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Looking for your suggestions and help on my card shuffler I am planning to buil

I am trying to build (3d print mostly everything) a true random card shuffler. like the ones that are under the tables in the casino.
The plan is like this (viewed from top, my wheel will be laying down instead of standing up like in the video)
Everything will be controlled by an Arduino.
It should consist of a big wheel with 52 slots of cards. cards will be fed one by one from the deck into the wheel. After all cards are fed. A random order will be generated with which the cards will be thrown out of the wheel on the other side one by one.
throwing out the cards will be easy, there will be a servo with a specifically shaped plastic piece that will come up and down from beneath the wheel through its middle.
feeding the cards into the wheel one by one is something Im not sure if I am planning correctly.
Im thinking about two options of feeding as drawn.
Option A: Cards are staying in a casing that on the left side there is a slit that should allow only one card to pass. A pusher wheel coated with rubber or foam should spin and push one card through the slit, the sensor is there to know when a card fully passed to the big wheel (entered the sensor and then exited the sensor). Then the pusher wheel stops and waits for the big wheel to bring the next empty spot.
Option B: Because the card might not go all the way in to the big wheel, Im thinking maybe put another "feeder wheel" that will constantly spin much faster so the cards will actually be forcefully thrown to the big wheel. The "pusher wheel" will just feed one card slowly to the "feeder wheel" to be picked up by it.
Sorry if this might be the wrong subreddit, but Im thinking there are imaginative and helpful people here that might help.
What do you think about my two options? Do you have a different approach to feeding the cards? Do you have a totally different approach into all this thing?
I am trying to keep this whole thing as simple as possible but also reliable as much as possible so that cards wont get stuck or two picked up at the same time, etc... Also want to be able to print most of the stuff.
Thanks a lot.
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LoveinDIY Casino Automatic 1-2 Deck Card Shuffler-Great for Travel Home Leisure Playing Card Game

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Card counting in europe

Hello everybody Im from switzerland, Ive got a quick and simple question. Are there any casinos in europe which have card shoes instead of the automatic shufflers? And does anybody know any casinos in switzerland/germany which dont require a 10.- min. Bet at at BJ table? Have a nice one!
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How To Protect Yourself Against Cheating in Home Games

I could have written a whole series about cheating, but decided to try and be as brief as possible.
One of the reasons that we willingly pay the rake in casino poker is for game protection. The casino executes this in many ways — automatic shufflers, standard dealing procedures, surveillance, and of course, by providing professional dealers.
Above all else, a professional dealer’s number one priority is to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure protection for all of the players. If you’re playing in a home game, you probably won’t be provided with the luxury of a professional dealer.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself about the various cheating methods commonly used in home games. Don’t go into a game blind — protect yourself.
There are many different types of cheating methods, both old and new. The most recent cheating method to hit the market involved an intricate electronic system that used an infrared camera and infrared ink. The system originated from China and involved a certain level of know-how that was required to obtain and use the system. The camera was disguised as a cell phone, car key fob, shirt button, etc. It was almost impossible to detect unless you were knowledgeable in electronics, since the camera would transmit the data to the receiver over a normal, unencrypted radio channel. This system, which cost anywhere from around $2,000 - $10,000 was revealed at DEFCON a few years ago.
For those who don’t know, DEFCON (Defense Convention) is a conference where the top cyber security professionals meet and share their findings for the year. One team in particular explored this modern infrared cheating system and came to the conclusion that it was being professionally manufactured and could have only been produced by at least a few different experts in their respective fields ranging from software development, digital image analysis, hardware and microchip development, etc. The bottom line was that the team at DEFCON reasonably presumed there to be a rather lucrative market for this system.
It stands to reason that if there’s enough money involved, given the opportunity, cheating will always have the potential to take place. You should always remember that, as it’s a universal truth of crime and deception.
Now, it’s very unlikely that your home game will employ a cheating system to such a high degree. But remember, it’s always a possibility. The one giveaway that could reveal that this high-end system was being used, is that it required the dealer to cut the deck on the table, and leave the long edge of the cards untouched for about 2 seconds. This was so that the camera could scan the deck (marked with infrared ink) and determine the winner, given that the right data was input into the software. Normally, the dealer will cut and then instantaneously pick up the deck and deal.
You can do some more research on your own if you’re interested in this system and how it was potentially used in one of the card rooms on the strip, in Las Vegas. There was a bit of a scandal stemming back a few years ago.
Now that you have an idea of the lengths that people will go to in order to cheat, let’s talk about some of the cheating methods you’re more likely to encounter at your local home game. Ironically, these methods are mostly sleight of hand techniques that are hundreds of years old. Magic and poker cheating go hand in hand.
I’ll start off by saying that unless you are playing with a group of guys who you trust and know very well, I would advise you to never play in a self-dealt game. There are just too many opportunities and variables to deduce who the cheater is.
Self-dealt games aside, there are a few things that should always be present to help ensure game protection. There should always be a cut card to conceal the bottom card on the deck, and you should always take note of the types of cards being used.
If you’re playing for any stakes that are $1/$2 or bigger, then the game should be using either KEM, Copag, or Modiano cards. The most popular Bicycle Rider Back cards were a common choice for magic shops to offer as a marked deck for sale. Luckily, the USPCC (the producer of Bicycle cards) no longer allows third party companies to produce marked decks. I personally have a few in my collection, and while the marking system isn’t the most complex, it’s easy to miss unless you know what to look for.
If your home game has a set dealer, be sure to watch the way they handle the cards. They should be employing the standard shuffling procedures that all casino card rooms use — riffle, riffle, strip cut, riffle, and cut. Unless the dealer is a skilled card mechanic, it would be very difficult to beat this standard shuffling procedure.
You should never allow an overhand shuffle, as it’s very easy to cull cards and false shuffle this way. Culling cards is sleight of hand jargon for obtaining particular cards from the deck to be later put into a certain position. A false shuffle is exactly what it sounds like — a shuffle that looks real but doesn’t change the order of the deck. There are many types of false shuffles. Some of them retain the order of the entire deck, others retain the top half, some the bottom half, and so on. The bottom line is that an overhand shuffle is a red flag.
The most important thing that you must make sure happens, and I can’t stress this enough, is that the deck is cut before the deal. While there are ways to nullify a legitimate cut, and even execute a false cut that looks incredibly genuine, you should be alright as long as you closely watch the deck get cut. If you see any noticeable gaps within the deck, which would allow someone to easily cut to a specific card, then you should be on the lookout for what’s called a “gambler’s crimp”. This technique puts a special bend (crimp) in a card, allowing the thumb to catch it and cut to it.
You should also make sure that the dealer isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary like burning a card before the action is complete, or rolling the deck. Rolling the deck simply means not holding the deck level. Most amateur dealers will roll the deck at some point, usually while pulling in bets, however, it’s also one way to peek at the next card.
Now that we’ve discussed cards to a sufficient extent, let’s talk about chips and bets. No one should ever splash the pot, this is to ensure the proper amount of money was put in. In addition, all bets should be pulled in after the betting round is complete, unless you are heads up in a split-pot game. An unethical player might pull back a chip or two, if given the opportunity.
Finally, and this is paramount, make sure that you watch the rake! This is absolutely the most common way that you will be cheated. Dealers are sometimes instructed by the host of the game to over-rake in big pots, when it is less noticeable. Always ask what the rake and structure of the rake is so that you know how much should be coming out of the pot.
If you encounter a dealer taking too much rake, be aware that sometimes it is simply a mistake. I would advise you to not hastily accuse a dealer of raking too much. Instead, discreetly approach the host of the game, away from the table. If you see overraking occur more than once, then you either have an incompetent dealer, or you’re being cheated.
Always make sure you are paying attention to the handling of the cards and to the chips being put into and pulled out of the pot. This is one of the best defenses against being cheated — it’s much less likely to happen when the cheater is aware that they are being closely watched.
One method I haven’t mentioned yet is something called signaling. This is simply a form of collusion. Players will covertly signal to each other in various ways. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how they are doing it until you discover some type of pattern. If you find you are consistently being “sandwiched” out of a pot by the same two guys, yet the hand never goes to showdown, then this should be another red flag. Signaling is one of the more obvious cheating methods, and as such isn’t used as often as the others. Any decent poker player would be able to figure out that the action makes no sense, as it pertains to the hand.
In conclusion, I would advise that you only play in games that have a good reputation. The more players who you are personally acquainted with, the better. The biggest advantage you can have is personally knowing the host of the game. If you trust them, then it eliminates a majority of the various cheating methods that could be used. That doesn’t mean a particular player won’t try and mark cards or short the pot, however, it does mean that the more costly ways of being cheated won’t be possible. Getting cold decked requires more than just the dealer being involved.
Always remember that you never have to play in any game. You have nothing to gain and only something to lose if you continue to play in a game that doesn’t seem honest. Make sure that you always pay attention, and keep in mind that you are putting your own money at risk. That alone should be enough to keep you cognizant of what is going on.
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What's an ideal bankroll for card counting?

A buddy of mine and I have been playing BJ for years now, on and off for counting. We know BS by heart and now we want to get serious in card counting. There are 2 casinos and hour away from us that doesn't use an automatic shuffler. We want to take advantage of this. What type of bankroll would be needed to do this? Some tips would really help and share your personal experiences.
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Underground Poker in the south

I like seeing all of these stories about 2000's underground poker. I wrote about my time in the 2000's running an underground poker ring in Charleston South Carolina.
Here is what was going on in South Carolina during that time. This was a real cat and mouse game with the police that turned into a poker game all on its own.
Chapter 1
Every other morning as I iron my shirt for work I am reminded of the secret life that I had lived for nearly two years. See, an eight foot by four foot felt poker table with a four inch raised padded rail, automatic card shuffler, and chip drop-slot makes for a great ironing board. In a pinch it also serves many other, equally as important purposes. I name them off in my head as I flatten the collar of my favorite blue shirt; a large desk for history homework, a hard table for an impromptu interrogation, a soft platform for sweaty sex, and of course a poker table for making money. I put on my shirt, still hot from the iron and I roll up my sleeves as I walk down the stairs from the third story of my townhouse. The October air in Charleston is cool and feels good against the heat on the back of my neck. I slide into my shiny red BMW, nearly two years old now, but paid for. The smell of raw leather still lingers in the interior, and seems stronger on mornings like these. I instinctively push the button on the center console to lock the doors before I grab the gear shift and put the car into reverse. I don’t know why BMW doesn’t make them lock automatically. I pull out onto the highway and spin the tires, listening to the 330 horsepower wake up the car. I’m not in a hurry or anything, in fact I haven’t been in a hurry for quite some time. It’s just that it is sometimes important to make it look like you are in a rush, and sometimes it is just because it feels damn good to go fast.
“Folks don’t get wealthy by being in a hurry.” I remember lecturing to Kevin in one of the first months of our two year, million dollar endeavor. He was always in a hurry. I still stand by my saying, though I should have replaced “wealthy” with “anything they want.” Folks don’t get anything they want by being in a hurry. Oprah Winfrey did not get rich by rushing into having a talk show with a book club, and presidents don’t get into the White House by throwing their name on the ticket the minute the idea pops into their head. No. Oprah started by landing a co-anchor position on the local nightly news. And Ronald Reagan started as a B-list actor before becoming president of the Screen Actors Guild, Governor of California, and finally President of the United States. People don’t get married by flying to Vegas minutes after meeting each other, or after a one night stand. Well, maybe they do, but this is why it doesn’t work. They slow down and date for years, are engaged for another and then they get married, in a church, surrounded by their families and are then taken off in a horse drawn carriage to their honeymoon. That’s how you fucking do it.
It is an uneventful two hour drive on highway 17 going north. Myrtle Beach isn’t really busy this time of year, but the traffic is still just as bad. It’s a good thing that I am not in a hurry. I pull into my VIP spot with almost an hour to spare, the parking lot is empty except for a few cars spattered in the first two rows. An old minivan with curtains on the windows, a Ford Escort with a spare tire rusting on the rear axle, and an old Chevy truck with a child’s car seat in the passenger side, just to name a few. The owners of which are probably already claiming their lucky seats. Fucking suckers. They all probably rushed to get here too and onto the boat. I stay in my car for another 15 minutes and wait, listening to the ‘pumped’ playlist on my iPod, my car’s premium speakers matching perfectly to the acoustics of the interior space. I think just for a second about pulling out of my space and driving further up the coast to Atlantic City. I would probably be too exhausted from the drive by the time I got there and would sleep in the hotel until late at night. That is when the real whales come out. Here on the 11 am Myrtle Beach casino boat the closest thing to a whale is the 350 pound mother of five glued to a stool in front of the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine. I don’t leave, instead I open my glove box and stuff six 100 dollar bills into my pants pocket, any more or any less would be unnecessary, at least on a Wednesday. I walk slowly up to the path and say hi to Dave as I pass up onto the ramp. I don’t need to show any ID to board.
“Good Morning, Ryan.” Dave says as he straightens his back and pulls the daily newspaper from his stand, handing it to me. They all know me by name; I know most of theirs too, but not them. Which is alright, that makes us even. I pass through the halls and by the sad looking, unlit slot machines. Some people have already claimed their seat with a jacket and their lucky bucket. I go up to the tallest portion of the ship, the poker room, and head out onto the deck. No one else is out here, probably due to the two flights of stairs and the fact that there is a free buffet on the floor below. I sit down in one of the cushioned white chairs and pull the first cigar of the day out of my shirt pocket. I light it with my silver Zippo that is etched with a royal flush and blow out the puff of smoke as I put my feet up on the metal rail. It’s going to be another half hour before we undock and another half hour after that while we float out into international waters. I know from experience that this cigar will last exactly one hour, paired with two Grey Goose and Red Bulls it is truly the breakfast of champions. At this time most people in the eastern half of the United States are sipping on their second cup of coffee while sitting on their uncomfortable office chairs in their grey or brown cubicles. I think about this just as land disappears from sight over my polished black Italian shoes. That could be me, making 40k a year in an unhappy office; only looking forward to the weekends for freedom. My college degree is somewhere in a box already. I graduated in May, majoring in business management with a 4.0 GPA. My parents were thrilled; their little boy had accomplished something great. They didn’t know. Their little boy hadn’t been a little boy in a long time, and he had already accomplished something so great that he couldn’t even tell them. Fuck a degree, fuck a 4.0. The only reason I had even stayed in school for my last year was because I had nothing better to do, not because I wanted a fucking job. My parents think that I have submitted my application to nearly every business in Charleston. “Sorry mom, this economy just isn’t a good one for a freshly graduated 23 year old. They want someone with more experience.” I’m not sure how true this is, because I haven’t even made my resume, let alone actually gave it to a company. I was too scared of getting hired. So I don’t travel back to Ohio to visit them that often. I couldn’t lie to my mother right to her face. I could lie to nine strangers around a piece of felt, and they would believe me, but to my mom, no. I sometimes think that if she knew the basics of poker, she could beat me.
My coworkers are all already around the table when the signal is called for the first hand to be dealt. I take the last good drag off of my cigar and tossed it over the two decks below into the water and grab my Vodka Red Bull and headed inside. The scene has changed dramatically from an hour ago. I slowly walk to the open chair on the right end of the table in seat three and pull 400 dollars out as I sit down. I surveyed the table while walking up. Most people have 200 dollars; one guy has about 350 dollars with his wallet next to his stack on the table. Sometimes it’s good to be the last to sit. I know exactly how much to put down to top everyone yet not be too robust and scare everyone off when I am in a hand. Mr. Wallet is not afraid to lose every bit of that 350, and I have to have that covered. The locals know me – and my play. They know exactly what I am doing – they think they know exactly what I am doing, I’m not worried about them. The good thing about casinos is the vacationers; rotating money. None of them know me or how I play, but I know all of them and exactly how they play. Well, at least the 90 percent of them that play the same damn way. This is especially true of the ones with dark sunglasses, or earphones, or their lucky card covers. They watch too much T.V. The dealer knows me by name and after taking my frequent player card he slides over my stacks of chips. Mostly white-one dollar and red-five dollar chips, but a few are green-twenty five dollar chips. “There you go, Ryan. Good luck” He says, tapping the top of the largest stack. Luck? I don’t know what it is about tapping and poker. I look around the table and catch a glimpse of a sunglassed teenager tapping the rail with a green chip, a fat man with an iPod tapping his knee along with the beat of his music and then the dealer tapping my white chips. And of course the tapping that every player does when they say “check”. I swear if I could block everything else out but the tapping it would sound like some sort of long lonely song. I grabbed my chips and pulled them close to the rail. The sound of chips clanking together is a sound that every poker player knows. It is especially prevalent during the first ten minutes of any game. Most people have been waiting, impatiently, to get those chips, and now they want to feel them in their hands. They want to show off their talent of chip-shuffling, and chip-bouncing, or other hand tricks. I have seen them all. Chip tricks are cheap tricks, who do these fuckers think they are? I can’t resist. I take a stack of three red chips and three white chips and put them side by side. I shuffle them once with perfect form, and then I cut the stack of six into two stacks of three again and shuffle once more. I again put them in two stacks of three and shuffle one last time. When I split them again they are in two perfect stacks of three reds and three whites. I amuse myself by doing this a few more times. No one is watching. They are all busy doing the exact same thing; killing the two minutes while the dealer shuffles the brand new deck of cards. Before I know it I have two cards in front of me and I take a quick peak. 4d9c. Rags, I have a 32 percent chance of catching a pair, and that wouldn’t even help. I probably have less than a 5 percent chance of winning this hand.. “Fold.” I say, tossing my cards into the middle of the table as I slump back into my chair. I’m in no rush.
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Online Live Dealer Blackjack

Ok before I begin I'd just like to point out I am up in online blackjack over the last year, so this is not a typical "I'm a loser because the site rigged me" rant. Largely due to overcoming massive odds (winning enormous bets after extreme losing streaks). I have noticed some shady trends am wondering how it could be rigged. Not saying it is, but how it could be.
Alot of times on these sites, they show u when they bring out a new deck, and another dealer shuffles off to the side. They present a good game, which makes it seem legit. However, they use an ishoe that spits out the cards and gets scanned by a sensor as they're dealt. Here in lies my theory as to where the game/cards can be manipulated. The ishoe is pretty thick in the middle, it is solid black and obscures the view from players. It is plugged in and it has a cpu chip. Is it possible, like a rigged automatic card shuffler can do (they're out there, proven and on YouTube, but obv banned from legit casinos) , that this ishoe can manuever cards to increase their advantage expecting basic strategy to be played? Alot of times these tables consist of only 1 or 2 players, so someone can easily monitor and manuever the cards while knowing the order ahead of time due to an inner sensor that relays them the current order. For example, they can manuever card 4 to be spit out ahead of card 2 if it provides an advantage. It may sound complicated , but in theory it is possible technologically. And since this site is in an area that have lax regulations, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility for them to employ shadyness. But again, I'm mostly interested in the HOW it would be possible more than if they are doing it. Any other theories?
(Btw I've consistently lost 8-12 hands AFTER IMMEDIATELY SITTING numerous times before increasing my bet 20x, so the crazy odd disasvantage can be taken advantage of if you have the bankroll and the balls, but for the average Joe and really any recreational player I would not recommended any site located in a different jurisdiction)
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Any breakthroughs with Card Shuffling Machines?

When going to conventions I often bring card games of medium to MASSIVE deck sizes, from Monikers with a healthy 440 cards to a custom CAH deck of over 1500 cards. The biggest problem I've had is randomizing the cards in a halfway decent fashion. Something that wears on the hands a bit after a while, or can be difficult with some games having different card sizes like Snake Oil, of which I just found the Elixir expansion's cards are a hair smaller than the base game's cards, making Riffle shuffles very difficult to properly randomize.
Looking online there seem to be no good choice for automatic or manual shufflers, You either have the $15 ones that will chew up cards or stop working in a month, or the 2-5K Casino ones which aren't an option.
Has anyone found an alternative for randomizing high volumes of cards?
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Does anyone use an automatic card shuffler?

I know they exist and are primarily for standard 52-card deck games, but does anyone use them for other games? Do they treat the cards well? Seems like a possible time saver, but I'm afraid to have my cards mangled.
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That errrunin guy claims to live in Las Vegas and shuffles for 5 hours straight. I've been in Las Vegas for the past several days, and I've learned that not only does every table at every casino have automatic shuffling machines, but they rotate out dealers every 30 minutes or so. And I saw one of the automatic shufflers break, and they just replaced it. As you can see, there's NO WAY anybody is shuffling for 5 hours straight.
Additionally, I'm not 100% sure what this EDM casino game is, but since its apparently related to /running, I assume it's a lot like craps.. If so, that's another piece of evidence - as that game uses dice not cards. And I don't think you can shuffle dice.
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Any card shuffler recommendations?

I'm looking for an automatic card shuffler that won't bend the cards. All my searches just brings up casino related stuff, so I was wondering if anyone here uses one that works for board game cards. I am not the best shuffler and I also like to keep cards stiff for as long as possible, and shuffling manually wears them out faster. Does anything that I'm looking for exist? Any recommendations (including just telling me to learn how to shuffle without bending cards) is greatly appreciated!
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Shuffle Master logo

I'm doing this logo for a class and need feedback before I turn it in. Shuffle Master specializes in selling cutting-edge gaming entertainment to casinos. They sell automatic card shufflers, roulette chip sorters, intelligent table system modules, and proprietary table games.
The Primary font "Shuffle" is custom made from scratch, but the secondary font is Novecento sans wide light. Any feedback, or criticisms welcome!
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card shuffling machines?

I'm thinking of getting a card shuffling machine, something like this:
and I want to know if it will work with my card games. Not all my cards are the same size as the standard playing cards!
I'm thinking of using it with Apples, Cards Against Humanity, San Juan, Guillotine, Munchkin, and a few other games I can't think of right now.
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My battle with Luck

"luck doesn't exist, every new round of the game has the same statistical probability"
I thought myself so rational when I'd utter this phrase in my teens and early twenties. I'd read Scarne's complete guide to gambling and looked into the math some. I felt justified in making this claim. Maybe it propped up my concern about my aspirations to make something of my life. Luck couldn't be a driving force in the world because I needed to be able to get by on my own skill.
But I had no real experience with the things I was talking about - at least not until I became a card dealer and got to witness massive amounts of sample events transpire over and over again. After just a few months the statistics began to fade from my mind as I bore witness to the flow of ups and downs and became a conduit for this force.
There were many attitudes among the regulars and those that just came in for the night, and the cards dealt with all of them in turn. If you listened to one old crusty fixture in the place, Carole, you would swear the place was rigged and she never had a good night. This couldn't have been true or she wouldn't have been able to come in almost every night and still afford to live. She just liked to bitch, even when she was winning.
Thank god Dan only came in a few times a month - his attitude was even worse, and he threw enough money around to make all the pit bosses cater to his ridiculous privileged, drunken, old, white alpha male persona. He would bet the table max across several spots on the table. If the automatic shuffler wasn't spitting out a good batch of cards, the dealer would get an onslaught of insults, and he might demand you be replaced before the normal rotation was up. Interestingly, when Dan was winning a lot, the pit bosses would bring in certain dealers that frequently seemed to knock him back down.
There were pleasant people too, but were far less memorable or frequent as players. The flow of the cards was really the most constant thing against the sea of sad personalities. I remember several times dealing a six deck shoe of black jack when I knew every card that was going to land for hand after hand before I ever pulled the card off the shoe.
Maybe this sense of knowing the cards was why so many dealers played their tips away after they got off work. Black jack was never my thing. Poker is what really kicked my ass.
Since I "knew" that luck wasn't real and that the house had no advantage in poker since you were playing against other players, I convinced myself that I should be able to hold my own at the game. No matter how many poker books I read, no matter how many tournaments and hands I bought-in to play, the cards never seemed to turn in my favor. The playable starting hands were always few and far between - I never ran hot. When the statistically advantaged cards would come, some asshole would always call me down all the way and get lucky on the river.
By the time I moved on from my time as a card dealer and stopped playing along with the job change, Luck had convinced me it was real.
"Probability only works out over an infinite amount of sample events - you may think the chance is 50/50 every time you toss the coin, but that doesn't stop it from turning up more frequently the way a lucky person calls it."
My sour attitude caused by my poor luck with cards held for several years after I was defeated by Luck. I got a dead end job delivering oxygen to people even more hopeless than the characters at the casino. Maybe I was destined to strike out in life, even though I thought of myself as smart and capable.
It wasn't until I got fired that my luck would change. I went back to school, I landed a job weeks after graduating, it turned into the career I have today. Luck had joined my side in the fight to make something of my life.
Luck taught me a lot about the Tao - thrashing about on the wrong path without having your eyes open will lead you nowhere - surrendering your self assurance is the only way to find the clarity of your heart that will lead you back to the current that will carry you forward. Once you've found the current you must be careful not to clutch too hard for where you think it should take you, or you will not be able to navigate the waters when you enter the rapids.
Luck taught me not to play games I don't have a strong advantage to win. Why swim against the current?
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Best Automatic Shufflers for Home Games

Hey Everyone,
I often host home games for friends/family who aren't comfortable playing at a casino. Some of them aren't able to shuffle at all and are hesitant to learn while others attempt to shuffle but often bend or show cards.
I'm hoping to get an automatic shuffler before our next game. Unfortunately, the only ones I can find force you to split the deck yourself and then hold down a lever or button to shuffle through the deck. I'd prefer one similar to the ones found inside high-quality tables which will take a deck and shuffle on its own, then return it.
Are there any decent consumer grade shufflers similar to this that would be worth recommending?
Thanks, Spooky
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Same strategy, different casinos, huge difference. My Blackjack story and questions.

Before I start my story I must make a small statement. I can't stand Spanish 21. I can't stand how casino's are trying to phase out BJ and do strictly Spanish 21. I know why, because the odds are more in favor of the house. But to give up a staple like Blackjack is in my opinion reckless and stupid.
Also, I'm very new to gambling. I'm 38 and never really won anything so I never really gave it much thought. Now I'm trying to get into it again.
Anyway, on with my tale:
A few weeks ago I went down to Southern Oregon to visit my mother. While I was there I visited The Mill casino in Coos Bay.
For Blackjack, the Mill casino has 3 tables. Depending on the day of the week, each table is priced as follows: 3/5, 5/10, 10/15
This was my very first foray into playing Blackjack with some form of strategy. Here is my small but effective strategy:
That's it. I know there are more strategies that help beyond that, but this helped me lose a hell of a lot less.
So I play and notice that the Mill Casino doesn't have automatic shufflers. All the dealers shuffle by hand and then place the deck's in the shoe.
When I came home I was up almost $500 from my initial investment of $40. I played with several groups of people who were very fun and encouraging. It wasn't a huge win but it was a win nonetheless.
I thought to myself, "I can't lose". It was a very stupid mindset to be in.
I came home to Seattle and decided to try my strategy on local casinos.
It was and has been a nightmare. I've gone to three different casinos in the area.
At every one of these places I lost. Over and over again. Same strategy, tables were mixed between full and not full.
I also noticed I won more when the table was full and I was in the center.
However, I'm now down almost $500 from my initial investment.
All of these casinos use the automatic shuffler. When the dealers were dealing they KNEW what cards were going to appear. More times than not, they could predict what was going to appear. I could hear them muffle "7" or "bust" or something like that under their breath or even out in the open. They were correct about 95% of the time.
Here are my questions:
  1. Why am I getting different results? Is it because of the automatic shufflers?
  2. How do the dealers know what card is going to appear? I thought the shufflers were random?
  3. Are there any other simple strategies that I can keep in my head to win more often?
  4. Is there a comparable strategy to Spanish 21 to what I have above? I don't want to transition but if I'm forced to I want to have a simple strategy like I have above for BJ.
tl;dr: Got different results and win/loss ratio at casinos in different states. Why? How can I improve my strategy and is there a comparable strategy for Spanish 21?
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Is there a decent automatic card-shuffler for Magic?

So me and my roommate have gotten into Magic again recently, we've been playing a ton of games every day. So we thought to ourselves, why don't we buy an automatic card shuffler? It would speed up the time between games, and would be just darn cool. We can shuffle our cards just fine, but the idea of just having a casino-style shuffler was too good to pass up. Plus, when we have people over who we're trying to teach the game to, they take forever shuffling, and usually end-up just pile shuffling.
So anyways, we went in search for a card shuffler, and purchased the first one we found for $15. We plugged in some double-A's, and I threw my deck in there.
Suffice to say, the results weren't that great. Some of the cards didn't make it in, and some of the cards that did make it were stuck up against the inside of the machine. I kept on trying and had mixed results every time. Although the cards did get shuffled, it wasn't the smoothest process. And THEN I looked at some of the cards that went through the machine a little more closely, and saw that the machine was 'knicking' the cards a little bit. After that, it was bye-bye card shuffler.
So does anyone here use a card-shuffler for Magic the Gathering? Is there a premium one out there that works perfectly for these kind of cards? I know Magic cards are slightly different than regular playing cards, but I figure there must be a decent one out there that works.
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Thoughts on Automatic Card Shuffler?

I've searched around for an Automatic Card Shuffler, and have found very few reputable ones. I found one company called Shuffletech, and there aren't a lot of places that give reviews on it.
I'm looking to create a serious poker environment to get a lot of hands in per hour. Just like a casino, I'll be looking to rake home games (not too much rake).
What I'm considering on buying:
$1895.95 Automatic Shuffler
$599.95 Automatic Shuffler
Reviews: TwoPlusTwo Shuffletech Thread
From what I've read, there's a noise issue and jam issue. The noise can be solved with music, and the jam happens from using a bad deck.
I just wanted to see what /poker thought because I believe in being thorough. Any experiences to share? Is there any justification to buy the $1800+ shuffler?
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Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs Being Investigated for Loading Shoe at Blackjack Table

Reports are currently being received about a possible loaded shoe at a blackjack casino in Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs.
Reports state that a customer whom the casino considers a known card counter walked into the casino to play blackjack at around 5am Saturday morning.
Reports state that he sat down at the minimum-bet blackjack table and entered into the table with $100 cash. The customer had played 58 hands, playing a method known as "by the book", or by playing cards according to maximum theoretical probabilities, and adjusting bets based on how many face cards and aces have come out of the shoe. Of the 58 hands that were played, the dealer reached 20 2-card blackjacks and 18 hands totaling 21. At the same time, the customer in question had only 1 blackjack.
Other customers wonder how the customer lasted so long, losing as much as 80% of his hands, but based it on the fact he was really good at adjusting his bets. The customer lasted around one hour before losing his initial $100. Reports state that the casino had already lost around $7500 from another card counter who had left around 5AM to get breakfast. Reports also state that the customer in question had received a message of "Take that!" after he lost his $100 and started walking out the door peacefully.
Reports state that regarding the two shoes in question, the customer was at the soda machine refilling his drink and was not there to see the cards come out of the automatic card shuffler.
Additional information is being requested and you can contact the Iowa Gaming Commission at [email protected].
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Automatic card shuffler - GLI tested - YouTube

For more videos click on below link: ----- Please Subscribe: https://tin... Your next poker party is going to be a lot more fun with the Automatic 2-Deck Card Shuffler doing all the work. Simply divide the deck and put half on either... Click here for the best price: is an Affiliate linkYuanhe Casino 2-Deck Automatic Card shufflerShuffles 2 decks of cards in second... This is the real professional card shuffler that have seen action in casinos all across the country. The Random Ejection Shuffler™ by VendingData™ Corporatio... Simon Lucas demonstrates how to use the Automatic Card Shuffler to shuffle thoroughly a deck of our Premium Quality Playing Cards.https://www.simonlucasbridg... WWW.BONO.SK [email protected] This automatic card shuffler can be used in various casino card games. Shuffles 2 - 8 decks. Its GLI tested and available for the b... This How-to video features Brybelly's 6-Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler, found here:, I'm Zach with Brybelly. I'd like to sh...