picks with a QBR of 80...On the bright side for Geoff, he seems to be better when he isn't pressured (as are all QBs) and the Falcons only have 5 sacks on the year. He will be facing a Falcons third down defense that is the worst in the league allowing almost half of the 3rd down plays to convert against them. This should be a defense for Geoff to get right against as they allow an average QBR of 120 while allowing opposing QBs to throw for 8.3 ypa. All signs point to an LA bounce back. No real injuries to note. Gurley is back for the Rams. The Falcon's are without star defensive player Desmond Trufant but honestly, he hasn't looked good enough this year for me to warrant that a big drop. My algo has this as LA -1. There is a good chance come game time I am leaning Falcons with the points. \**Interesting note, this game also falls into my favorite spot, West coast teams traveling East for a 1pm start****

Afternoon Games (4pm)

L.A. Chargers @ Tennessee (-2.5): For our first afternoon game of the slate we have two crappy teams, likely to miss the playoffs. On the one hand we have the Chargers who have lost 2 straight as a favorite. On the other side of the ball we have the Titans that have also lost 2 straight. First lets look at injuries. Los Angeles will be without their two starting defensive tackles, Justin Jones and Brandon Mebane. Melvin Ingram is doubtful. The Titans have some questionable ( ) but the most note worthy injury is the possible absence of Delanie Walker. Starting with the Chargers, they have been horrible in the turnover department, giving up 3 in each of their recent losses and a whopping 11 on the season so far. One bright spot for the Chargers is the opportunity at pass rush. They currently only have 12 sacks on the season but in this game they face a Titans team that has allowed 29 sacks! (the most in the NFL) It would be nice if the Chargers could get their run game back on track, having 4 straight games under 100 yards rushing and averaging only 3.8 ypc. Rivers is going to have his hands full, facing a Titans D that is legit. They only give up an average of 217 ypg passing (6th) and limit opposing QBs to a 86.4 QBR (11th). While this is probably going to be a crappy game, my algo has the Chargers coming out as -3.5 favorite, predicting a low scoring affair around the 18-13 range. Should be interesting to see which team gives themselves some hope!

New Orleans @ Chicago(-4/-4.5): New Orleans rolls into Chicago riding a hot 4 game win streak on the back of an even hotter defense. Although this week the Saints will be without Jared Cook, Alvin Kamar, and Tre'quan Smith. Chicago tries to wake up as they see the return of QB Mitch Trubitsky and WR Taylor Gabriel after a bye week and some rest. Currently the Bears offense needs some work. They have only scored an average of 17.4 ppg (27th), gain 266 ypg (30th), pass for 185 ypg (30th) and convert on only 1 out of 3 third downs. That offense is going up a Saints D that has been on fire. They haven't allowed more than 260 yards in their last 3 games and their pass rush has a 33% pressure rate (3rd) and 18 sacks (6th). The Saints are going up against a rested Bears D that is only giving up 14 ppg (3rd) and has 10 turnovers (9th) in 5 games. Currently this is an underdog or stay away for me. My Algo has Chicago as 4 point favorites in a 17-13 style game AND the RLM (3 out of 5 tickets are on NO and the points but the line has moved from a -3 open to -4/-4.5) indicates that sharp money is on Chicago... But I cant help thinking the #Saints are #Blessed. Given that a positive case can be made for both sides, it is probably best to avoid this game. However, I may be looking at the Under given both teams defensive track records.

Baltimore @ Seattle (-2/-3): Ooooo boy, I am excited to see this one. Not that there are many playoff implications, as this is a non conference match up, but I am excited to see both of these teams (that are usually known for defense) compete with their explosive QBs. First off, very curious that the lines I have are -2 and -3 and not -2.5 and -3. The DK/SH books must have had a recent large wager on Baltimore. Russel Wilson is currently on fire and seriously stating his claim to the MVP trophy this year. He has 14 TDs and 0 INTs with a QBR of 125. He averages 9 yards per attempt (2nd) and has a completion percentage of 72.5!!! However for this game he will be without one of his favorite targets this year, Will Dissly. On the other side of the ball we have the have the Seattle D. So far, the rush D is giving up 4.7 ypc (27th) which doesn't bode well vs. the combo of Mark Ingram and the designed run plays for Jackson. \**An interesting note someone tweeted:* Russell Wilson's three career pick-sixes have gone to a King, a Prince, and a Captain, and he plays an Earl this Sunday. Safety Earl Thomas returns to Seattle this Sunday as a part of the Raven's team. He left Seattle after an injury during a contract hold out in 2018.\***
If I had to take a side, I feel like it would be the dog and the points. 4 of 5 of Seattle's wins this year have been by 4 points or less and 4 of Baltimore's games have been decided by a TD or less. This does have potential for a teaser. (Baltimore and the over)

Night Game (8 pm)

Philadelphia @ Dallas (-2.5/-3): For the last game of the day we have a battle for the NFC east. The coach for the Eagles was heard on a radio show saying "we're gonna win this game". The Eagles come into this game after getting smoked by the Vikings. Dallas is in a similar sinking ship losing their last 3. But, last year they started in the same ship going 3-5 only to finish 10-6. To plug the holes, it's going to have to start with turnovers. They had 2 in their first 3 games, but have given up 6 in their 3 losses. The Eagles offense looks decent. With Wentz throwing for 12 TDs - 3 INTs, averaging 243 ypg with a 94 QBR. The Eagles rushing attack is getting 4 ypc (19th) and 111 ypg (15th). The Eagles D on the other hand is medicare - bad. The Eagles Do have 14 sacks...but 10 of them came in one game (Jets). The Eagles Pass D gives up 280 ypg (29th) and has given up 13 pass TDs (28th). The Eagles like to stack the box which is bad news for Zeke, but that is good news for all of Dallas WRs. Because of the heavy run stuffing action that Philly produces, they have created a defense that is extremely susceptible to big plays in the air. "No team has allowed more 30-yard passing touchdowns or more 100-yard receivers than the Eagles"
The injury reports for both teams:
  • CB Anthony Brown (hamstring) - OUT
  • WR Amari Cooper (ankle/quad) - Questionable
  • WR Randall Cobb (back) - Questionable
  • OT Tyron Smith (ankle) - Questionable
  • OT La'el Collins (knee) - Questionable
  • C Joe Looney (back) - Questionable
  • G Zack Martin (back/ankle) - Questionable
  • DE Dorance Armstrong (neck) - Questionable
  • CB Byron Jones (hamstring) - Questionable
  • RB Darren Sproles (quad) - OUT
  • WR DeSean Jackson (abdomen) - OUT
  • OT Jason Peters (knee) - OUT
  • DT Tim Jernigan (foot) - OUT
  • LB Nigel Bradham (ankle) - OUT
  • CB Avonte Maddox (concussion, neck) - OUT
  • CB Ronald Darby (hamstring) - Questionable
This game looks like it could go either way. I lean on Prescott's running ability to help keep some drives alive but personally I think the best look in this game is Dallas Team Total points. Currently it sits at 24/24.5 depending on the book. The Eagles have given up at least 24 points to EVERY QB this year Except Luke Faulk and the Jets.

Singles 37-41 (+4.33u)
  • Evan Ingram 5.5 Rec Over (0.68u to win 0.5u)
  • Scary Larry 5.5 Rec Over (2u to win 2.4u)d
  • Markus Golden 0.5 Sacks Over (3.4u to win 2u)
  • Giants 1H (1.6u to win 1u)
  • Giants ml (5.1u to win 3u)
  • Colts 1H ml (1.2u to win 1u)
  • Colts ml (1.15u to win 1u)
  • Marlon Mack 16.5 Rush Attempts Over (3.33u to win 3u)
  • Marlon Mack to score 1st TD and Colts Win (0.5u to win 6.5u)
  • Devin Singletary 36.5 Rush Yards Over (2.67u to win 2u)
  • Joe Mixon 67.5 Yds Rush Over (0.55u to win 0.5u)
  • Leonard Fournette 89.5 Yds Rush Over (0.55u to win 0.5u)
  • DJ Chark 4.5 Rec Over (0.5u to win 0.54u)
  • Oak +5.5 (1.05u to win 1u)
  • Min/Det Total 43 Under (1.1u to win 1u)
  • Atl 1Q ml (1u to win 1.23u)
  • Matt Ryan Passing Yards 310.5 Over (1.1u to win 1u)
  • LAC +3 (1.14u to win 1u)
  • Joey Bosa 0.5 Sacks Over (2.5u to win 2u)
  • Bal/Sea Both teams to score 1TD and 1FG in each half (1u to win 9u)
  • Dal Team Total 24.5 Over (2.27u to win 2u)
Parlays: 1-1 (+45.42u)
  • NYG ml, Colts +5.5 and Under 53.5, SF ml, Buf 1H ml, NE ml (0u to win 20.6u) Free Bet on Points Bet
Big Boy Daddy Long Shot 0-3 (-2.23u)
  • Ind -1, NYG ml, 49ers -9.5, Jax ml, NE ml, Dal ml, Oak ml, Buf -17, La +2.5 (1u to win 189.5)
  • Ind +4.5, Buf -8.5, Oak +7.5, NYG ml, Jax ml , 49ers ml, LAC +3.5, Dal ml, NE ml, Bal +4.5 (0.96u to win 141.6u)
  • Marcus Golden Sacs Over, Marlon Mack Rush Attempts Over, Devin singletary rush yards over, Matt Ryan Passing Yards over, 49ers ml, NE ml, Oak ml, LAC ml, Bengals +4.5 (1u to win 190.6u)
Super Big Boy Daddy Long Shot: 0-1 (-0.5u)
  • I put in a card for the Ocean Casino. It is (0.5u to win 10000u). Im not going to type them all out as it probably won't hit, but if it is live going after the early game, I will post a picture.
Teasers: 3-8 (-9.98u)
  • Colts +5.5 and Under 53.5 (1.1u to win 1u)
  • Oak +11 and Over 40 (1.1u to win 1u)
  • LAC +7.5 and Under 48.5(1.1u to win 1u)
  • Sea +5.5 and Over 42.5 (1.1u to win 1u)
  • I put in a 15 teamer on a card for the Ocean Casino. It is (1u to win 200u). Im not going to type them all out as it probably won't hit, but if it is life after the early games, I will post a picture.
  • NE, GB, CLE, NYG all to win their Division (0u to win 257.8u) This is a Free bet (last one for DK, it was close to expiring) I like CLE's schedule after the pats game. NYG..I mean cmon. Everyones getting healthy, and the rest of the division hasn't been dominant enough to count them out. Should be a fun sweat!
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CreateYoureReality NFL Analysis and Picks Week 8 (Thursday Night Football and Week 7 Recap)

CreateYoureReality NFL Analysis and Picks Week 8 (Thursday Night Football and Week 7 Recap)
We have a golden opportunity tonight to see which Kirk Cousins shows up! But first, lets recap Sunday.
Singles: 6-12-2 (-11.08u) Rough week here. I really read the game script of the Giants game wrong. I assumed just because the algo liked them, AND I liked the variables added in like time off and returning players and HFA, that it would work out. This single game was worth 5 losses. I need to pay attention to my overconfidence when I like what the algo likes.
Parlay: 0-0 (0u) Ehhh, lost 2 plays on our only parlay of the weekend. Bills didnt win the 1H vs. Miami, and my accidental over-trust in the NYG caught me here. Fortunately it was a free bet so no loss to the BR.
BBDLS: 0-3 (-2.96u) Missed on all 3. Which is expected. If I hit one BBDLS per season, maybe even one every two seasons, I feel like it is a profitable strategy. We were very close again Missed the 146u bet by my trust in the NYG and the Raiders not being able to keep it within one score. Better luck next week!
SBBDLS: 0-1(-0.5u) This is an experiment I would like to track this year. I call it my Super Big Boy Daddy Long Shot because it is a parlay card at the Ocean Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. (I am sure they have them all over) It is $5 to win $100,000. They usually give between 17-19 selections and you have to go a perfect 15-15 ATS. The spreads are locked when the cards print and occasionally they cancel a games eligibility because a line has moved too much. Last year in the last 8 weeks of the season I went 11, 11, 14, 13, 12, 14, 14, 14 out of 15. In the last 3 weeks of the season when i went 14-15 I was putting in 32 combinations of cards :P \**This is most likely a losing play long term, but who doesn't love a good underdog story! :D*
Teasers: 2-3 (-1.2u) Hmmm, so two notes on this one for me. I flipflopped between BAL +9.5 and SEA +5.5. I think both were high value sides, and I am happy with my decision to take SEA with how they have been playing games, especially home games. Aside from that, I did not post the Casino Teaser I put in, but it lost by two teams and I included it in the win/loss numbers.

Monday Night Football (8:20)

Washington @ Minnesota(-17): We have an interesting one here. A TRIPLE homecoming game. (Cousins and AP and Keenum) Prime time Kirk vs.d the bottom of the barrel. The Redskins are coming off a really tough loss. They didn't score a single point but still managed to cover the 9.5 points spread vs. the 49ers last week. One could say the Redskins were severely helped by the rain, but another look at that game sees them with a real shot to win that game. AP had a wonderful first drive and a decent overall game (20 touches for 81 yards), despite rain, playing one of the top run defenses, AND being old as fuck with an ankle injury. Even with the ankle injury, it looks like he is suiting up tonight. Even though this is a homecoming game for him, the rush defense he will be facing is legit. The Vikings run D has only been giving up 3.8 ypc (8th) and 90 ypg (7th). On the flip side of the run game we have Dalvin Cook (1st in ypg and total yards for RB) facing a Redskins run D that is on the bottom half in every category. (134 ypg [27th] and 4.4 ypc [21st]) Lets take a look at the injury report.
Vikings: (WR) Adam Thielen is out. (The algo says this should lead to more opportunities for Olabisi Johnson, who I didnt know even existed, haha). (DT) Jalyn Holmes is questionable with an illness, and everyone else looks good to go.
Washington: " Deshazor Everett (ankle), Josh Harvey-Clemons (hamstring), Wes Martin (chest), Chris Thompson (toe) and Vernon Davis (concussion) were ruled out for Thursday night's game. Montae Nicholson (ankle), Josh Norman (thigh/hand), Adrian Peterson (ankle) and Steven Sims, Jr., (great toe) were ruled questionable. Donald Penn (not injury related), Ryan Kerrigan (elbow) and Case Keenum (right shouldefoot) were not given designations "
Overall, the algo has this at Minn -15. Something in the 15-28 Vikings (plus hfa). It seems as if the world is looking for this to be an easy 31-10 style win for Minn and with the way Kirk has played over the last 3, combined with their top tier defense, I could see a case for it. But, the more I look into the Redskins stats, they have averaged 4 points more when Keenum plays start to finish, than in the other 2 games with him sitting after the first quarter, or not playing at all. Also, the Redskins defense seems to be playing slightly better on the road, than at home. Personally, I am going to side with the Algo on this one and take the points and the road dog. Here's hoping we see Prime Time Kirk tonight!! :D

Singles 43-53-2 (-6.75u)
  • Washington +17 (2.5u to win 2.38u)
  • Total Sacks 4.5 Over (1.1u to win 1u)
  • Dalvin Cook First TD scorer (2u to win 6.4u) This is a promo bet on DK. Bet on someone to score the first TD, even if they dont, they can score a TD anytime to get your bet returned.
Parlays: 1-1 (+45.42u)
  • none
Big Boy Daddy Long Shot 0-6 (-5.19u)
  • none
Super Big Boy Daddy Long Shot: 0-2 (-1u)
  • none
Teasers: 5-11 (-11.18u)
  • none
  • NE, GB, CLE, NYG all to win their Division (0u to win 257.8u) Free Bet
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Everett CC To Host NWAC Basketball Championships

The Everett Community College men’s basketball team made history when they wrapped up their 2018-19 basketball season at home against Bellevue. For the first time in school history, the Trojans finished the year undefeated in conference play. On top of that, Markieth Brown Jr continued to add to his points total with 24 after breaking the career record against Whatcom two days prior. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the team play, you’re missing out! But don’t worry. You still have a chance to catch the boys in action as Everett will be hosting the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) Basketball Championships from the Sweet Sixteen starting on March 7th to the championship game on March 17th. This will be the fourth straight year that the Championships are held at the Walt Price Student Fitness Center with the Trojans also hosting for the next two years at least.
“The NWAC was looking to leave the Tri-Cities where the tournament had been hosted for 15 years due to the cost of hosting the men's and women's tournament in the Toyota Center,” said Everett Community College Athletic Director Garet Struder, “At the time Larry Walker was the AD and head men's basketball coach at Everett, and he put in a bid, with the support of the institution and the Snohomosh County Sports Commission and Tourism Bureau to host.” Everett won that bid and was given the rights to host from 2015-2018. According to NWAC’s Director of Operations, Alli Young, Everett beat out Clackamas CC, Pierce College, and The Evergreen State College for the initial bid. After those three years, they put in a bid to renew and were awarded the privilege of hosting from 2019-2021.
Hosting the tournament isn’t something the school takes for granted either. “We love having the opportunity to host,” Struder stated. Struder also said that it feels like Everett’s “contribution to the league, to host and provide a quality experience for not only our student athletes, but all of the participating student athletes from various NWAC schools who have worked hard all season long and deserve a first class championship experience.”
Struder also believes that Everett was selected because of their facilities and the people on campus. He stated that he thins Everett has one of the “nicest venues in the NWAC” and a lot of “institutional support.” From a good amount of seating to ease of live-streaming, Larry Walker Court at the Walt Price Student Fitness Center provides a perfect venue for a large scale event like this. As for the people involved, Struder said that the school has a lot of “great people here at EvCC that volunteer and really help to make this event a success.” This includes people from security, custodial, IT, Conference Services, Student Life, and many other parts of the school and the community. Young also said that Everett’s backing from the Snohomish County Sports Commission strengthened the bid.
However, it isn’t just a service to the conference. There is definitely an advantage to hosting the tournament. There’s no travel cost for the Trojans. If the tournament had been hosted by another school like North Idaho, for example, the Trojans would have had to pay for transportation to and from Coeur d’Alene and deal with all of the costs associated with a long road trip. If Everett made it to the Final Four, they would have made that trip twice. Plus, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. The home atmosphere will help the Trojans immensely, as Struder put it, “Familiarity builds confidence, knowing that they can win on this floor and compete with anybody.”
If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should go, there are going to be some pretty cool promotions during the tournament. One of which is the Jimmy Johns Best Seat in the House contest, where a fan will win the opportunity to “sit court-side in a leather sofa recliner and enjoy fresh Jimmy Johns sandwiches.” Another such promotion will be the Tulalip Resort Clear the Court Contest, in which fans “have 30 seconds to make a layup, followed by a free throw, and then a three pointer winning prizes along the way for each stage they complete.” If they make all three of those shots, they will get the chance to shoot a half court shot to win a summer concerts package from Tulalip Resort Casino. The Clear the Court Contest will take place at half-time of every game played.
Everett comes in as a 1 seed and will play their first game of the tourney on Thursday night at 8 pm against Lower Columbia. The full bracket can be seen here.
Overall, it should be a fantastic event. From a great on court product to sensational opportunities for fan engagement, there’s something for every sports fan. If you haven’t had the chance to check out a Trojans game yet, you should definitely find the time to come down and see them play during the NWAC Championships!
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Any advice on best drive to Issaquah?

Throw away to keep anonymous. I am from north Washington (Everett/Edmonds area). And next week Saturday, I have business to attend to in Issaquah. To be a bit cautious, I wont say the exact location. but looking at the map, my destination is close to the Snoqualmie Casino.
My issue is that I don't have the best eyesight. So any destination I go to, I need to heavily research. But this would be my first time going anywhere that far southeast.
So I was wondering if anyone can give me some good directions that will make my drive there easy. Basically a good easy route, info on traffic, how early i should probably leave, tips on tricky roads to avoid, any difficult roads that I will encounter, etc.
Thank you in advance.
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Schools on Casino Road?

I am a recent graduate applying for teaching jobs around Mukilteo. I was just offered a teaching position in the Mukilteo School District but it is located on Casino Road in Everett. I've done some research and came up with some unpleasant rumors about Casino Rd. Does anyone have experiences with the schools around there? What about the area during the day? I am trying to decide whether to accept the position or take the gamble of declining and waiting for something else. Thanks for your help!
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What's happening around town (Wed, Feb 28th - Tue, Mar 6th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Feb 28th

Thursday, Mar 1st

  • 🎭 The Addams Family Musical (Deer Creek Intermediate High School - Edmond) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎨 Adult Classes (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am Take an art class with Oklahoma Contemporary this winter! Ignite your creativity with one of our ceramics, fiber arts or 2-D arts courses for artists of all skill levels. Classes…
  • 🎭 Cabaret (Rose State College - Midwest City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm Leave your troubles outside — life is beautiful at CABARET. JOHN KANDER, FRED EBB and JOE MASTEROFF’s Tony-winning musical about following your heart while the world loses…
  • Concerto Gala (Sharp Concert Hall - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm OU School of Music presents CONCERTO GALA CONCERT featuring winners from the 2017 Concerto Competition. They are School of Music students Qiang Fu, violinist; Michael Stafford,…
  • 🎨 Continuum Opening Reception (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 5:30pm The Melton Gallery is pleased to host the group exhibit CONTINUUM, showcasing the legacy of past and present UCO ceramics faculty, Gayle Curry, Barb Weidell, and Eric Hoefer, and…
  • The Cowboy Who Fell From the Sky (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm WORLD PREMIERE THEATRE PIECE HITS OKLAHOMA with INTER-DIMENSIONAL ART SHOW
    “The Cowboy Who Fell From The Sky” — an immersive, post-apocalyptic, pop-up folk concert —…
  • Edmond Library's Day (Oklahoma City Zoo - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Receive a family four pack of vouchers to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden when you check out Our Day at the Zoo"" through library staff. With this special offer,…
  • 🎭 A FEW GOOD MEN (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm by Aaron Sorkin If you can handle the truth, get ready for the electrifying original Broadway play that became the legendary Oscar-nominated film starring Jack Nicholson and Tom…
  • 😂 James Johann (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Mar 3rd
  • JD Souther (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond)
  • 🎨 Lewis & Clark Revisited, OLLI OSU afternoon class (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:30pm Instructor: Western historian and educator Luann Sewell Waters. The journey made by the Corps of Discovery, led by Lewis and William Clark, is looked upon as the opening of the…
  • The Lone Bellow (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 Make Your Own Geode (Teen) (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm Have you ever wanted to make your very own geode? We’ll be using science to make eggshell geodes from common household items! You’ll get to pick the color of your geode and…
  • Meditation Class (St Stephen's United Methodist - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Weekly meditation and discussion group conducted by the monks from Oklahoma Buddhist Vihara.
    St. Stephens UMC 6-7pm Look for the shoes.
  • Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (Scott from Neurosis) (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Mirrors for Psychic Warefare with Idre10/$12
  • O Brother Where Art Thou (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00pm Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney) is having difficulty adjusting to his hard-labor sentence in Mississippi. He scams his way off the chain gang with simple Delmar (Tim…
  • OCU Master Class: Guest Artist Felix Hell, Organist (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us as guest artist Felix Hell hosts a March 1 master class for OCU organ and piano students. A native of Germany and champion of new music, the acclaimed organist has been…
  • OCU Wind Philharmonic in Concert (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm The OCU Wind Philharmonic presents its opening concert of 2018 under the baton of Dr. Matthew Mailman. On the program: Morton Gould's Jericho Rhapsody for Band (1940), John…
  • Once Upon A Playground (Edmond Historical Society - Edmond) Day 2 of 2 The classic metal and wood structures that have populated playgrounds for most of the twentieth century—towering metal slides, giant jungle gyms, whirling merry-go-rounds,…
  • 🎭 Peril On The High Seas (Chickasha Community Theatre - Chickasha) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm Peril on the High Seas is a hilarious and fast-paced melodrama. Proceeds from the show benefit the Tims-Drummond Memorial Scholarship fund, which provides college scholarships to…
  • Poetry Slam (Our Glass - El Reno) Start Time: 7:00pm Every First Thursday of the month, Our Glass will sponsor a Poetry/Story Slam for FREE. Prizes will be awarded. Starts at 7pm, but come earlier if you want to read.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Management Support Group (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience of witnessing of life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents,…
  • Read Across America Day (Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park is hosting a book drive in celebration of Read Across America Day. Bring in a new teen, pre-teen, or children's book to Andy Alligator's…
  • 🍴 Restaurant Week (Edmond Chamber of Commerce - Edmond) 1 day left Start Time: 8:00am It's that time of year again! Discover Edmond's great Eats and Drinks during Edmond Restaurant Week 2018: Feb. 23- March 2. All you have to do is show the special menu at a…
  • Saints - First Thursday Saints Sessions ft. Rei Wang (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • SALT-Seniors & Law Enforcement Together (Del City) Del City Police 4517 S.E. 29th Street
  • 🎨 Showroom | Showcase:Wake by Grace Grothaus and Rena Detrixhe (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 11:00am Grace Grothaus and Rena Detrixhe are transforming the second floor of Oklahoma Contemporary’s Showroom with the multisensory installation Wake. This exhibit highlights the…
  • Spring Fever (Boathouse District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm 5:30pm: Food & Pie Trucks start serving it up! 7:00pm: Fiery fiddling begins! International Acoustic Music Award winners, Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road, are ready to shake the…
  • 🏆 Surf and Turf at The Bricktown Brewery at Remington Park (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 4:00pm
  • Survivors of Suicide Support Group (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Nearly 31,000 people take their own lives each year. As a survivor – a family member or friend of the victim – you may need help coming to terms with suicide. This group…
  • 🎨 Unlocking the Vault: Mysteries and Marvels of the Museum (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am Museums typically exhibit only a very small percentage of their collections. In the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s vast holdings, specific pieces, for one reason…
  • Unlocking the West, OLLI OSU class (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:30am The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s Glenn D. Shirley Western Americana Collection is a treasure trove of documents, photographs, movie memorabilia, books, and…

Friday, Mar 2nd

  • 🎭 The Addams Family Musical (Deer Creek Intermediate High School - Edmond) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎨 Adult Classes (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am Take an art class with Oklahoma Contemporary this winter! Ignite your creativity with one of our ceramics, fiber arts or 2-D arts courses for artists of all skill levels. Classes…
  • Almost Ready to Cruise Car Sale & Swap Meet (Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center - Shawnee) Day 1 of 2 Automobile enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Shawnee's Almost Ready to Cruise Car Sale and Swap Meet, held annually…
  • 🎓 Aristotelian Meteorology: Fire Dragons, Blood Rains, and Comets (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Medieval Fair Free Lecture Series, co-sponsored by OU Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, presentation by RienkVermij, Professor, History of Science, University of…
  • Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Mar 4th The Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, is a trade show…
  • The Bartered Bride (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Mar 4th Come to the Burg Theatre on the campus of Oklahoma City University for a special performance of Czech composer…
  • Ben Sollee / Mipso (Opolis - Norman)
  • 🏆 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Mar 5th Start Time: 6:00pm Children two years of age and older must have a ticket.
  • Bim Skala Bim (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Budderside (The State Theatre - Harrah)
  • 🎭 Cabaret (Rose State College - Midwest City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm Leave your troubles outside — life is beautiful at CABARET. JOHN KANDER, FRED EBB and JOE MASTEROFF’s Tony-winning musical about following your heart while the world loses…
  • 🏆 CINCH Timed Event Championship (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Thru Sun, Mar 4th Start Time: 12:00pm The top 20 contestants compete in five timed events for a total purse of $200,000!
  • The Cowboy Who Fell From the Sky (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm WORLD PREMIERE THEATRE PIECE HITS OKLAHOMA with INTER-DIMENSIONAL ART SHOW
    “The Cowboy Who Fell From The Sky” — an immersive, post-apocalyptic, pop-up folk concert —…
  • Dance Department: Kaleidoscope in Concert (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎭 Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, a participation play (Oklahoma Children's Theatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Will Dorothy and Toto ever find their way back to Kansas? Will her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, ever find a brain, a heart, and the nerve? The…
  • Dropkick Murphys et al. (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Head to Oklahoma City for a night of driving Celtic punk when the legendary Dropkick Murphys take over Diamond…
  • Dr. Seuss Day in the Gardens (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday and his wonderful books in the Myriad Gardens. Everyone’s favorite character, Cat In the Hat, will read stories and tell fun Dr. Seuss facts.…
  • 🎭 A FEW GOOD MEN (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm by Aaron Sorkin If you can handle the truth, get ready for the electrifying original Broadway play that became the legendary Oscar-nominated film starring Jack Nicholson and Tom…
  • First Friday Gallery Walk (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm The First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District occurs on the first Friday of every month. Friday night…
  • 😂 James Johann (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Kaleidoscope Dance Company Spring Concert (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm Peformance Dates & Times: 7:30pm. Friday, March 2, 2018 7:30pm. Saturday, March 3, 2018 2:00pm. Sunday, March 4, 2018
    • Free for UCO Students with current ID*
  • NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Mar 5th Visit Oklahoma City for the highly anticipated NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional. Come watch four teams…
  • Noises Off (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Mar 10th Come to the charming Route 66 town of Chandler for a rousing performance of the celebrated play, Noises Off. This 1982…
  • Omelette Party: Eggscape to Paradise (Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Join organizers from the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OKCMOA) at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center for the 34th Annual…
  • The Other Mozart (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • OU Sooners vs Iowa State Cyclones (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) Thru Sun, Mar 4th Experience the action and excitement in Norman as the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Iowa State Cyclones. Since the…
  • Patti Labelle in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Come see living legend Patti LaBelle live onstage at Riverwind Casino in Norman. Best known for her powerhouse…
  • 🎭 Peril On The High Seas (Chickasha Community Theatre - Chickasha) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm Peril on the High Seas is a hilarious and fast-paced melodrama. Proceeds from the show benefit the Tims-Drummond Memorial Scholarship fund, which provides college scholarships to…
  • The Philadelphia Story (University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha) Day 1 of 2 Come to the Davis Hall Little Theatre on the campus of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha…
  • 🎭 PLATINUM COMEDY TOUR (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Rachel Stacy and Marco Tello CD Release Show (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Read Across America Day (Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park is hosting a book drive in celebration of Read Across America Day. Bring in a new teen, pre-teen, or children's book to Andy Alligator's…
  • 🍴 Restaurant Week (Edmond Chamber of Commerce - Edmond) Last Day Start Time: 8:00am It's that time of year again! Discover Edmond's great Eats and Drinks during Edmond Restaurant Week 2018: Feb. 23- March 2. All you have to do is show the special menu at a…
  • Saints - Rhythm and Rhymes (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00pm
  • 🎨 Showroom | Showcase:Wake by Grace Grothaus and Rena Detrixhe (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 11:00am Grace Grothaus and Rena Detrixhe are transforming the second floor of Oklahoma Contemporary’s Showroom with the multisensory installation Wake. This exhibit highlights the…
  • 🏆 Sooners Basketball: Discount Tickets (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • The Sunday Flyers (VZD's - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Tim Barry (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City)
  • 🎨 Unlocking the Vault: Mysteries and Marvels of the Museum (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am Museums typically exhibit only a very small percentage of their collections. In the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s vast holdings, specific pieces, for one reason…

Saturday, Mar 3rd

  • Almost Ready to Cruise Car Sale & Swap Meet (Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center - Shawnee) Day 2 of 2 Automobile enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Shawnee's Almost Ready to Cruise Car Sale and Swap Meet, held annually…
  • 🏃 American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb (Leadership Square - Oklahoma City) Participants will challenge themselves to climb 2 towers totaling 70 floors of stairs, in honor of those we have lost to lung disease, or those who are currently struggling to…
  • Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, is a trade show…
  • The Bartered Bride (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Come to the Burg Theatre on the campus of Oklahoma City University for a special performance of Czech composer…
  • Ben Rector in Concert (Raley Chapel - Shawnee) Join Tulsa native Ben Rector for a very special evening as he stops at Oklahoma Baptist University for an intimate…
  • 🏆 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Mar 5th Start Time: 6:00pm Children two years of age and older must have a ticket.
  • 🏆 CINCH Timed Event Championship (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) 1 day left Start Time: 12:00pm The top 20 contestants compete in five timed events for a total purse of $200,000!
  • 🏆 CINCH Timed Event Chuck Wagon Cook-Off (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Start Time: 8:30am The 5th Annual Chuck Wagon Cook-Off BREAKFAST SAMPLER. Saturday morning Breakfast Sampler served prior to the Saturday afternoon performance of Timed Event.
  • 🏃 Creek Classic 5K & 10K (Deer Creek Intermediate High School - Edmond) Creek Classic is an annual event that is a district wide fundraiser for Deer Creek Schools. Prizes awarded to overall m/f and top m/f in each standard age division.…
  • Discover the Dinosaurs (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Trek back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth! It's family expedition time! At discover the dinosaurs: Time Trek, you'll be transported through our special Time Lab where…
  • Easton Corbin in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Catch country music star Easton Corbin as he makes his way to Riverwind Casino in Norman. Fans are invited to see Corbin…
  • Exile (Thunderbird Casino - Norman)
  • 😂 James Johann (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • Joyce Yang (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Enjoy the work of pianist Joyce Yang as part of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic's Classic Concert Series. The evening…
  • 🏃 Mercy Runs Deep 5K (Oklahoma City) All proceeds benefit The Mercy Project in conjunction with Mercy schools across the country. 7:30am - Race Day Registration; 8:30am - One Mile Fun Run begins; 9:00am - 5K Run…
  • NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Mar 5th Visit Oklahoma City for the highly anticipated NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional. Come watch four teams…
  • Noises Off (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Mar 10th Come to the charming Route 66 town of Chandler for a rousing performance of the celebrated play, Noises Off. This 1982…
  • OKC Land Run Antique Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The OKC Land Run Antique is fun for the entire family with over 50,000 sq ft of merchandise to discover and treasures to…
  • Oklahoma Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The Oklahoma Gun Show in the Modern Living building of Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City is sure to have the…
  • 🏃 Oklahoma Hall of Fame Hustle (Gaylord-Pickens Museum - Oklahoma City)
  • Oklahoma Heritage Land Run 10K, 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run (Gaylord-Pickens Museum - Oklahoma City) Lace up your tennis shoes or pull on your cowboy boots for the Oklahoma Heritage Land Run. This USATF-certified running…
  • OU Sooners vs Iowa State Cyclones (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) 1 day left Experience the action and excitement in Norman as the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Iowa State Cyclones. Since the…
  • 🏃 Panera Beacon Run 25K, 15K, 5K (Lake Hefner East Wharf - Oklahoma City) This event is directed by the Oklahoma City Running Club. This is a great training opportunity for those planning to participate in the OKC Memorial Marathon or Half Marathon.…
  • Pearl Charles (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City)
  • The Philadelphia Story (University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha) Day 2 of 2 Come to the Davis Hall Little Theatre on the campus of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha…
  • Saints - Rhythm and Rhymes (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00pm
  • 🏃 Warrior Way 5K (Downtown Washington near the Post Office on Main Street - Washington) The Annual Warrior Way 5k and Fun Mile is a fun morning for racers, runners and walkers and everyone in between!

Sunday, Mar 4th

  • Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day The Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, is a trade show…
  • The Bartered Bride (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Last Day Come to the Burg Theatre on the campus of Oklahoma City University for a special performance of Czech composer…
  • 🏆 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm Children two years of age and older must have a ticket.
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Monday, Mar 5th

  • 🏆 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm Children two years of age and older must have a ticket.
  • NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Last Day Visit Oklahoma City for the highly anticipated NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Regional. Come watch four teams…
  • Noises Off (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Mar 10th Come to the charming Route 66 town of Chandler for a rousing performance of the celebrated play, Noises Off. This 1982…
  • Tigers Jaw (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City)

Tuesday, Mar 6th

  • Noises Off (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Mar 10th Come to the charming Route 66 town of Chandler for a rousing performance of the celebrated play, Noises Off. This 1982…
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The 13 Steps

Here is a short story I wrote a couple years ago. I was trying to go for a more psychological horror with it, particularly building a sense of dread at the end. It is fictional, in the sense that it's about made up characters and I changed a few details for narrative purposes. What is not fictional is the inspiration. My friends and I would often hear about some tiny old cemetery where kids would go to drink. Apparently it was haunted, and also apparently involved thirteen steps that would lead you to Hell, or something. The stories were never consistent. One night we decided to actually check it out, and what we experienced is what I decided to write about. I posted it on my (soon to be changed) website, but since my other stuff isn't spooky, I'm not going to whore it here (though I guess I should link it, so I don't violate my own CC license. Also, there's a Print link, in case you hate reading on a computer. So, to repeat, not whoring, which would be useless since it'll be changing soon anyway).
"The 13 Steps"
Head north from Seattle on I-5 and the crystalline majesty of the Emerald City fades into suburban wastelands, if you’re lucky cut in blocks out of the centuries old forests, and if not, an uneven blanket of asphalt and strip malls covering hills left undulating. Further, though, and the asphalt narrows and lightens, dividing lines fade, and the low grasslands and tree farms take over, cut by this one, twisting vein. Occasionally, kids from Arlington or Marysville, and even farther north, would get caught in the flow and end up lodged on someone’s couch in the big suburban expanse, north of Seattle, bringing with them the last lingering local legends, down to those caught between the skepticism of the city and a desire to believe in late night stories told with the passing of a pipe.
Noel Garrett was the latest of these nomads to come down and insert himself instantly amongst the disenchanted suburbanites who gathered regularly at Chase Lake Park, currying favor with a crooked grin cut across a pock-marked face, and a bag of what he claimed to be naturally growing weed that he found in the forest. Evan Sundby offered him a couch to sleep on, and with the necessities taken care of, Noel pushed himself tightly between two girls absentmindedly texting on their cell phones, and became part of the crowd. Every day after that he would accompany Evan to the park, and when his “naturally growing” weed ran out, bought some climate controlled stuff from a dealer making his rounds, which he claimed was not as good, though neither Evan nor anyone else who snuck a hit when the pipe was passed could tell the difference.
A week after his arrival the first cool breeze of fall hit, blowing around the weaker leaves in sporadic gusts and causing those still dressed for summer to curse as the sun dropped down behind the mountains and head home early, leaving only five standing at the end of the knife scarred and half hidden dock stretching out over the muck. Noel had been bumming cigarettes all night, and Evan had paid for the dinner they ate at Denny’s a couple hours ago. Ayden Woland noticed this, but chose not to say anything, letting Evan spend his money and secretly procured cigarettes on whomever he pleased. He also noticed that, over the past week, Noel had been flirting unabashedly with Annabelle Letite, with whom Ayden had spent the summer slowly cultivating a romance. They’d been fooling around for a month, yet agreed, mutually, not to declare themselves a coupe, for parental reasons, though practiced enough fidelity for Ayden to take an immediate dislike to Noel when, upon his arrival, he spent far too long admiring her tight jeans and low cut shirt, and then took every opportunity to slide in next to her, too closely, and rest his arm on whatever rail or booth that was behind her. Ayden made an effort to more openly display their affection, and to shoot out glances of ominous distaste, which to his annoyance passed over Noel, who stared back with a look that contained slightly more apathy than ignorance.
Next to Evan stood his girlfriend, Elise Brevik. Their relationship would be best described as cyclical, but judging from the way Evan’s hand slid out and then back again into Elise’s back pocket every time he received and passed the pipe, Ayden figured that they were together at that moment. Noel stood a foot away from Evan, and would double hit every time the pipe came to him.
When the bowl was exhausted Ayden pocketed the pipe while Noel stared up at the sky. “Full moon tonight,” Noel said slowly, causing the others to mumble nonchalant affirmations. “Hey,” he continued, letting the phonemes hang on his tongue. “Any of you hear of the 13 steps?”
“Is that some kind of AA thing?” Ayden asked, which caused Annabelle to giggle.
“No,” replied Noel, unphased. “13 Steps to Hell. There’s this old cemetery not far from my house, and it’s got this crypt, and if you go in the crypt you have to go down thirteen steps, and when you reach the bottom you’re in Hell.”
“Really,” Evan said. Ayden couldn’t tell if he was humoring Noel.
“Apparently witches built it for their rituals,” Noel continued, emphatically, causing Ayden to wince when his volume peaked. The park closed at dusk and they had stayed a good hour past then.
“Witches,” Annabelle said dryly. “In Washington.”
“Or Satanists,” Noel countered. “Whatever. The point is if you go into the crypt you never come out. Meet Satan, go to Hell, die. But…”
“Always a ‘but’,” Ayden whispered to Annabelle, who snickered again.
“You might get a chance to sell your soul for a wish,” Noel said.
“Right,” Evan said, more sardonically this time.
“It’s true,” Noel said, shifting his weight and hunching his shoulders, folding his arms across his chest. “And the place is haunted. There’s a woman who’s searching for her child, and the child’s there too, just always on the other side of the cemetery, and they never find each other.”
“And I don’t suppose you know this first hand,” Ayden said, straightening up and folding his arms.
“What? No,” Noel said. “I’ve only been there once, but my friend once saw the ghosts. I have seen the crypt though.”
“And did you go inside?” Elise asked, joining in.
“Of course not,” Noel almost shouted. “Plus, the door’s stuck closed so you can’t get in anyway.”
“Thought not,” Ayden said.
“If you want to risk it that’s your business,” Noel said. “But I’m not taking the chance.”
The group stood silent for a moment, listening to the water of the lake lap listlessly against the wooden dock. A car drove past on the nearby road and everyone ducked, instinctually, though they were more than hidden by the fir and juniper that surrounded the park.
After a moment’s silence Noel bummed a cigarette from Evan and took a deep drag, the ember illuminating his stained fingers and twice broken nose. “So do you want to go?” he asked when the cigarette was finished, flicking it into the lake.
“All the way up to Marysville?” Ayden asked.
“Sure,” Noel said. “It’s not that far. Plus, it’s a full moon.”
“And the ghosts only come out during a full moon?”
“Nope,” Noel said, grinning as widely as he could. “It just makes things easier to see.”
When they passed Everett the nighttime lights of mid-60s office buildings disappeared and, rounding a single corner, they found themselves surrounded on all sides by grasslands sliced up by the countless streams looking for a way into the Sound. The occasional streetlamp and the moon’s reflection off the water were the only light aside from Ayden’s dirty and yellowed headlights, which faded into the dark and made Ayden feel like he was driving blind. Next to him sat Annabelle, her hand resting on his thigh. The other three were in the back. Noel sat in the middle, loosening his seatbelt as they headed up the freeway.
“It’s right up here,” Noel said, and Ayden set his gaze on the exit next to the bright lights of the casino. “No,” Noel said immediately, as if instinctually aware of Ayden’s thoughts. “The one before. Right now, you’re going to miss it.”
Ayden swerved the car hard to the right and barely made it onto the exit. There were no street lamps along the road, and after turning right per Noel’s instructions, the ever more towering trees blocked out the light from the moon. Ayden had to concentrate to react to the curves and bumps in the road that sprang up far too quickly.
“You know,” Noel said. “There really are Satanists living in the woods out here. They stretch out across the road to get cars to stop, and then they drag the people back into the woods to be sacrificed.”
“Bullshit,” Annabelle said, glancing over at Ayden, whose fingers were wrapped around the steering wheel.
“There are police reports,” Noel continued. “The sheriff even said that if there’s someone standing in the road in the middle of the night to just floor it and plow through them.”
“And you’re taking us out into the woods?” Evan asked. Ayden kept his eyes on the road.
“Oh, we’ll be fine,” Noel said. “They just target the road. There hasn’t been a killing in a long time, but just be careful. I’m not going to get my heart cut out because you wussed out and wouldn’t run over a Satanist.”
They drove for another mile down the road, not seeing a single car or light, or road to turn on. Ayden was having trouble making the turns at the country road’s speed, so he gradually let himself drop down five, then ten mph, hoping that the others would not notice.
“Stop right here,” Noel said, pointing at a small patch of gravel off of the shoulder.
“On the side of the road?” Ayden asked, nervous.
“Yeah,” Noel said. “This is where the trail is.”
“You didn’t say anything about going into the woods,” Elise said, looking over at Evan for support.
“It’ll be fine,” Noel said, his tone just shy of reassuring. Ayden slowly pulled off onto the gravel, listening to its muffled crunch underneath his tires. When the car stopped they waited inside, debating whether or not to go forward. Ayden stared out the dark windshield, hoping to get a glimpse of the moon peaking its way through the trees.
“What are you waiting for?” Noel asked, causing Evan to open his door and step out. Noel followed quickly, and then the others, slowly stepping out of the car and into the too still air.
“Are you sure my car will be fine?” Ayden asked.
“Yeah, sure,” Noel said, not looking over at him. “People park here all the time. Come on, the trail is this way.” The others watched as Noel disappeared into the trees, glancing at each other, hoping that someone else would be the first to follow. Ayden felt Annabelle’s hand gripping onto his. “Are you coming?” they heard called from the woods. Evan was the first to follow, and then Elise, not wanting to be left back, rushed after him and grabbed onto his hand. Evan clasped his arm around her waist and the two ducked under the low hanging branches and into the darkness.
“Do you really want to go?” Ayden whispered into Annabelle’s ear. He could smell the lingering strawberry of her shampoo.
“We can’t just leave them,” Annabelle whispered back. “Plus,” she said. “It might be fun, and we might be able to slip away for a bit when we get there.”
“Ok,” Ayden said, felling himself warm as her body pressed against his. The trees didn’t seem any different from the parks he’d spent so many nights in back south, so after lifting a branch out of the way, the two hurried after the rest, huddled together.
The trail was half mud, and the darkness caused everyone to trip over the gnarled roots that reached up out of the ground. Noel kept his step brisk, but was never able to get too far ahead of the others, stumbling around as much as everyone else. Ayden smiled when he saw the outline of their guide trip and fall over, but despite the dark could not help but try and hide his enjoyment every time Noel had to stop and steady himself for a moment before continuing.
After about a quarter mile, Noel stopped and gestured for the others to huddle close. It took a moment for everyone to find decent footing, but their heads were soon pressed together after only a slight sigh of impatience from Noel.
“Ok,” Noel said. “We’re almost there. Just keep quiet, we don’t want to wake up the people in the house.”
“Wait,” Ayden whispered harshly. “People live there? We’re trespassing?”
“Well, it’s in someone’s backyard,” Noel said. “But don’t worry, it’s blocked off by trees, so as long as we’re quiet it’ll be fine.”
“I don’t want to get arrested for trespassing,” Ayden said. “You should have said something earlier, this is bullshit.”
“You won’t if you keep quiet,” Noel said. “But if you’re scared we can meet you back by the car.”
Ayden tried to glare at him, but knew Noel wouldn’t be able to see it, just as he couldn’t see him. He had a strong suspicion, though, that Noel was grinning, all teeth and contempt, and Ayden had to force himself to take a deep breath instead of lunging at Noel as they huddled there in the darkness.
“Fine,” Ayden said. “Let’s do this.”
“Great,” Noel said, turning and continuing around a bend in the trail and out from under the low hanging branches, with the others close behind.
Noel wasn’t lying about the moon. The cemetery was clear of trees, and the open sky allowed the light from the moon to stream in unhindered, illuminating the ankle high grass and weathered grave markers in its cold glow. None of the graves looked older than 100 years, but none appeared new or particularly well cared for either. Polish had faded, and carvings were worn soft along the edges. The headstones were scattered almost haphazardly around the three terraces that made up the cemetery, some slanted from years of untended erosion caused by rain and rodents, and possibly the encroaching roots of the trees in the forest. Ayden admitted to himself that it was an interesting place, particularly in moonlight, but it was not much different than the older section of his local cemetery, in which he’d spent a night or two before, and this one was significantly smaller. He looked around for the crypt Noel had spent so much time speaking of, but could not see it.
“How big is it?” Annabelle asked, whispering.
“What?” Noel said, loudly enough that Ayden tensed, ready to bolt back into the woods.
“How many people are buried here?” Annabelle asked, louder, but still trying not to exceed a harsh whisper.
“Don’t know,” Noel replied. “Probably a hundred.”
“And where’s this crypt?” Ayden asked, noticing how Noel was glancing around, refusing to make eye contact.
“Oh, it’s over that way,” Noel said, gesturing non-specifically. “Don’t you want to explore first?”
“I guess,” Ayden said. “But I do want to see it before we go. Might even walk down the 13 steps and see Satan.” Annabelle giggled, but Ayden could feel her squeezing his hand a bit tighter. He wondered if she had been roped in by Noel’s early bravado and sudden reversal when the time was finally at hand.
“Can’t,” Noel said. “Door won’t open.”
Noel meandered off with Evan and Elise slowly following, looking around at the headstones. Ayden began to follow, instinctually, but felt a tug on his arm from Annabelle.
“Let’s hang back,” she said, giving him a coy smile. Ayden smiled back and put his arm around her waist, and the two wandered off on their own, finding a spot to lean against the terrace.
“Can you believe that we actually came up here?” Annabelle asked.
“Not really,” Ayden said. “I don’t think we’ll stay too long, there’s not much to look at. Not really worth the drive.”
Annabelle leaned her head against his shoulder. “At least we got out of the park for once.”
“Yeah,” Ayden said, kissing her on the head. “I just hope we get to see the crypt. All that talk about it and its 13 steps and he just blows it off when we get here.”
“He’s probably just saving it for the end,” Annabelle said, returning his kiss. Ayden leaned over and placed his lips on hers, plying with his tongue as his hand pushed against her stomach, fingers crawling under her waistband and thin elastic of her underwear.
“Wait,” Annabelle said, suddenly stopping him. “Is this right?” Ayden removed his hand and propped himself up, looking down at her in the moonlight.
“I don’t think they mind,” he chuckled. Annabelle stared back at him, silent. “I suppose not,” he said, rolling back to sit next to her against the terrace. “And Noel might see us and I don’t want to give him something to think about later.”
“Huh?” Annabelle asked.
“Never mind,” Ayden said. Come on, let’s go find the others.”
The two stood and glanced around the cemetery. It took a moment for them to spot the others, their heads poking out from behind one of the small and unkempt bushes lining the plots. When they walked over, Noel was pointing at one of the headstones.
“See,” he said, gesturing at a moss-covered design carved at the top. “Satanists.”
“It doesn’t really look like a Satanic symbol,” Evan said. “Could just be Masons, or even a Star of David.”
“You’re crazy,” Noel said. “It’s obviously Satanic.” Ayden stared at the stone for a moment, but could not make out anything more than a hint of a symbol under the layers of moss. The name on the stone read “DOOLITTLE”, the dates “1864 – 1903”.
“So where is this crypt Noel?” Ayden asked. Noel looked at him, perplexed, for a moment, before blinking his senses back.
“Are you sure you want to see it?” he asked. “It’s not very neat, and the door is stuck.”
“After all that talk I’m not going until you show me this crypt,” Ayden said.
“Well, ok,” Noel said after a moment. “But don’t expect much.”
“This place isn’t much anyway,” Ayden said. Noel didn’t respond, and instead walked away, down to the lowest level and around a curve in the hill. The others followed him and found him fidgeting by a small stone structure, sticking out of the hill. Ayden thought that it was crypt-like enough; roughly cut gray stones mortared together, with a rusted iron door sealing off the low entrance.
“Door won’t open,” Noel reminded everyone when Ayden stepped forward to try it, but he ignored their guide and pulled anyway. The door did not budge with Ayden’s tug, but he swore he felt enough give in its hold that, with the right amount of strength, they could get it open.
“Give me a hand,” Ayden said, and Evan stepped forward to grab onto the ringed handle. Noel remained where he was. “At least help us try,” Ayden said, and after a nervous glance around, which Ayden felt was genuine, Noel stepped forward and grasped onto the handle with them. With a hushed count to three, the three boys tugged at the door, lightly at first, but then with increasing strength as they felt it push or pull against something malleable, and then give, slowly opening up a foot or two, its rusted hinges protesting loudly at being opened for the first time in decades. Through the trees they saw a floodlight snap on, and everyone hunched down low. Ayden could feel his heart banging against his ribcage, and kept his eyes on the direction of the light, cursing how it quickly eroded his night vision, which would make it difficult to see anyone coming to investigate. After five minutes the light turned off and they all exhaled, slowly, but stayed still and alert for a time after as their eyes readjusted to the dark. When he felt that enough time had passed, Ayden turned his attention back to the crypt. Enough light from the moon spilled in for him to see the first step, cracked and worn, leading down into the darkness.
“Well, there are your 13 steps,” Ayden said. Noel didn’t respond. “What do you say we try them out?”
“No way man,” Evan said. “You can’t see shit down there, and you don’t know what kinds of animals are living down there. It’s a bad idea.”
“Evan’s right,” Elise said. “We should probably go soon anyway.”
“And what about you?” Ayden asked, turning to Noel. “The door’s open, don’t you want to see if that legend you swear by is true.”
“It is,” Noel said, breaking his silence. “The steps are right there. That’s all the proof you need. I’m not tempting Fate by actually going down them.”
“The only thing we’re going to find down there is a grave or two, but I don’t want to leave without being able to say that we tried it out.”
“Your funeral,” Noel said. “But I’m not going down there.”
Annabelle stepped up next to Ayden and placed her hand on his chest. “You don’t have to go down there,” she said. “It’s too dark, and we really should go.” Ayden looked at her and couldn’t tell if he saw concern or fear in her face in the moonlight.
“No,” he said. “I’ve got a lighter, I’m going down there. I didn’t drive all the way up here just to look into an open door.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a scorched and well used Bic, flicking it once to make sure it worked, and then stuck his head into the crypt, peering into the darkness. The steps were narrow and uneven, wobbling down into a dark greater than Ayden had even known. He tentatively placed his foot on the first step, slowly shifting his weight onto it in order to preserve his balance, and when he felt sure of himself he put his other foot on the second step and began his decent. The light from his Bic flickered against the walls, caked with a thin layer of dirt and curving in from the roots of the trees that grew around it. Third step, then, slowly, the fourth. The Bic flickered out, and Ayden quickly flicked it back on. Fifth step. He could feel his heart beating, heavier than when he was lying with Annabelle, heavier than when the lights from the house poured out across the cemetery. His mind played through all the possibilities: He’d fall and break his leg; the people from the house would find them and they’d be arrested; the others would leave him there and he’d have to find his way back through the woods, alone; he’d be attacked by some animal; Satan really would appear when he reached the bottom. He tried to calm down by reminding himself that it was just some country story. It was not working. By the sixth step Ayden could feel the oppressiveness of the dark swirling around him. He looked back and could barely see the outlines of his companions, peering into the darkness after him. At the seventh Ayden was starting to believe that there actually were thirteen steps leading down into the crypt. It seemed odd that a tomb would be placed so far underground, and, after slipping again on the eighth step, scraping his hand, with such a precarious journey down. Precarious and dark. Too dark make mourning practical. The people buried down here were put here because they had to be kept away from the rest of the graves, the most horrible type, deserving to be forgotten and only put into the ground instead of dumped unceremoniously in the Sound out of a perverse loyalty to the traditions regarding the dead, locked down here by that heavy door, which likely was locked, but because of a lack of care and the lost memories of the original undertakers, it crumbled under the force of three young boys looking for something to do.
At the ninth step he heard a screech, and when he turned to look, could not see the light from the outside above him. “If you closed the door I’m going to fucking kill you when I get out,” he shouted up, but there was no response. Ayden paused for a moment, looking back behind himself and down at what lay ahead of him. Only four steps to go, but still his lighter could not penetrate the darkness. He took a deep breath and resolved to continue, to finish these last few steps and to be able to truthfully say that he had gone down them all, and was not put off by the stories or the dark or his asshole friends trying to spook him. He stepped down, placing both feet on the tenth step. The stone walls around him pressed ever closer, and Ayden noticed small wisps of sandstone crawling their way up the granite. “Hell,” he chuckled to himself. “Guess Noel was right.” Ayden stood on the eleventh step. Two to go and he still could not see the bottom, he reached out with his lighter but there was nothing, not even the barely there movement of some nightmare from childhood that he’d expected three steps ago, brought back with a kick to the subconscious from the adrenaline pumping through his body and making him feel weak in the knees, calling back a primal, ancestral memory hard coded in his DNA, when there really were monsters lurking in the darkness into which it would be foolish to venture. Ayden took the twelfth step and waited, savoring the moment of being there, fears and hesitations washing away as he was about to become, likely since the crypt was built, the first person to see what was really there. Ayden extended his foot, and with a final breath to build his resolve, took the thirteenth step.
He held out his lighter, its flame barely illuminating the squat and tiny room, containing only a single stone coffin in its center. Ayden walked over and peered at it. The only markings on its otherwise smooth surface were a carving of what looked like a skull on its lid. Underneath the skull, in bold letters, he could make out the word
“FATHER”. “Some Hell,” he muttered to himself.
Outside Noel and Evan worked frantically to get the door back open. Each tug moved it by an inch, and each inch sent a wave of anxiety through all as the hinges threatened to let out another revealing screech, certainly not to be ignored a second time by the people in the house. Annabelle was petrified, eyes glued wide and unblinking, staring catatonic at the small maw in the ground so intent on swallowing any who entered. When the door was finally forced open, Noel rolled a heavy stone in front of it to keep it from slamming shut again. He and Evan called down into the darkness, as far above a whisper as they dared, but the only sound to come back was a jumble of unintelligible words that might have been the echoes of their own. They waited a moment and could only hear the sound of the trees swaying languidly in the night. Noel and Evan looked at each other, but neither took a step towards venturing down into the darkness after their missing companion. Then, the sound of scraping as Ayden quickly appeared, hurrying up the stairs.
When Ayden reached the door he tripped and was caught by Annabelle, shaken out of her catalepsy, who gripped him tighter than he thought she ever had before. Noel quickly rushed over to the door and pushed it closed, rolling the heavy stone in front of to keep it from opening.
“Well, what happened?” Elise asked. “What did you see down there?” Evan glared at her, but she shrugged it off. Everyone turned to Ayden, waiting for an answer.
“Just an old coffin,” he said. “And a rat, startled me, so I ran out.”
“Did you go to Hell?” Noel asked.
“It’s just a tomb,” Ayden said. Annabelle held him tighter, giving him little choice but to let her support his weight.
Noel stood silent for a moment before finally shrugging and leading them back to the trail, which they traversed much easier this time. When they reached the road Ayden’s car was still sitting where they had left it.
“I’m going to head home,” Noel said. “I live just down the road.” Without waiting for a response he turned and started heading down the dark road, disappearing behind a bend.
“Weird kid,” Evan said. The four climbed into the car and sat there for a moment before Ayden turned it on and pulled slowly onto the road, heading back the way they came. After a wrong turn they found the onramp and headed back south. Evan and Elise whispered quietly in the back for a few minutes before falling asleep on each other’s shoulders. Annabelle placed her hand back on Ayden’s thigh and leaned over.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked, whispering.
“Yeah,” Ayden replied, keeping his eyes on the road.
“What did you see in there, really?”
“Nothing,” he said, feeling himself calm, slightly, as the streetlamps became brighter and more numerous. Though not bright enough to steer his thoughts away from the flickering of his lighter that barely fought back the darkness. Or from the cacophonous grind of stone against heavy stone that had echoed around the tiny tomb as the coffin lid slid, pushing through his ears and into his mind, boring its way in with maddening intensity that robbed him of his ability to think and sent him crawling on all fours back up the stairs as if the dark itself were only an inch away from grabbing a hold of his ankle and pulling him back into the tomb, and into the coffin with whatever horrors lay waiting inside.
“Just an old tomb,” he said. “No reason to go back at all.”
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Quick Drive Through Everett, WA YMCA of Snohomish County  Casino Road YDC  Stories of Impact Truck on fire on casino road Everett wa - YouTube Guero Vs Troubles In The Bluffs Part 1 YMCA of Snohomish County  Casino Road YDC  Jose & Alicia The Bluffs Apartment Fire 2 West Casino Everett, WA - YouTube YMCA of Snohomish County  Casino Road YDC  Angel Kroeze Brothers The Bluffs apartment fire Everett, Wa. - YouTube Everett wa , casino road man assaults me - YouTube

Thus if you deposit €/£/$500 and are given a 100% deposit bonus, Casino Road Ministries Everett Wa you will actually receive €/£/$1,000 in your Casino Road Ministries Everett Wa account. This gambling bonus usually only applies to the initial Casino Road Ministries Everett Wa deposit you make, so do check if you are eligible before you put money in. Most casinos also offer free spins and ... Bank of America Casino Road branch is located at 8500 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98208 and has been serving Snohomish county, Washington for over 44 years. Get hours, reviews, customer service phone number and driving directions. View detailed information and reviews for 801 E Casino Rd in Everett, Washington and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. 1010 E Casino Road Everett, WA 98203 : Address Types: Officer: Registered Agent: Dean Strong: Filing Date: November 28, 1910: File Number: 601830699: Contact Us About The Company Profile For Synod Of Alaska-Northwest Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) PRESBYTERY OF THE NORTHWEST COAST, OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (U.S.A.) ALASKA NON-PROFIT CORPORATION : WRITE REVIEW: Address: 1010 E Casino Road ... Connect Casino Road. 14 E Casino Road. Everett, WA 98204. Connect Casino Road Responds to COVID-19. This is an unprecedented time for all of our communities, requiring unprecedented responses. Together with our partners, CCR is working daily to provide the highest level of supports possible to the families of Casino Road. We have temporarily dedicated a page where our community can come to ... Casino Road Building Renovations Community Transit Everett, WA BID DATE 06/08/20 @ 12:00 Noon Project Description: The work consists of renovating an existing 70,000 SF, two-story, concrete tilt-up office building located on a 6 acre site at 2312 W. Casino Rd., Everett, WA including, but not limited to, new electrical, plumbing, mechanical, structural upgrades, data center, Everett patrol officer Dave Sinex visited their apartment on Casino Road. He talked with the teen about soccer for nearly an hour. Sinex suggested playing for the team at school and branching out ... View 25 photos for 1430 W Casino Rd, Everett, WA 98204 a 3 bed, 3 bath, 1,514 Sq. Ft. townhomes built in 1997. Connect Casino Road. 14 E Casino Road. Everett, WA 98204. Casino Road at a Glance. The Casino Road neighborhood, located about 4 miles south of Everett's downtown core, is a densely populated area home to around 13,000 people. Over half of all the households in Casino Road's zip code belong to families, and those families are extremely diverse; 1 in 4 residents are foreign born and 80% of the ... Evergreen Way-Casino Road Camera Which way is this camera pointing? Refer to the thumbnails to determine the direction. The thumbnails are not live and do not update. Current image updated every 2 minutes. The cameras are used to monitor and manage traffic flow and may be pointing in directions other than shown. North. South. East. West. Everett Traffic Camera Map. Broadway-Everett Ave ...

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Quick Drive Through Everett, WA

3 alarm blaze, multiple injuries, 1 fatality, approximately 100 displaced. The Bluffs Apartments. See @trmyhre on Twitter for more info. See how the YMCA Casino Road Youth Development Center in Everett, WA has helped Angel gain stability and structure in his life and has transformed him into a leader among his peers. See them live every sunday morning at 10:30 am at South Everett Community Church, 1 West Casino road, Everett, WA 98208. Category Music; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is ... He was trying to push through my friends door I have him his bag he picked it up and slammed it in my face See how programs through the YMCA Casino Road Youth Development Center in Everett, WA have helped transform the lives of Alicia and her son, Jose. See how the YMCA Casino Road Youth Development Center in Everett, WA is changing lives and the community on Casino Road. Casino Road Futbol Camp - Duration: 3:10. Everett Herald Recommended for you. 3:10. ... Everett wa, casino rd man assaults me then walks stalks the building - Duration: 2:00. Beth Thomason-Yeater ... The Bluffs apartment fire. 2 West Casino road, Everett WA. 12/31/2015 From what I understand, these are very old apartments, formerly WW2 Navy housing. So fa... What Marine Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp - Earning The Title - Making Marines on Parris Island - Duration: 25:36. Military Videos Recommended for you Aug, 30th, 2016