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[OC] Vegas Pulls a Fast One at the Expansion Draft (An Alternate Reality)

(Previous parts of this series include: Jack Eichel Takes Over the Sabres, Jim Benninging the Canucks, Mike Milburying the Islanders, Don Cherry Drafts the Leafs, Tom Wilson-Proofing the Penguins, Dundon DIYs the Hurricanes, Re-Chiarelling the Oilers, Moneyballing the Sens, Covertly Tanking the Wild, and Frenchifying the Canadiens.)


Part I

It’s June 18th, 2017. There are three days before the National Hockey League’s first expansion draft in seventeen years, and the boardroom of T-Mobile arena, the future home of the Vegas Golden Knights, is buzzing. Months of scouting, speculation on who might be available, and discussions about possible trades are finally nearing their fruition.
Bill Foley, the team owner, steps out to grab another cup of coffee when a thought suddenly strikes him. He works it around in his brain for a second, then runs back into the boardroom. A pro scout who focuses on goaltending is making his pitch to General Manager George McPhee.
“...Well, if we don’t take Grabovski, Jaroslav Halak is available as a potential backu-“
Don’t you DARE speak that bastard’s name to me!” McPhee screams. He quickly snaps out of the PTSD flashback that the goalie’s name inspired and moves on. “We’ll take the centre from them and... what about that Rangers backup instead? That Raanta guy?”
On the whiteboard behind them is a set of handshake deals that they have made, pending registration with the National Hockey League's office.
Anaheim trades: Shea Theodore for Expansion Draft Considerations. (Clayton Stoner)
Columbus trades: 2017 1st, 2019 2nd, jack johnson, for Expansion Draft Considerations (William Karlsson)
Florida trades: Reilly Smith for Expansion Draft Considerations (Jonathan Marchessault) and a 5th round pick
Minnesota trades: Alex Tuch for Expansion Draft Considerations (Erik Haula) and a 3rd round pick
New York trades: 2017 1st round pick, 2019 2nd round pick for Expansion Draft Considerations (Mikhail Grabovski)
Tampa Bay trades: Nikita Gusev, 2017 2nd, and 2018 4th for Expansion Draft Considerations (Jason Garrison)
Winnipeg trades: 2017 1st round pick and 2019 3rd round pick for Expansion Draft Considerations (Chris Thorburn) and Columbus 1st
Foley interrupts the goaltending conversation - this can't wait. "George, can I talk to you quickly?"
They take a sidebar. "George, I just had a thought. These deals you made - you just traded 'expansion draft considerations,' right?"
"Yes, we'll select the player that they want us to."
"But what if you don't? What if you just take whoever you want? Would it be against the rules?"
"I... well...no. Technically we could do that. But it would be dishonest and would make everyone furious at us."
"So? I didn’t buy an NHL team to make friends. I bought an NHL team to win a Stanley Cup, and also to let people know that I went to West Point. Did you know I went to West Point?”
“Yes Bill”
“I trust you George. Now go out there and get me a championship.”

Part II

Tensions are high in the green room on June 21st. General managers are walking in and out to greet and chit-chat with George McPhee and Bill Foley, the newest members of their exclusive fraternity of NHL executives. They laugh and exchange stories: Joe Sakic tells them about the gas leak in the Pepsi Centre that they noticed as soon as the season was over; Peter Chiarelli asks them to give him a call if they draft a right handed defensive defenceman (because that Draisaitl kid isn't really working out); John Chayka asks them if they're hiring. McPhee is having a hard time keeping things light and friendly, knowing that he's about to betray all of these men. Just submitting an offer sheet is enough to get you kicked out of the GM Secret Santa, let alone dishonesty at this level.
Gary Bettman walks into the green room excitedly. “Bill, George, I am so excited for us to get going. Everyone in this building is so energized, I even just saw Evgeny Kuznetsov doing some smelling salts in the bathroom!"
The Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is packed with new Vegas Golden Knights fans. The award show itself is highlighted by the best NHL.com intern-written jokes that unpaid can buy. Host Joe Manganiello is dutifully following the Jack Johnson model on stage: he might be bombing out there but boy is he eating up minutes. After Brent Burns finishes his Norris trophy victory speech, and the PA quickly wipes the crumbs and beard hair off the microphone, the time has come for Vegas’ first picks.
"From the Anaheim Ducks, Vegas picks…”
McPhee looks out at the smiling faces in the crowd. He sees Bob Murray, sitting with his plus-one for the evening (Randy Carlyle). He sees Jim Rutherford trying to turn his blaring ringtone off with his screen brightness turned up all the way. He sees Lou Lamoriello, sitting with a slightly less murderous look in his eyes than usual. He knows that the friendships he has fostered with all of these extremely normal and competent people will never recover from what he is about to do. He takes a deep breath.
Josh Manson!"
The Vegas fans go wild. The attached trade is announced too: they have picked up Shea Theodore in exchange for “draft considerations.” The general managers’ faces contort with fury as it dawns on them what has happened. Things only get worse as McPhee and Foley continue to announce their picks.
Instead of taking Erik Haula from the Wild, they take Matt Dumba. And they still get Alex Tuch.
Instead of taking Mikhail Grabovski from the Isles, they take Brock Nelson. And they still get a 1st and a 2nd.
Instead of taking Jason Garrison from the Lightning, they take Yanni Gourde. And they still get Nikita Gusev.
After the show, twenty-nine general managers storm the green room with murder in their eyes. Bettman tries to deflate the situation.
“Good evening gentlemen. I understand you’re upset, bu- Wait, where’s Jim Benning?”
“He got stuck in the revolving door somehow. But we have him on speakerphone.”
Benning's voice bellows out of Pierre Dorian's team-issued Motorola Razr.
“That was an embarrassment! A mockery! An insult to everything that hockey is supposed to be! Who even wrote those 'jokes' anyway?! And by the way, the expansion draft was bullshit too!”
Bob Murray’s face is an angrier shade of red than usual. “George you scumbag, we had a fucking deal! We only traded you Shea Theodore so that you would take Clayton Stoner!”
McPhee says “Well actually, Bob, the trade was made for “draft considerations.” And I promise you we really considered taking Stoner.”
The room erupts in anger again.
Garth Snow is irate as well: "You bastard, how could you take Nelson?! Resigning Tavares would've been a sure thing if you had taken Grabovski instead! I can't imagine how this franchise's cap situation could possibly be any worse!" Lou Lamoriello smirks.
Bettman sighs and tries to be diplomatic.
“Gentlemen, I’m sorry, but he’s right. It says in the transcripts of the official trade calls that the trades were made purely for ‘considerations’, not for the selection of specific players. There’s nothing we can do about that. That being said, George, per the NHL’s licensing agreement with EA Sports we will need to confiscate a few of your phones.”
The managers walk out of the room grumbling. On the way out, a confused Dale Tallon says “There's one thing I don't understand: If George went back on all those other deals, why didn’t he take Alex Petrovic from us instead of that Marchessault guy? And he still took that cap dump Reilly Smith from us too! What an idiot.”
The Knights’ players were already fired up by their respective teams’ willingness to let them go – now they’re extra motivated by everyone else in the league hating their guts.
Jonathan Marchessault – William Karlsson – Reilly Smith David Perron – Brock Nelson – Yanni Gourde Tomas Nosek – Vadim Shipachyov – James Neal Ryan Carpenter – Pierre-Edouard Bellemare – Alex Tuch William Carrier Brayden McNabb – Matt Dumba Nate Schmidt – Josh Manson Shea Theodore – Colin Miller Jack Johnson Marc-Andre Fleury Antti Raanta 
They claim the President's Trophy and the Stanley Cup in each of their first three seasons. The league's general managers conspire to exact revenge on these scoundrels, and all agree that Marc Bergevin should offersheet their best young players, a plan that immediately backfires when Bergevin inadvertently saves Vegas considerable negotiating time and helps them lock up their core at reasonable numbers. The Knights later find a loophole in the salary cap that allows them to add high-salary free agents seemingly at will. After they sweep through the bubble playoffs in 2020, it becomes clear that no other team can compete with them, and TV ratings hit a dismal low. Amid financial uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the National Hockey League officially folds in late 2020. Agent Allan Walsh, desperately trying to secure spots in the KHL for his stunned clients, soberly sums up the feelings of the hockey world:

(Thank you for reading, it's been awhile!)
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Lost in the Sauce: Feb. 16 - 22

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Let’s dig in!


Trump’s war on the intelligence community: 10 days under an authoritarian administration

I wrote a stand-alone piece covering the biggest news from last week: Over the past 10 days, we've seen Trump fully indulge his authoritarian impulses in an attempt to stamp out any inkling of facts that he dislikes - whether that be for personal, egocentric reasons or to shore up political strength. This began with a briefing given to the House Intelligence Committee that Russia is seeking to re-elect Trump. In response, Trump purged the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of officials he perceived to be disloyal, installing loyalists in their place.
Also covered: how Trump gets away with a cabinet full of acting officials, Richard Grenell’s numerous dis-qualifications, a pardon offered to Julian Assange, and the hunt for “Never Trumpers” in the administration.

Sunday night update

On Sunday, Trump made a veiled threat toward House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff while claiming without evidence that the Democrat had leaked information from the Russia briefing on Feb. 13: “Somebody please tell incompetent (thanks for my high poll numbers) & corrupt politician Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff to stop leaking Classified information or, even worse, made up information, to the Fake News Media. Someday he will be caught, & that will be a very unpleasant experience!” tweet
Later, while speaking to reporters, Trump called for an investigation into the leak - more concerned about the public learning of the briefing than he is about Russia’s repeated interference in U.S. elections. “They leaked it, Adam Schiff and his group. They leaked it to the papers and - as usual - they ought to investigate Adam Schiff for leaking that information,” Trump said.
Schiff responded: “Nice deflection, Mr. President. But your false claims fool no one. You welcomed Russian help in 2016, tried to coerce Ukraine’s help in 2019, and won’t protect our elections in 2020.”


Authoritarians also dispense largesse, but they do it by their own whims, rather than pursuant to any system or legal rule. The point of authoritarianism is to concentrate power in the ruler, so the world knows that all actions, good and bad, harsh and generous, come from a single source. (The New Yorker)
Last week, Trump granted pardons and commutations to 11 people with one thing in common: connections. Trump bypassed the process of formal procedures typically used to determine who is given a pardon, instead relying on connections to his wealthy friends and political allies.

Roger Stone going to prison

Perhaps not coincidentally, Trump’s pardoning of corrupt public officials like Blagojevich occurred just two days before Roger Stone’s sentencing for lying to investigators, obstructing a congressional investigation, and witness tampering. Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months - or 3.3 years - in prison, much lighter than the original 7-9 year sentencing recommendation made by career prosecutors who withdrew from the case in protest of AG Barr’s intervention.
Lawfare has a great line-by-line breakdown of the sentencing hearing, if you’d like the nitty-gritty details. But if you only have time to read one excerpt from the hearing, I suggest the following:
Judge Jackson: “The truth still exists. The truth still matters. Roger Stone's insistence that it doesn't, his belligerence, his pride in his own lies are a threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the very foundation of our democracy...The dismay and the disgust at the attempts by others to defend his actions as just business as usual in our polarized climate should transcend party. The dismay and the disgust with any attempts to interfere with the efforts of prosecutors and members of the judiciary to fulfill their duty should transcend party.
"Sure, the defense is free to say: So what? Who cares? But, I'll say this: Congress cared. The United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia that prosecuted the case and is still prosecuting the case cared. The jurors who served with integrity under difficult circumstances cared. The American people cared. And I care."
Judge Jackson pushes back
During the hearing, Judge Jackson said that the jurors in the case "served with integrity." Stone’s lawyers took this statement and moved to disqualify the judge from the case, claiming that her remarks “rendered her unable to fairly rule on his bid for a new trial.”
"Stone’s Motion for New Trial is directly related to the integrity of a juror. It is alleged that a juror misled the Court regarding her ability to be unbiased and fair and the juror attempted to cover up evidence that would directly contradict her false claims of impartiality," his lawyers argued.
"The premature statement blessing the “integrity of the jury” undermines the appearance of impartiality and presents a strong bias for recusal," they added.
As expected, Jackson denied the motion to have her disqualified...
A pardon for Stone?
But the goal may be to reach the ears of the president instead. According to Politico, a former senior administration official who remains in contact with Trump and his senior advisers says about a pardon for Roger Stone: “It’s not a question of if; it’s when.” Following the sentencing, Trump argued that Stone’s jury was “tainted” and said that “Roger has a very good chance of exoneration.”
On Sunday, Trump was asked about the possibility of a pardon for Stone and instead took the opportunity to attack the jury forewoman, again:
"That juror is so biased and so tainted, that shouldn't happen in our criminal justice system… You have a juror that is obviously tainted. She was an activist against Trump. She said bad things about Trump and bad things about Stone," the President claimed without evidence. "She somehow weaseled her way onto the jury and if that's not a tainted jury then there is no such thing as a tainted jury."

More info on Stone’s lenient sentence

In the week since four prosecutors withdrew from Stone’s case in protest of AG Barr’s interference, we have gotten a slow drip-drip of new information. A piece by The New York Times Sunday summed it up nicely: Timothy Shea, appointed to replace Jessie Liu as head D.C. attorney, was sent to the office specifically to steer cases to the president’s benefit after previous efforts failed.
A new boss, Timothy Shea, had just arrived and had told them on his first day that he wanted a more lenient recommendation for Mr. Stone, and he pushed back hard when they objected, according to two people briefed on the dispute. They grew suspicious that Mr. Shea was helping his longtime friend and boss, Attorney General William P. Barr, soften the sentencing request to please the president.
...The tensions between the office, the Justice Department and the White House date back further than the tumult in the Stone case. They have been simmering since at least last summer, when the office’s investigation of Andrew G. McCabe, a former top F.B.I. official whom the president had long targeted, began to fall apart.
Mr. Shea’s predecessor, Jessie K. Liu, a lawyer whom Mr. Trump had appointed to lead the office in 2017, pressed the McCabe case even after one team of prosecutors concluded that they could not win a conviction. After a second team was brought in and also failed to deliver a grand jury indictment, Ms. Liu’s relationship with Mr. Barr grew strained, people close to them said. She left the position this year, though she and Mr. Barr have both stressed to associates that her departure was amicable.

Undoing Mueller’s work

Trump’s efforts to derail the sentencing of Stone can be seen as part of a larger campaign to rewrite history, and specifically, erase the findings of the Mueller investigation. Roger Stone’s indictment shows that Stone was acting on Trump's personal order to find Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails stolen by Russia. In order to cover-up his role in the Russia-Wikileaks-Trump network, Stone lied to investigators and threatened a witness. By claiming that Stone did not commit a crime, Trump is attempting to reverse the findings of the Mueller report and make himself the victim.
Last week, Trump embarked on a rambling Twitter thread calling for all cases stemming from Mueller’s probe to be “thrown out.” He continued, saying: “If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place.......BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL. WITCH HUNT!”
Hours later, while discussing the spate of pardons he had issued that day, Trump made the astounding assertion that he is “the chief law enforcement officer of the country” and thus has the “legal right” to interfere in criminal cases. “I’m allowed to be totally involved,” the president added. While technically he is incorrect - the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer - in practice Trump has been proven right. A lawless chief executive is in fact in charge of enforcing the law when the Attorney General acts as his personal fixer.
This is in the style of autocrats across the globe, who weaponize the law to help themselves and their friends and hurt their enemies. The nation’s legal system is now run by a man who has spent his life mocking it. (NYT Editorial Board)
Meanwhile, the president’s allies have reportedly been urging him to fire anyone who was involved in Mueller’s investigation:
The MAGA punditry’s outsized influence over the president means their campaign against the so-called Mueller “holdovers” is likely not falling on deaf ears, especially given Trump’s fixation with what his defenders and detractors are saying about his administration in their frequent appearances on his favorite TV programs.
“It's totally unclear to me why any members of the Mueller team need to remain in the Trump DOJ,” the pro-Trump conservative blogger Will Chamberlain wrote after news broke of the Stone sentencing recommendation.
...GOP operative Arthur Schwartz, a close friend of Donald Trump Jr. who has been described as the eldest son’s “fixer,” said of the career officials in question: “I think they should all be investigated.”
...John Dowd, a former Trump lawyer who remains in touch with the White House, characterized the line attorneys in the Stone case as “insubordinate,” and “the same crowd of prosecutors wedded to the Mueller agenda” who need to be “cleaned out” from DOJ. “And Bill Barr is doing that,” Dowd said.
What can be done about the politicization of the DOJ? In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School suggests that “Congress should transform the Justice Department into an independent agency, legally immunized from the president’s day-to-day control.”

Public charge rule takes effect

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to allow the government to implement new “wealth test” rules making it easier to deny immigrants residency or admission to the United States if they might depend on public-assistance programs. Legal challenges will continue in lower courts in the meantime. Doug Rand, co-founder of Boundless Immigration who formerly worked on immigration policy in the Obama White House, estimates that as many as 400,000 people every year could be denied green cards or visas because of the new rules.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor filed a written dissent that was sharply critical of both the federal government and her conservative colleagues, warning that they are “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of” the Trump administration. Read her full seven-page dissent here.
The justice wrote that granting emergency applications often upends "the normal appellate process" while "putting a thumb on the scale in favor of the party that won." Targeting her conservative colleagues, she said "most troublingly, the Court's recent behavior" has benefited "one litigant over all others."
"Claiming one emergency after another, the Government has recently sought stays in an unprecedented number of cases," Sotomayor said. "It is hard to say what is more troubling," she said, pointing to the case at hand, "that the Government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a matter of course, or that the Court would grant it." CNN


Justice Department’s new rules benefit Giuliani

In a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, the DOJ indicated that the agency has implemented another layer of approval that would make it difficult for prosecutors to widen their probe into Rudy Giuliani:
The Justice Department revealed Tuesday that law enforcement officials running Ukraine-related investigations must seek approval before expanding their inquiries — a move that could have implications for Rudolph W. Giuliani, as President Trump’s personal attorney pushes for scrutiny of the president’s political foes while facing a federal probe into his own conduct.
Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd wrote to Nadler that the department had tapped two U.S. attorneys to assist in the process — Scott Brady in Pittsburgh to receive and assess new information, and Richard Donoghue in Brooklyn to help coordinate personnel throughout the Justice Department involved in Giuliani’s case and others with a focus on Ukraine. An accompanying internal memo, circulated by Rosen in January, says that he and Donoghue must approve expansions of any inquiries.

Related: The Hill admits John Solomon’s columns were misleading

The Hill’s review of Solomon’s work can be found here. I have found the review itself to be overly generous to the publication (no surprise), so I will quote from a WaPo summary of the review:
In effect, the Hill said Solomon amplified an inaccurate and one-sided narrative about the Bidens and Ukraine that was fed to him by Giuliani, “facilitated” by businessman Lev Parnas, who was working with Giuliani at the time, and reinforced by Solomon’s own attorneys, who also represented clients embroiled in U.S.-Ukraine politics.
But the Hill stopped short of retracting or apologizing for Solomon’s articles, nor did it say it shouldn’t have published them. It also didn’t characterize Solomon’s motives in presenting what appears to be a largely debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine.
“In certain columns, Solomon failed to identify important details about key Ukrainian sources, including the fact that they had been indicted or were under investigation,” said the internal investigation, which was overseen by the newspaper’s editor, Bob Cusack. “In other cases, the sources were [Solomon’s] own attorneys” — Victoria Toensing and Joseph DiGenova, who have also represented President Trump and Giuliani, who was also a key source for Solomon’s columns.
Solomon didn’t disclose this connection in his columns nor did he disclose to his editors that he shared drafts of his stories with Toensing, DiGenova and Parnas, the review noted.

Trump tries to block Bolton book

The Washington Post reports that Trump is attempting to block the release of former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s book, instructing aides that it should not be released until after the November election.
Trump has told his lawyers that Bolton should not be allowed to publish any of his interactions with him about national security because they are privileged and classified, these people said. He has also repeatedly brought up the book with his team, asking whether Bolton is going to be able to publish it, they said.
Trump told national television anchors on Feb. 4 during an off-the-record lunch that material in the book was “highly classified,” according to notes from one participant in the luncheon. He then called him a “traitor.”
“We’re going to try and block the publication of the book,” Trump said, according to the notes. “After I leave office, he can do this. But not in the White House...I give the guy a break. I give him a job. And then he turns on me,” Trump added during the West Wing lunch. “He’s just making things up.”

Susan Rice tells Bolton the truth

During a panel discussion at Vanderbilt University on Wednesday, Bolton shared the stage with Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice. Bolton made excuses for his failure to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial, blaming the House for committing “impeachment malpractice.” Rice challenged Bolton repeatedly, denigrating his decision to promote his book instead of testify:
"I thought a lot about if I had been in that position how would I have approached it, and I'll be honest: It's inconceivable to me that if I had firsthand knowledge of gross abuse of presidential power that I would withhold my testimony from a constitutional accountability process.”
"I can't imagine withholding my testimony, with or without a subpoena," Rice said. "I also can't imagine, frankly, in the absence of being able to provide the information directly to Congress, not having exercised my First Amendment right to speak publicly at a time when my testimony or my experience would be relevant. And, frankly, when my subordinates ... were doing their duty and responding in a fashion consistent with their legal obligations to provide information."
"I would feel like I was shamefully violating the oath that I took to support and defend the Constitution."

Trump corruption update

President Donald Trump’s choice to stay at his own Las Vegas hotel each night during the western states swing that wraps up Friday likely cost taxpayers a million extra dollars as well as diverted thousands of them into his own cash registers.
Breaking with precedent, Trump flew back to Vegas to stay every night at his Trump International Hotel, despite his day activities taking place in California, Arizona, and Colorado.
Had Trump held the same events but done so in a geographically logical order ― starting in Beverly Hills and finishing in Colorado Springs, but overnighting each day in the city where he would begin the following morning ― Trump would have spent four fewer hours aboard Air Force One, thereby saving taxpayers about $1.1 million.
...Indeed, the repeated overnight trips to Las Vegas may have forced the Secret Service and other support personnel to keep a motorcade there for a full four days, rather than move it to the site of an upcoming presidential trip
This week, Trump has a whole new country to focus on: India, home to the largest portfolio of Trump real estate projects outside North America, according to the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. According to The Washington Post, since the elder Trump’s last trip to India in 2014, two of his business partners have encountered massive legal and financial trouble.
During Trump’s time as president, the Trump Organization has vigorously promoted their properties in India, earning millions of dollars in royalties:
In 2018, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. — who runs the Trump Organization with his brother, Eric Trump — spent several days in India promoting the family’s developments, attending a champagne dinner with condo buyers who plunked down $39,000 deposits and bringing in millions of dollars in new sales. While there, he also met with Modi behind closed doors. The next year, Trump’s Indian business partners flew 100 early buyers of his luxury condos near Delhi to visit Trump Tower and Trump Ferry Point golf course in New York City as a way to generate interest in the properties in India. One attendee gushed afterward about meeting the son of a U.S. president on the trip.

Trump 2020: Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

President Donald Trump’s campaign is bringing on an alum of the controversial data firm Cambridge Analytica...Matt Oczkowski, who served as head of product at Cambridge before it went bankrupt and shut down in 2018, is helping oversee the Trump campaign’s data program...Oczkowski, who also worked on Trump’s 2016 effort, joined the reelection campaign in January, and payments to his company, HuMn Behavior, are expected to show up on Trump’s next campaign finance disclosure later this month. (Politico)
An Axios report revealed where most of Trump’s re-election campaign is spending its advertising budget: on Facebook ads. “Last fall, the campaign urged Facebook to keep the same tools for political advertisers that they make available to companies...Facebook ultimately decided not to change its policies around microtargeting.” However, unlike in 2016, the campaign is also diversifying, “testing new strategies on several dozen platforms, including YouTube, Google, ad exchanges, publisher networks and conservative podcasts.”
  • Side note: The IRS is suing Facebook for $9 million in back taxes, alleging the social media company undervalued intellectual properties when selling them to an Irish subsidiary in 2010. Ireland has lower corporate tax rates than the United States, so the move reduced the company’s tax bill.

Erik Prince investigations

There is apparently another investigation into Blackwater Founder - and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos - Erik Prince. The FBI is reportedly investigating Prince “for his 2015 attempt to modify two American-made crop-dusting planes into attack aircraft — a violation of arms trafficking regulations...The planes became part of private military services Prince proposed to sell or use in mercenary operations in Africa and Azerbaijan.”
This new investigation adds to Prince’s legal problems, though he insists that he is untouchable “under this guy,” referring to Trump. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Justice Department is “in the late stages of deciding whether to charge” Prince for allegedly lying to Congress in its Russia probe and violating U.S. export laws in his business dealings overseas.

Trump blocking prominent climate change warning

The United States is against mentioning climate change in the communique of the world’s financial leaders, G20 diplomats said, after a new draft of the joint statement showed the G20 are considering including it as a risk factor to growth...G20 sources said the United States was reluctant to accept language on climate change as a risk to the economy. Reuters
On Sunday, it was announced that the U.S. ultimately agreed to a less-prominent placement for the risks of climate change. It will now appear in language referencing the Financial Stability Board’s work examining the implications of climate change for financial stability.
One of the G20 sources said it was the first time a reference to climate change had been included in a G20 finance communique during Trump’s presidency, even though it was removed from the top of the joint statement. U.S. officials have resisted naming climate change as an economic risk since Trump took office in 2017. One of his first acts as president was to announce Washington’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

Rightwing threats

Last week, two men were arrested in separate incidents involving threats to President Trump’s perceived opponents.
A Michigan man, Brittan J. Atkinson, was arrested on Thursday for sending death threats to Mark Zaid, an attorney for the Ukraine whistleblower. Atkinson sent the threats in November, on the day that Trump held up a photo of Zaid and read some of his tweets at a rally in Louisiana.
"All traitors must die miserable deaths," Atkinson's email read in part, the indictment says. "Those that represent traitors shall meet the same fate[.] We will hunt you down and bleed you out like the pigs you are. We have nothing but time, and you are running out of it, Keep looking over your shoulder[.] We know who you are, where you live, and who you associate with[.] We are all strangers in a crowd to you[.]"
On Wednesday, Salvatore Lippa of New York was arrested for threatening to assault and murder Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Chuck Schumer in voicemails last month.
Lippa started the threatening message by calling the congressman "Schiff, Shifty Schiff," invoking the nickname used by President Donald Trump for Schiff, the lead House manager during Trump's impeachment trial.
...When questioned by U.S Capitol Police, Lippa admitted to making the threatening calls to Schiff and Schumer because he said he was upset about the impeachment proceedings, prosecutors said.

State news

  • Washington Post: A second court has temporarily blocked North Carolina’s new voter identification law on the argument that it discriminates against African Americans. The ruling reduces the likelihood that the rule will be in effect in a key swing state during November’s elections. A three-judge panel of the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that intent to discriminate was a “primary motivating factor” behind the voter ID law, which passed the Republican legislature in late 2018.
  • CBS News: Florida cannot bar felons who served their time from registering to vote simply because they have failed to pay all fines and fees stemming from their cases, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.
  • CNN: Mississippi's law banning abortions at the detection of a fetal heartbeat -- as early as six weeks into pregnancy -- will remain blocked, a panel of circuit judges ruled on Thursday...The three-judge panel on the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's ruling that the Mississippi law unconstitutionally prohibited pre-viability abortions.
  • Tampa Bay Times: A curious request arrived in the inboxes of Florida tax collectors last week from an employee of the Republican National Committee. He asked for “all email addresses that have been collected and are in the possession of the Tax Collector’s Office.” He also wanted any names, property addresses and phone numbers connected to those emails in their records. If the tax collectors had complied, the Republican Party would soon have a valuable trove of personal information for millions of Floridians as it gears up for the 2020 election: A detailed database of many taxpayers’ emails plus the name, address and phone number tied to that email.
  • Associated Press: Most Republican lawmakers refused to attend a Tuesday night session of the Oregon House of Representatives amid a slowdown over anger at a sweeping bill on climate change. Earlier, Republican lawmakers, who are a minority in the House, insisted that bills coming to the floor be read in their entirety instead of being summarized, which slowed things down substantially. The 2020 session of the Legislature lasts only 35 days, being an even-year short session.
  • Q13 Fox News: Efforts to expel a controversial state representative from the Washington Legislature are likely over after no Republicans would sign a letter calling for state Rep. Matt Shea’s expulsion. The Spokesman-Review reports that all 98 members of the state House of Representatives were asked Thursday to sign a letter calling for the expulsion of Spokane Valley Republican. All 56 Democrats signed the letter, but no Republicans did.
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40 year old Las Vegas virgin.

First time to Vegas this September. Two guys looking to have some fun. Not really the Vegas strip type, looking for the downtown old school vibe. Dive bars, cheap drinks, rowdy gambling, and fun atmosphere is more our motis operondi. Any advice on what to stay away from and where to imbibe? I’m sure all you fine desert dwellers get tired of this question so I apologize in advance for the repetition.
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Hey, you're going to Las Vegas for RLCS LAN? Here's a quick run down for what you need to know if you are not a regular.

I'm a Vegas regular. I travel there for work and play between 6-10 times a year. I've been to Vegas somewhere around 70 times.
Here are some tips, in no particular order.
Orleans Arena is "off strip". It is part of the Orleans Hotel and Casino. If you choose to stay at The Orleans, you will have a 10 minute ubelyft back and forth from the strip. The Strip is the part of Vegas that you always see when you think of Vegas. It's called Las Vegas Boulavard. Orleans is a property that basically has nothing around it, and there is not really much to see without a 20 minute walk to the Palms, or a 20 minute walk to the Rio.
If you are only going to eat, drink, and breathe RLCS, staying at the Orleans is probably a good idea. But if you want to experience Vegas, you want to stay on the strip.
Lodging can be had for cheap, up to more expensive. The cost of hotel rooms is usually based on the property location on the strip, as the more central hotels are the nicer ones.
Bellagio, Aria, and the Cosmo are the best places to stay that are in the middle. They will cost anywhere between $250-$400 a night. A great central location hotel that is more economical is Planet Hollywood, which is right across from the Bellagio. Rooms can be had here for closer to $150 a night.
If you go to the end of the strip, you can have rooms for under $100, such as treasure island, Park MGM, NYNY, and Mandalay Bay, and if you really want to live economical on strip, you can go somewhere like Luxor (far end of strip) The Linq (more middle) and The Mirage.
Any of the places listed above are on strip, and you can get the full Vegas experience. Hotels such as the Palms, Gold Coast, the Rio, Stratosphere, and the Hard Rock are so far off strip that they are extremely isolated from walking distance to most of the action in Vegas.
Weather.... You're going to the Western US in the Desert, the Western US in the Desert is not what you would expect in November. You will be lucky to see temperatures above 70F, and at night it will drop down into the low 40's. Bring warm clothes!
Walking around vegas:
DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT purchase a single thing from a street vendor. They will try selling you drink coupons, VIP tickets to shows, discounted show tickets, and just about any drug imaginable. Do not give any of these people money for any reason.
While I do not any drugs, some of my friends do, and now that marijuana is completely legal in Las Vegas, everyone raves about going to Essence Cannabis Dispensary. I've been there, and it is amazing, but I can't really speak for their product.
Skanks.... DO NOT be taken advantage of the "street walkers" and "casino crawlers" that are trying to be your friend, will want to go to your room, and after "the deed" is complete, will extort you for money. The rule of thumb, if a girl approaches you in a casino, or on the strip and is acting over friendly, they are probably a hooker, and their pimp is probably within shouting distance.
You can drink on the strip, but you CANNOT have glass. It is usually cheaper to purchase liquor or beer from one of the many CVS stores on strip.
All casinos will give you free drinks while you are playing, but sometimes the waitresses are few and far between. If you are going to be at a craps table or a slot machine for a long time, it is always a good idea to tip them very well and they will come by often.
I stay at the Bellagio the most, but my favorite places to gamble (I don't play slot machines) is a place called O'Sheas in The Linq. It is a total party atmosphere with live bands, beer pong, bean bags, and tons of table games. I think there are close to 50 tables. I'm a sucker for 3 card, and can play there for 10 hours straight.
McCarran international airport (LAS) is a nice place. Do NOT play slot machines there, as the odds are the worst of any place in Nevada. If you have an Amex Cent/Plat card, they have a Centurion lounge which has a full bar, and huge food selection, all for free.
Do not take a Taxi if you don't have to. Taxi drivers in Vegas are notorious for taking "the long way home" and you will be taken advantage of. There is a huge amount of Lyft and Ubers in the city at all times of the day. DO NOT rent a car in vegas. Parking is expensive and driving is pure gridlock.
Last but not least, if you have time, go to the "old strip" which is called Freemont Street. Old vegas is amazing, and there are a bunch of places that should be seen. You can go to the heart attack grill and get spanked for not eating your bacon cheeseburger with 50 strips of bacon, or you can go to the D Casino and have dealers in underwear. Street performers are everywhere, and it is just a good time. WATCH OUT FOR PICK POCKETERS!
Food is expensive in Vegas. The days of "cheap buffets" are gone. A burgefries will set you back somewhere around $20 in the casinos, and the chain restaurants have heavily inflated prices. The best place to eat on the strip is the miracle mile mall that is attached to planet hollywood. A bunch of the restaurants in there offer amazing drink specials and very affordable food.
I hope I covered some basics, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll help you out the best I can.
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The top highlights from the past week on /r/Hockey

Sunday, November 03 - Saturday, November 09
Top Videos score link to comments
Giroux goes for the slap shot in the shootout 3,843 255 comments
Fair Play from Jakub Kindl: Refs call a Penalty for tripping, but he tells them he fell on his own and the penalty is called off 3,607 321 comments
The Blues score on a 3 on 0 in OT after the Canucks get in a car wreck at the other end 2,698 540 comments
Andrei Svechnikov in practice teaching Canes teammates how to score a lacrosse goal 2,438 247 comments
Ottawa scores two goals in 4 seconds to take a 3-0 lead 1,956 214 comments
Zdeno Chara receives a standing ovation from fans at the Bell Centre in honour of his 1500th game 1,786 182 comments
John Marino scores his first NHL goal on an errant pass 1,287 152 comments
Tavares misses the net 971 184 comments
Robby Fabbri's Second Goal as a Red Wing, His Second of the Game! 828 196 comments
Robby Fabbri's First Goal as a Red Wing 804 107 comments
McDavid does his best Colby Cave impression. 803 115 comments
Steve Yzerman Grilled Kirby Dach about Smoking Weed in his Draft Interview 738 175 comments
Shea Webers scores on a one-timer off a blocked shot of his previous onetime attempt 614 66 comments
Foligno hit to the head of Bellemare. Foligno received a 5 minute major and game misconduct 535 415 comments
Jack Hughes first even strength goal 511 97 comments
Elias Pettersson "Broke his ankles brahh" 508 42 comments
Jake Muzzin Frustrated 500 31 comments
Cole Bardreau scores his first NHL goal on a penalty shot 467 67 comments
Barzal shows patience in front of the net and roofs a filthy backhand goal 441 40 comments
Goalie goal alert: Luca Di Pasquo from the Honeybaked U16 435 37 comments
Tkachuk passes the puck with the knob of his stick leading to his goal 431 81 comments
Kaapo Kakko scores off a beautiful pass from Adam Fox for his 3rd goal of the season 404 88 comments
Adam Boqvist scores his first NHL goal 398 74 comments
Pettersson deking several poke checks during zone entry followed by a drop pass to Boeser 392 86 comments
DeBrincat fires it on net while falling and beats Markstrom 390 53 comments
COL challenges a broken stick used to score. Good goal and they get a 4 min penalty 386 257 comments
Marchand fights off multiple Penguins and passes it to Krug; who fires is home with a blistering slap shot 368 77 comments
Makar Gets His Second of the Game to Give the Avs a Lead 354 94 comments
Vasilevskiy's new mask for the Bolts' Sweden games has pictures of him as a pirate and Hedman as a viking on it. 352 27 comments
[Highlight] Marner dishes it to Tavares on the breakaway, who buries the winner in overtime over the Golden Knights 350 91 comments
Other Posts score link to comments
Just a normal stretch for Gretzky 15,233 900 comments
Bold defensive strategy by the Canucks in OT 13,509 736 comments
Paralyzed Humboldt Broncos player undergoes experimental surgery in Thailand. Surgery is a success! 11,892 519 comments
The Nationals seem to be enjoying the Caps game tonight 6,801 224 comments
(OTT) Scott Sabourin gives update from Boston! 4,522 217 comments
The Washington Nationals, still blackout drunk, attempted to play hockey on the ice after the game. 4,308 247 comments
The New York Islanders win streak ends at 10 games after blowing a 3 goal lead to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 3rd period. 3,646 340 comments
Kakko's reaction to his third NHL goal (GIF) 3,564 240 comments
Ovechkin on the Nats at the game tonight: "They going to have beers, they going to have lots of chicken wings and nachos. They deserve it. That's pretty cool. We very happy for guys, for the whole city, for fans, for this area. They was in the fight and they finished the fight." 3,272 155 comments
Las Vegas casino sues NHL’s Evander Kane over $500K in gambling markers 2,838 559 comments
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You can also do 'set hockey weekly' And you can replace hockey with any subreddit.
See my wiki to learn more: click here
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ANTM - Where Are They Now? (Cycle 1)

Hi guys! So I was on the /rupaulsdragrace sub and I got so inspired by u/evilsnowcookie's "Where Are They Now" post that I decided to incorporate that idea for ANTM
  So this will be a compilation of the different websites and news articles, as well as posts from the girls' social media accounts on what they are up to these days. Maybe if you guys enjoy this, I'd consider making one for the succeeding seasons but for now, lets reminisce on the girls from Cycle 1.
  Name: Tessa Carlson Placed: 10th Age: 33 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 521 (@tessacarlson) Tessa Carlson on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Tessa was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. She, along with fellow model Giselle, were the only models of the cycle who were not part of the pool of 20 semi-finalists (they were scouted for and joined the cast after a separate audition). During her brief stint on the show, she was shown to bond with fellow contestant Adrianne Curry through smoking after moving into their NYC Apartment. At their first photo shoot for swimsuits from J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, photographer Elizabeth Moss commented that “She probably had people teach her how to model the wrong way … that was her problem.” In the end, she was eliminated for lacking a dominant personality and her inability to pose.
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Tessa modeled for Noah Kalina and Joey Quintero, but has since decided not to pursue modelling. Despite being eliminated after the first photo shoot, she was included in the next photo shoot for Stuff Magazine, but was not shown in the episode. Since the show premiered in 2003, Tessa has gotten married and has focused on being a mother to two beautiful children.
  Name: Katie Cleary Placed: 9th Age: 36 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 47.1k (@katie_cleary) Instagram Followers: 29.2k (@katiecleary11) Katie Cleary on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Katie was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. During the casting week, she was called fifth out the eight finalists for the first season (Tyra and the producers planned for 10 models to move into the NYC apartment, but could only agree on 8. The last 2 were scouted in a separate audition). She was eliminated in the second episode for because the judges felt the she photographed too sexy.
  POST-TOP MODEL Katie has been busy since the show’s premiere in 2003. She’s appeared in spreads for Maxim online, Rukus magazine, Marie Claire, Lifestyle magazine, and Vegan lifestyle magazine among others. She has appeared in over a dozen national advertising campaigns for brands such as InterContinental Hotels, Sketchers, Elastiderm Skin Care, AT&T, Nike, Chandon Champagne, Supreme Protein, Cadillac, ProActive, Payless, and as part of the Refreshment Duo for Labatt's Blue Light. She has since landed a role on NBC’s Deal or no Deal where she starred for over four years. She has hosted shows on the TV Guide Channel, E! News Now, as well the travel show “Get Out,” on HDTV. Katie has also has roles on popular TV shows such as CSI NY, Las Vegas, Entourage, *Rules of Engagement, Chuck, Working Class and more recently on How To Get Away With Murder and Two And A Half Men. She is currently represented by Paradigm Talent Agency, Abstract Talent Agency, and CESD Talent.
  Katie is also a philanthropist, founding the Peace4Animals organization. She is also an award winning creator and producer of the documentary Give Me Shelter which premiered on Netflix in 2015. Katie is also the Founder & Producer of the network World Animal News on the popular animal news site WorldAnimalNews.com.
  Since the show, Katie has dated Evan Liss and Gregg Pitt. She was also married to married to Andrew Stern from 2010 until his death in 2014.
  Name: Nicole Nastazio, née Panattoni Placed: 8th Age: 37 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 3,280 (@NicolePanattoni) Instagram Followers: 6,172 (@nicolepanattoni)
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Katie was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. During the casting week, she was called first out the eight finalists for the first season (Tyra and the producers planned for 10 models to move into the NYC apartment, but could only agree on 8. The last 2 were scouted in a separate audition). She was eliminated in the third episode due to her lack of commitment (in both her photo shoot and in the makeover).
  POST-TOP MODEL After Cycle 1 aired, Nicole appeared in several maternity catalogs and magazines. Like all the girls from this cycle, she has appeared in a spread for Stuff Magazine. She has appeared in Maxim, Rebel Ink Magazine, ePregnancy, and Surf Illustrated. Nicole has also modeled for Yandy Lingerie, Bikinilicious.com, Nordstrom, Due Maternity, Gnar Lube, For Issuez, Inc., Top Floorr, & La Isla couture. She has been featured in advertisements for Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and for Palm’s Casino Resort.
  Nicole has started Bronzed Body SD, Mobile Sunless Tan Mobile Spray Tan servicing all of North County SD. She has also been featured as one of the models on “Deal Or No Deal”, and has appeared on The X Life with boyfriend BMX rider Cory Nastazio. The couple has 2 beautiful children and recently tied the knot in October 2017.
  Name: Ebony Haith Placed: 7th Age: 38 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 464 (@EbonyHaith) Instagram Followers: 539 (@haithebony) Ebony Haith on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 When Ebony became one of the finalists in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, she was met with harsh criticism from the two very devout Christian ANTM finalists, Robin and Shannon. The conflict escalated when Ebony’s partner dropped by the house, further angering Shannon and Robin. Things turned uglier for Ebony during the judging, as she became the fourth contestant eliminated. The judges reasoned that it was Ebony’s weak performance that drove them to cut her from the show. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL After the show, Ebony was signed onto Downtown Model Management, before moving on to Uptown Model Management (UMM) and Models Management Group (MMG). Currently, I’m not sure what agency she is signed to. She has walked in fashion shows for SA-SHEA and Ice Blue. She’s been shot by photographers such as Quavondo Nguyen, Isabelle Choi, and Umari Jason and has appeared in spreads for Esquire, and Height Magazine. She has also appeared in appeared in Real Gay (a 2005 TV film) and Violet Tendencies (A 2010 movie). According to her instagram, she has shot her first sports shoot/TV show.
  Name: Giselle Samson Placed: 6th Age: 33 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 249 (@GiselleSamson) Instagram Followers: 1,295 (@GiselleBelle84) Giselle Samson on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Giselle was a contestant on the first season of America’s Next Top Model. She, along with fellow model Tessa, were the only models of the cycle who were not part of the pool of 20 semi-finalists (they were scouted for and joined the cast after a separate audition).During the fifth week of Cycle 1, both Giselle and fellow finalist Ebony fell into the bottom 2. Giselle was spared as Ebony was sent home, but her performance the following week betrayed her lack of confidence. Her photos with 2003 NFL Rookie of the Year Clinton Portis were not impressive enough to convince the judges to keep her, and so she became the fifth finalist to be cut from the show. Tyra said it was her lack of confidence that hindered her performance. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL After her season aired, Giselle appeared in SWITCH magazine and modeled for the brand Simply Fashion. Giselle was also a model on Deal or No Deal, has hosted segments on the Tyra Banks Show, Fox Sport's Net's "54321", and has appeared on TV shows such as Chuck, The Bold and The Beautiful, the short “Black?”, and has attended The 18th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. As a dancer, she has performed in Disney’s Fantasmic and in Pitbull’s music video Blanco, as well as dance for late Michael Jackson’s 45th birthday celebration. These days, according to her LinkedIn, she works as an Account Executive at HireTalent Executive Search, Temporary Staffing, Recruiting & SOW and is the founder of GLS Enterprises LLC, as well as the CEO of Kiss the Planet. She is currently listed as a model on the Trade Show Models (TSM) agency website.
  Name: Kesse Wallace Placed: 5th Age: 35 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Kesse Wallace on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 During the sixth week, the show flew Kesse and the other remaining Top Model finalists to Paris, where they were asked to pose with a male model wearing only lingerie. The challenge allowed a number of Parisian designers to view the models, and although all of them tried their best to produce spectacular pictures, the judges felt that Kesse did not possess enough desire to advance in the competition. Consequently, Kesse became the sixth finalist to be eliminated. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL As of late, Kesse has been keeping a relatively low profile. Since appearing on the show, Kesse has gone on to work under the management of Gilla Roos (but closed in 2009). Her runway projects include Yeohlee Teng Fall 2005/Spring 2006, Renee Larc for Milan and Francis Hendy. Kesse has also graced the pages of King Magazine and Complex Magazine and has appeared in a Church’s Chicken television commercial. She has also appeared in King Magazine and in Complex Magazine.
  Name: Robin Manning Placed: 4th Age: 41 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 208 (@Robbyne) Instagram Followers: 554 (@robbynemanning) Robin Manning on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Being a Devout Christian like her fellow finalist Shannon Stewart, Robin often criticized the other girls when she felt that they were doing something immoral. She was extremely affected when openly gay model Ebony brought her partner to the house. On the seventh week, the challenge was to pose nude for a jewelry advertisement. She, along with Shannon, refused to participate, saying that it was against her morals. Consequently, she was eliminated from the show, becoming the seventh contestant to be cut. Source
  POST-TOP MODEL Robin, who now goes by the name Robbyne, has kept a relatively low profile since the show. She was the only contestant whose photos were not included in the Stuff Magazine shoot featured during the third episode (even though Tessa, the first contestant eliminated, was included in the issue). After her appearance on the show, Robin went on to do a Baby Phat fashion show with Elyse and Kesse. She was featured in the July 2003 issue of the TV Guide, on the cover of the 2003 Holiday Issue of Grace, as well as appear next to Janice Dickinson in an issue of O. She has also appeared in the popular soap, The Young and the Restless, and the films, Without You and Holla. Robin is pursuing an acting career and has been in two movies. She did some church-related print work and some test shots, as well as a pictorial for Especially Yours, but is not currently with an agency. Robin’s name was once again brought to the attention in the media in 2014 when Dominic Jeffries (together with his 6 year old sister) went missing from Manning’s home. Robin is the child’s legal guardian, but it is not certain why (Dominic’s mother and Robin know each other from pre-school).
  Name: Elyse Sewell Placed: 3rd Age: 35 First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 1,031 (@_elysesewell) Elyse Sewell on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Sewell's was a contestant on the first cycle of America's Next Top Model. She was known on the show as the "edgy pre-med student". She placed third, after Adrianne Curry and Shannon Stewart. She was eliminated due to the fact that her intelligence came across as “derogatory”, despite her high fashion look. Her infamous confessional clip from the show, in which she expressed a profanity-laden rant against the people on the show, earned her 16th place on E!'s Most Outrageous TV Moments in 2005. She attributes this outburst to the unusual requirement on the show to voice one's private thoughts and to soliloquize in a "confessional booth".
  POST-TOP MODEL Elyse is probably the most successful girl out of all the contestants on Cycle 1. As a model, Elyse has been incredibly successful, especially in Asia where she has had print advertisements for Giordano, Chanel and Chow Sang Sang Jewelry and appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong. Sewell’s first book, Beauty and The Biz: The International Adventures of America's Third-to-Next Top Model, based in part on her LiveJournal Weblog, was published in Hong Kong in 2006. She appeared in multiple book signings across Hong Kong. She has been featured in advertisements for brands such as Azona, Chow Sang Sang, Dao, Darquer, DTC Diamonds, Flair by Joc, Giordano, iMaroon, Mae Von, Motorola, Paule Ka, Sa Sa CyberColors, and Staccato.
  Overseas, Elyse has been signed with Zucca Tokyo, ZEM Osaka, Mannequin Singapore, Model Genesis Hong Kong, Chadwicks Sydney, Eye For I Milan, Dream Models Hong Kong and Elite Santiago. Locally, Elyse has also been signed with Wilhelmina West Models, M4 Models, Q6 Models Portland, Model One (Hong Kong), Studio KLRP Paris, Seattle’s Model Guild, M4 Hamburg, Good Fashion Shenzhen and Model 1.
  Elyse dated Martin Crandall of the Shins until January 2008, when he allegedly assaulted her in a Sacramento hotel. Both Crandall and Elyse were charged with felony domestic assault, though their cases were later dismissed. Previously, Elyse told the Singapore Straits Times in an interview that she had dumped her boyfriend because he cheated on her while she was working in Japan, though they reconciled shortly afterwards. She’s not active on social media, and only has an instagram (which was last updated in 2015). A facebook page pops up if you search her name on facebook, however, I’m not sure if she runs it or if it is a fan account. She also participated in a Reddit AMA where she spoke about her experiences on the show.
  Name: Shannon Ratcliff, née Stewart Placed: 2nd (Cycle 1)/6th (Cycle 17) Age: 33 First Call Outs: 3 (Cycle 1)/0 (Cycle 17) Bottom 2: 2 (Cycle 1)/2 (Cycle 17) Twitter Followers: 17.3k (@ShannonStewart1) Instagram Followers: 12.5k (@shannonstewartratcliff) Shannon Stewart on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Stewart competed on the first season of America's Next Top Model. In the first week of competition, Shannon landed in the bottom two and if she hadn't won that week's challenge, she would have been eliminated. However, the following two weeks Shannon received two consecutive first call-outs, and performed consistently in the following weeks. But, in the semi-finals during a nude photoshoot in Paris, Shannon and fellow contestant Robin Manning caused controversy when they refused to take part in the photoshoot because of their Christian faith. However, this did not hinder Stewart's progression in the competition finishing second overall to Adrianne Curry. Source.
  Shannon later appeared during a fashion show during the show’s 7th season, in the 8th cycle of the show as a guest for one of the photo shoots, and was also the only contestant from Cycle 1 to be invited to participate in the All Star cycle.
  ANTM CYCLE 17 In 2011, Shannon was invited back to participate in the first All-Star edition of the show, together with several other returning models from the different seasons. Stewart placed 6th overall in the All-Star competition after confusing the judges for refusing to wear lingerie that looked like a bathing suit while allowing herself to be photographed in a skimpier bathing suit in a previous week. She was the only model in the top 6 to have not won best photo.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since America’s Next Top Model, Shannon has modeled for Harmony Bell Boutique, Nuj Novakhett, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Sephora, Bakers Shoes, Speedo, and Allyson Smith Jewelry.
  She has appeared in magazines such as Elle Girl Magazine, Teen Vogue, Sydney Magazine, Six Degrees Magazine, and Ford Fusion. Shannon has appeared on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles Weddings, Arizona Foothills Magazine, and Sound & Vision Magazine.
  Her runway shows include Richard Tyler, Alvin Valley (2004), Alice and Olivia (2006), Sprite Street Couture (2006), and Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models (2005), Fashion Institute of Technology (2006), Gustavo Arango (2006), Alice Dobson (2006) and Olympus Fashion Week (2006).
  During Cycle 8, Shannon told the contestants that she had switched over to Elite Model Management in Chicago. She was also signed to Bleu Model Management. Fashion Model Directory states that she is currently signed to Major Model Management in New York and Factor Women in Chicago. Nowadays, Shannon actively interacts with her fans through her different social media handles, and runs her own personal blog. She has been married to Matthew Ratcliff, a fellow Christian model, since 2007.
  Name: Adrianne Curry Placed: 1st Age: 35 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 416k (@AdrianneCurry) Instagram Followers: 132k (@AdrianneCurry) Adrianne Curry on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 1 Adrianne Curry competed on the first season of America's Next Top Model. She beat out fellow contestant Shannon Stewart. After her stint on ANTM, Curry has been very outspoken about her time on the show . Curry told various interviewers, including Steppin Out Magazine, that she wasn’t given the Revlon modeling contract that she was supposed to get as winner, and that “Tyra really didn't help us out and the show didn't put any money into us.” She even went as far as saying that “Basically, it was our show that saved the network and it was the biggest show ever…We trusted Tyra, but we've all been screwed over.”
  POST-TOP MODEL Nowadays, Curry continues to act, model, and do cosplay. She was signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City. She has modeled for several magazines, including Life & Style Weekly, In Touch, Sync Magazine, Us Weekly, Star, OK!, Stuff, People, Maxim (and made the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2005), both the North American and Spanish editions of Marie Claire, Lucky Magazine, Supermodels Unlimited, Agenda Magazine, Von Dutch, Von Dutch Watches, Salon City, Macy's, Famous Stars and Straps, Lucky, Ed Hardy, Kinis Bikinis, NailPro, Beverly Hills Choppers, and Merit Diamonds. In 2016, she was briefly signed on to LA Models, however, she was quickly dropped from their roster. According to her personal website, where she constantly updates her blog, she is also works as an avon lady.
  Curry's runway shows include Anne Bowen Spring 2005, Jaime Pressly, Pamela Anderson's line, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and Christopher Deane. She has appeared in a commercial for the Merit Diamonds Sirena Collection that ran from November 2004 to January 2006.
  She appeared on the cover and in a nude pictorial for the American edition Playboy in February 2006. She returned for a second cover and nude pictorial in the January 2008 issue. Curry made Playboy´s 2008 top 25 sexiest women, along with the top 100 Playboy spreads 2008 edition. In late 2006, Curry modeled for a technological demo created by Nvidia to showcase their video cards. She is a spokesmodel for The Flex Belt with Denise Richards.
  Curry was a co-host on the television game show Ballbreakers. In 2006, she appeared on Gameshow Marathon as a celebrity panelist on the Match Game episode. She starred in Rock Me Baby (2004) and Half & Half (2003) on UPN. Curry also appeared on Dirt starring Courteney Cox, with whom she shared scenes. She appeared in rock band's The Click Five's music video "Just the Girl", along with her then husband Christopher Knight. She has also starred in the films Fallen Angels, Light Years Away and Jack Rio. In early 2005, Curry appeared on VH1's fourth season of The Surreal Life. On September 11, 2005, VH1 began airing My Fair Brady, a show that documented their life together and paid her an estimated US$450,000. The show led her to being featured in Maxim's Hot 100, a list of the "hottest" women on earth. and ranked #100 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2005.
  Adrianne loves cosplay and video games. Between November and December 2010, Curry worked as the Resident Celebrity Gamer panelist judge on the second series of The Tester, a reality program on the PlayStation Network. She has returned to the panel in the third series which began on the 7th February 2012. Curry hosted live coverage of Blizzcon for Direct TV in 2011, as well as hosting live from E3 for Namco Bandai in both 2011 and 2012.
  Christopher Knight proposed to Curry on the season finale of My Fair Brady, on VH1, which aired on November 6, 2005. The show was renewed for a second season that began in June 2006, and focused on the couple's wedding preparations. In 2007, Curry and Knight appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss their marital issues on an episode dealing with large age gaps in relationships. Dr. Phil predicted that their style of arguing, particularly Knight's hurtful comments, was a strong predictor of impending divorce in couples.The couple announced their separation on May 29, 2011. The couple filed for divorce on August 19, 2011 and it became final in 2013. As of 2017, she is currently engaged to Matthew Rhode.
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I'm going to Vegas for my birthday. Any unusual things I shouldn't miss?

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Several Vegas trips under my belt

So I wanted to post this not for anything other than for more information for those who come to this sub here for exactly that. Some of this may be repetitive but it can’t hurt to have additional opinions.
Hotels: To clarify, I have always been comp’d rooms due to my play, so I can’t speak specifically to prices, just to what I see.
-Rio: Stayed here. It was huge. Off the strip so was a bit inconvenient but affordable, and now with ubelyft, it may not be a bad option. They have a Seafood buffet which is solid, but wouldn't say "top notch." One very cool thing for poker players, is if you go in the summer, from about May to end of July, you are bound to see some of the top poker players in the world, as the WSOP is there.
-Paris: Stayed here. Hotel is nice. That’s really the best word to describe it, because the rooms are average, clean, pretty standard size. Casino is pretty spacious, cool theme obviously. Always seems like day time even in the late hours of the night. Pizza place there was not great. Buffet there is decent. A lot of different than most others, as they make fresh Crepes and have a French theme, again, obviously.
-Casesars: Stayed here. This is THE largest hotel in Vegas. I believe the Bellagio and like 2 other casinos can fit (square foot wise) inside in this hotel. Mainly because of how large the shops are. The rooms are very nice. Fairly standard for the most part, can’t hurt to ask for an upgrade here. It is a very busy hotel/casino, but is so spread out. Sports book is enormous! If sports are your thing, go here to hang. Sit at the bar right there and play some video poker even. They have a decent café/ eatery area for like quick food, which includes your standard Chinese food, burger place, pizza place, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Searsucker Restaurant. I believe 430-6 is their happy hour. My fiancé and I went there and we ate very well with an app, and drinks and was like 50 bucks. Get duck fat fries!
-Linq: Stayed here. Probably my favorite place to stay, in many ways. This won’t be the most luxurious place, however the rooms are “different and modern. The hotel is smaller, the casino is smaller but it’s really not a big deal. Just like Caesars and Bellagio, this is pretty much the center of the strip and in the center of it all. Behind the linq is the “High Roller” wheel ride. Leading to the ride, is a walkway and alley of shops and places to eat and drink. All are very good. Highly suggest Flour and Barley for good pizza and beer. Pizza Is brick oven, and suggest the homemade pesto. The beer selection is pretty stellar, for those beer drinkers who like to experience. For the crowd that likes to gamble and party at the same time, O’sheas bar is IN the casino but also leads to the strip. This place is open 24 hours, and has all gambling games inside it (except for slots, although there may be one BIG slot in there). They also have beer pong tables that they provide you with all the stuff. Again, this is highly recommended place to stay, so you aren’t stuck on the end of strip.
-Venetian: Stayed Here. I lied above when I said I never paid for hotels. Staying here I went on Travelocity and got a deal for 5 nights and flight for like $900? I stayed alone because I was traveling for my sister’s wedding. This place is pretty phenomenal. All rooms are suites, technically. Very nice, very big. The Venetian and Pallazo are basically the same place. The rooms are identical and the casino is fairly similar as well. Ate at CUT Steakhouse which was VERY good, clearly very pricy however. All other hotels, I have not stayed at, yet. I don’t think you could go wrong with a hotel, however I would avoid Excalibur, Circus Circus and the Flamingo.
-Criss Angel: Avoid altogether. Show was overpriced and his act is old.
-Penn & Teller: I enjoyed this show. This is at the Rio however, so will need to travel there since you can’t walk there. Show was funny, action packed and of course magical.
-Mat Franco: Good show. Very personal audience as it doesn’t seat many people. It’s got a feel good vibe to it.
-Mac King (Magic): for what you pay, it’s a good show. It won’t break the bank, and there are afternoon shows which is a great way to beat the heat and relax and enjoy some magic and slapstick comedy. He won’t wow you but definitely make you scratch your head.
-Mariah Carey: Now this was a 30th birthday present for my fiancé and I got great seats. It turned out that we sat right next to her kids, so she came to visit that area frequently which was very cool. She really is a great performer, and as a guy, the show was pretty good. She does a lot of costume changes, and sings a lot of older songs. I have heard from others that the show is good, and is MUCH better than Celine, for what it’s worth.
-Absinthe: This is an absolute MUST SEE. Saw this and it is really hard to describe this show in all honesty. It is a mixture of acrobatics, talents (i.e. juggling, etc.), Raunchy comedy, and just a really good time. Don't see this with parents. This is really a great show, and they change it all the time. i saw this show and explained a few acts to my friend, and he said that is not what he saw, so it really keeps the show electric since the actors/perfomrers are really into new stuff.
-Hash House (Linq): food was good. Expensive but its shareable. Chicken and waffles are good
-Bellagio Café: I like this place for a good breakfast. It’s little pricy, but not too bad honestly. It’s our favorite breakfast spot so far.
-Guy Fieri’s (Linq): Pretty decent spot. Price is pretty good. One of the best burgers I’ve had. Good brisket nachos too
-Caesars Buffet: Best buffet in my opinion. Great selection, food that is supposed to be hot, is hot.
-Bellagio Buffet: Terrible. Waited forever, was SO expensive. Food was not good honestly.
-Paris buffet: It’s okay. Price is Okay. Seriously is just Okay.
-General comment of casino restaurants: Do your research before going. Check out the menu. Don’t go to one of these places thinking you’re going to get an app, 2 dinners and drinks for under 100 bucks in most cases. The steakhouses in Vegas are some of the best in the country. A tip for saving a few dollars, is don’t eat normal meal times. Eat a later breakfast, eat an earlier dinner. Lunch may not happen, OR eat snacks. You can easily go to walgreens and get a 5 dollar sandwich.
Bruxie: saw a suggestion for this place and they said $5 waffle wednesdays. Yes it's true. they always have a chicken and waffle special for $5 on wednesday. they made us show them the facebook promo or something but wasnt difficult. could probably just open the website on your phone. I really liked the food. i thought the chicken was really good and honestly, for five bucks, quite a steal.
Jaburritos: this was right in the alley of the linq. was okay. a bit pricey for "fast food" type, but i didnt mind it. interesting concept in my opinion. was more of a whim visit.
-All casinos will have fairly expensive table minimums. Expensive meaning, you have to search for 5 dollar blackjack and Craps. Mostly going to be $10 or $15. Slot play is comparable all over. Bellagio has a lot of slots, but you can say the same about Caesars and MGM, etc.
-Mob Museum: very cool experience. I recommend it. You can take the Deuce (bus) there, and then walk right to Fremont after.
-Pawn Stars: If you are a super fan of the show, then go. Otherwise just avoid. Very small, you won’t see one of the stars of the show, everything is super expensive.
-Fremont: Fun to go to, especially to see history. I don’t recommend eating anywhere here lol. My fiancé did the zip line, she enjoyed it.
-New York New York: I am putting this here, because this place fascinates me. The area that looks like NY streets and such for the shops, is just pretty cool to me. Nathans here is good. I have gone with my father and my future father in law, and they both agree it is very similar to old time Nathans.
I have really mashed up a lot of visits to Vegas here, and definitely leaving out tips and tricks im sure. Let me know if I can answer anything else! Win BIG!
Exotics Racing: Gave my fiance this for her birthday last year. i bought her 5 laps in whatever car she wanted. she chose the Audi R8. She LOVED IT. they were very careful with all buyers, and even offered drifting laps to folks just there to watch. They have a pro drifter from fast in the furious (when i was there at least) that would drift for a few laps. it was a sight to watch. Its a bit pricey, but they run specials here and there. If you are looking to splurge and like cars, then this is for you.
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47 Fancy But Inexpensive Gifts For Everyone On Your List

  1. A set of four vintage-style botanical prints for anyone who loves the feel of old-timey science classrooms and who also can keep zero real plants alive. Link
  2. Double old fashioned glasses with a gilded rim and initial for a custom-ordered look at less than $5. Link
  3. A short and silky robe in a stylish menswear print made for lounging around, getting ready, and listening to some Sinatra. Link
  4. A beanie with bewitching eyes that'll look like you picked it up in a swanky local boutique. And you did get it from a cool boutique! An Etsy one! Link
  5. An insanely pretty celestial journal (hello, gold foil stars) to inspire short and sweet daily reflections. There are only a few lines per day, so use them well! Link
  6. A gold-plated corkscrew for ~birds of a feather~ who both just really love wine. Link
  7. A Game of Thrones-inspired House Lannister sigil mask ideal for mounting on the wall to intimidate friends and neighbors. It may be even more effective than the first few strains of "The Rains of Castamere." Link
  8. Wood grain noise-isolating earbuds for anyone who is ALWAYS losing theirs. These look stylish enough that they'll always know where they are, but are actually cheap enough that they can replace them if need be. Link
  9. A jumbo-sized disco ball tumbler that'll only allow someone to drink from it if seriously 70's tunes are playing in the background. That's the way (uh-huh uh-huh) it likes it (uh-huh uh-huh). Link
  10. A stylish acrylic box bag for anyone who couldn't be caught dead out of the house without a dab of lipstick and a spritz of perfume. Link
  11. A six-quart Pioneer Woman slow cooker. Did you know you needed a pretty slow cooker? No. Do you HAVE to own this now? Yes. Link
  12. A made-in-Italy decanter and rocks glass set for drinking-at-an-ad-agency-in-the-60s vibes but at a drinking-the-bottle-of-scotch-I-stole-from-my-parents price. Link
  13. Pearl-encrusted sunnies, because a strand around the neck just isn't enough anymore. Link
  14. Truly ~stellar~ ear jackets with universal appeal. Link
  15. A 36-LED ring light to clip right to your smartphone and take photo studio-quality Instagrams. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Link
  16. Gucci-esque faux fur-lined loafers they'll NEVER guess are actually from Target! Link
  17. A fizzy little collection of tips and facts about champagne, including how it's made, advice on opening and serving, and recipe suggestions on how to cook with it. Link
  18. An embossed microfiber blanket designed to look like sumptuous faux fur, because your home is your castle, and winter is coming. Link
  19. A set of four golden cocktail spreaders to make any Trader Joe's cheese platter look like it was put together by Martha Stewart. Link
  20. A delicate crescent moon pendant with chunky grey stones for a stunning everyday piece. Bonus: it comes in a gift box with a note that says "I love you to the moon and back." Link
  21. A brushed metallic Rubik's cube-style puzzle that'll be a two-in-one gift: challenging game (the cube segments aren't all the same size!) and interestingly attractive desk tchotchke. Link
  22. A twisted faux mink infinity scarf to make the most bundled-up winter outfit look old Hollywood glam. Link
  23. A six-inch brass telescope housed in a wooden box, because any stately library or home office needs one. Duh. Link
  24. Pearl-studded faux leather gloves so beautiful, whoever opens them will immediately break into a (gloved) round of applause. Link
  25. A hardcover clothbound edition of Sense and Sensibility, because the Dashwood sisters deserve nothing but the damn best. Link
  26. A multi-pack of minimal yet statement-making earrings to complete any #allblackeverything #OOTD. Link
  27. A lightweight, contoured eye mask that'll block light without ever pressing down on eyelashes, guaranteeing a more restful night's sleep. Sadly does not come with a butler and breakfast in bed. Link
  28. A Play! by Sephora Staycation box chock-full of deluxe samples sure to excite any beauty maven, including a Clinique lip colors, Victor & Rolf fragrance, Perricone moisturizer, IT Cosmetics mascara, and more! Link
  29. A water-resistant golden watch with a date window, Japanese battery and movement, and scratch-resistant mineral glass. They'll keep checking the time just to get a glimpse of this beauty! Link
  30. A floral lace triangle bralette and thong set for the SO who's the perfect balance of sweet and sexy — you'll look like you dropped hundreds at a ritzy lingerie store. Link
  31. Ugg-like suede and sheepskin moccasin slippers available in men's and women's sizes, because everyone deserves cozy feet. Link
  32. A pair of faceted glasses that'll make a gorgeous statement sitting out on any bar cart. Link
  33. Polaroid-inspired golden coasters you can personalize and update just by swapping out the photos inside! Link
  34. A set of fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs formulated with all natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and essential oils. No artificial colors or scents here! Link
  35. A mix of rosé and brut champagne gummy bears so you can snack splendiferously without dropping 40 bucks on the Sugarfina versions. Link
  36. A pack of playing cards made with actual 24-carat gold foil for at-home poker nights that are more luxurious than the swankiest five-star hotel and casino in Vegas. Link
  37. An iPhone case with real pressed flowers inside, so each one is totally unique. Just like whoever you're giving it too! Link
  38. A two-wick Voluspa candle so fancy I don't even know where to begin — with the iconic black and gold tin or the scent, which is a blend of sparkling champagne with notes of oak and vanilla? Link
  39. A three-pack of gridded notebooks, each featuring a different cover designed by artist James Jean, for anyone trying to start a bullet journal in 2018. Link
  40. A baguette rhinestone choker to add a touch of vintage-style glamour. Link
  41. Vogue Colors A to Z, Vogue's first-ever coloring book, which is filled with 26 illustrations of covers from 1912-1932, Art Deco designs for each letter of the alphabet, and pages of dresses from those years — all of which you can color. Link
  42. Cubic zirconia snake ear climbers so you can slither-into any holiday party in style. Link
  43. A zodiac chart mug with the giftee's specific sign emblazoned in gold script on the handle. Great for getting that caffeine stat when mercury is in retrograde fucking AGAIN. Link
  44. A pair of bow-bedecked rhinestone barrettes with dangles that move while walking. And by walking, I mean strutting, because you gotta. Link
  45. A circular wall mirror etched with the three-headed Targaryen dragon, perfect for reapplying some crimson lipstick. What shade, you ask? "Fire and blood." Link
  46. A stylish faux fur keychain for anyone whose apartment is too small for a doggo... but who wants something to pet and talk to all day. Link
  47. A trio of LED flameless candles with metallic gold exteriors and a remote control for a combination of the two best things: elegance and laziness. Link
Link to article
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St Patrick's Pub Crawl 2015 - The List

Ok folks, every year I do a pub crawl for St Patrick's Day. We take the day off and start early in the morning and sample the food and atmosphere in as many Irish Restaurants and Pubs as we can until about 6pm when amateur hour begins. Then we sneak away while the crazies chug green beer and make poor decisions.
Here is the list I am starting from. Please let me know if I have missed any Irish spots (we typically do not include English, just Irish)
Name Approx Location Hours
McMullan's Trop next to Orlean's 24hr
JC’s Irish Sports Pub Inside Rampart Casino 11a-1a
Auld Dubliner Lake Las Vegas 12p-2a
Brendan's Inside The Orlean's 24hr
Hennessey's Downtown 24hr
Jack's Pub Inside Palace Station 9a-2a
Nine Fine Irishmen Inside NYNY 11a-3a
Ri Ra Inside Mandalay Bay 9a-4a
Sean Patrick's Ann Road 24hr
Sean Patrick's West Flamingo 24hr
Sean Patrick's Southern Highlands 24hr
Sean Patrick's Deer Springs NLV 24hr
Murphy's Law UNLV area CLOSED
Quinns Inside GVR CLOSED
Three Angry Wives West Charleston 24hr
O'Shea's The Link 24hr
McFadden's The Strip 11a-4a
Tilted Kilt The Strip 11a-3a
Corcoran's Inside McCarran Need plane tickets
Mulligan's Boulder Hwy 24hr
Wicked Vicky Inside the Riviera 8a-1a
What did I miss? Any of these closed or no longer Irish?
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Going to Vegas alone...Need some suggestions on where to hang out and meet people!

21 year old guy, planning a trip in November to play a poker tournament at PH, it'll just be for three nights (Thurs-Sat). I've been to LV three within the past year, each time with a friend, so this will be my first time alone. Will be driving from San Diego so I'll at least have a car during the day. Staying at Casino Royale. I've been on solo trips before, but I feel like this one will be weird and super depressing if not done right.
Though I've heard that doing to Vegas solo is pretty fun and that a lot of people enjoy just being able to do what they want when they want.
Is this accurate?
What would be some good places for people like me to hang out and meet some people/socialize? I'm kinda shy, but open up quite a bit when I drink. Just a matter of finding a place with a good atmosphere.
Also as a side question, I've never been to any of the nightclubs (and I don't plan on going alone!), but I would like to go to one next time I'm with friends. Thinking XS and Marquee. Are they even worth it? I feel like I'm missing out by not going to the clubs, but if I'm not, then I'm fine hanging at good ol' Carnaval Court or O'sheas :p
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First time Vegas advice

Hi all. I'm taking my first trip to Vegas next weekend. As such, I'm looking for some helpful advice from the poker community. I know some of these questions get asked a lot, so I apologize in advance, but many of the answers I've seen both on this subreddit and other places have been either outdated or conflicting. This will be my first trip to a casino of any kind. I have online experience and I've been following poker for a number of years.
1) Cash games - I'm looking to play some 1/2 NL, and because of my inexperience in live games, I'd prefer to play soft games where I can play tight. I've read that MGM's poker room and O'Sheas poker room tend to be softer than most. I've also read that MGM can attract some veterans, and most of what I've read about O'Sheas was from before it closed/relocated. I've also read that it doesn't really matter what 1/2 game you play, as they don't vary all that much. What's true here?
2) Tournaments - What are the best $30-40 tournies? I don't mind as much about being overmatched in these and would just look at it as a learning experience. I'll be in Vegas Fri-Tues so any good tournaments running on those days would be great.
3) Table Etiquette How should the size of the pot correlate to the dealer's tip? Also, when, if at all, is it acceptable to ask the dealer how much exactly is in the pot?
Any other advice about what to expect, play style, or anything else useful would be appreciated. Thanks.
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news Theresa May defends UK ties with Saudi Arabia - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do people think Apple is revolutionary? Apple
news ICE detains Alix Tichelman, prostitute convicted in death of Google exec on yacht Google
worldnews Australia floods: Woman and children found dead in river - BBC News BBC
worldnews Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee slams UK and US net plans - BBC News BBC
gaming Just realized that I am playing Nintendo game runned on Microsoft system broadcasted to Apple device with Sony gamepad Apple
gaming Just realized that I am playing Nintendo game runned on Microsoft system broadcasted to Apple device with Sony gamepad Microsoft
gaming Just realized that I am playing Nintendo game runned on Microsoft system broadcasted to Apple device with Sony gamepad Sony
worldnews Swiss man faces defamation trial for ‘liking’ Facebook posts Facebook
Showerthoughts The Google Play Store should really show how many people deleted the app right after downloading it as well as how many downloaded it Google
AskReddit Why do we click Youtube links with a very suggestive girl knowing nothing will be shown, especially when we can go to "sites" where we know everything will be shown, but don't? Youtube
Futurology Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals When He Thinks We'€™ll Find Aliens Tyson
news Neil deGrasse Tyson says he won't board SpaceX until Elon Musk sends his mom to Mars and back Tyson
videos Space Gandalf: Is the moon upside down? - Stargazing Live: Australia Episode 2 - BBC Two BBC
movies Ghost in the Shell was better than the original. There , i said it... Shell
pics I see your monks at Starbucks and raise you an Indian ascetic on a motorbike. Starbucks
news Chicago Facebook Live sex assault: Teen suspect's mother turns him in Facebook
videos Funny Company Twitter Beef Twitter
science Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water - BBC News BBC
aww Young Zara - Ragdoll kitten 7 months Zara
funny I think IKEA and the IT movie are doing some subtle cross promoting... IKEA
worldnews South Africa's tough road out of junk status - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What Facebook memes have you accidentally laughed at? Facebook
worldnews German judge condemns lack of transparency at Audi dieselgate hearing Audi
todayilearned TIL Woz urges engineers to follow their hearts Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder, recalls his early days fulfilling his engineering dream by working for Hewlett-Packard while designing Apple computers. Apple
worldnews Tesla charges ahead to overtake Ford in market value Ford
AskReddit Going back to 1776 in The United States, what decade do you wish you were alive in at your current age? And what is your reasoning for choosing that decade? United
Futurology Tesla Passes Ford in Market Value as Investors Bet on the Future Ford
gadgets New Apple iPad 9.7 review Apple
todayilearned TIL The Home Run Apple was originally installed at Shea Stadium in 1980 as a way to improve the atmosphere at New York Mets games, and an apple was chosen as a play on New York City's nickname of the "Big Apple". Apple
gaming Sometimes the NPC's in games just make me want to turn off my Xbox and go outside........... Xbox
news N.J. woman enraged by 'fancy white people' attacks man, Porsche with hammer: cops Porsche
nottheonion Horse leaving Taco Bell rescued after falling into hole Bell
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How large geographically is the difference of 1% coverage between Verizon and Sprint? What area of the United States is that, generally, and does it really make a difference for that many people? Verizon
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How large geographically is the difference of 1% coverage between Verizon and Sprint? What area of the United States is that, generally, and does it really make a difference for that many people? United
Futurology Ghost in the Shell Thrills, But Ducks the Philosophical Questions Posed by a Cyborg Future Shell
worldnews Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW pull ads from 'The O'Reilly Factor' BMW
food New at Japanese McDonald's I ate McDonald's
AskReddit What happened to the guy from Allstate commercials? Allstate
news Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW pull ads from 'The O'Reilly Factor' BMW
food Misc McDonald's chef says he's looking into bringing back Szechuan McNugget sauce after a cartoon called for its return McDonald's
gaming Found this in an old game case. Anyone want 50,000 Microsoft Points? Microsoft
todayilearned TIL that Microsoft donated their PhotoDNA technology, which is now widely used to fight child pornography on the web. It generates a hash that's resistant to alterations so you may identify questionable material without having to look at it Microsoft
AskReddit How do you see the United States ending? United
AskReddit Why are hatchbacks less popular in the United States than in Europe? United
sports Tony Romo to replace Phil Simms as top analyst for CBS next season CBS
worldnews Facebook, Mozilla, Ford Foundation create $14mn fund to fight the spread of fake news Ford
worldnews Mercedes joins forces with Bosch to develop self-driving taxis Bosch
videos JoergSprave Youtube Strike removed! Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does the United States hate Russia so much? United
Futurology Ghost in the Shell thrills but ducks the philosophical questions posed by a cyborg future Shell
askscience In places where plant life dies in the winter, is there noticeably more O2 in the summer? O2
personalfinance Going from Wells Fargo to Capital One Wells Fargo
pics Had the pleasure of meeting with Neil deGrasse Tyson yesterday... Tyson
news Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee slams UK and US net plans - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting Yeah thanks Nike Outlet! Nike
gaming [Lego City Undercover Remastered Edition Xbox One First Impressions](https://www.reddit.com/gaming/comments/63ez9k/lego_city_undercover_remastered_edition_xbox_one/)
AskReddit What's your least favorite state in the United States of America? United
food MISC Apple Sweets from a local Bakery Apple
books Safeguard Your Website’s Rankings Against Google Updates Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: "The nuclear option" in the United States Senate United
OldSchoolCool Mullet, Limo, Nike Air Pumps, Clearly Canadian and me, 1991 Nike
todayilearned TIL In the United Kingdom hot dogs traditionally come in cans. United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's to stop you playing an Xbox game on a PC using the disk now they pretty much run on the same OS? Xbox
personalfinance Is my Macy's Credit Card breaking the law? Macy's
AskReddit What are some tips,tricks and complaints about Huawei Nova? Huawei
Showerthoughts If disappointment was a food, it would be lukewarm Kraft Dinner Kraft
Showerthoughts Facebook is the Google of people Google
worldnews '£1m house' in Kingston collapses into rubble - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Those of you who HAVE tried McDonald's Mulan Szechuan Sauce, what did it taste like? McDonald's
AskReddit Reddit, what Starbucks drink should everybody try? Starbucks
gaming Which is best Sony Ps4 or Xbox One? Sony
gaming Which is best Sony Ps4 or Xbox One? Xbox
personalfinance Can someone explain to me what a 401K and Roth IRA is? The jargon I find when I search Google goes over my head. Google
todayilearned TIL that after WWII, the Soviet Union presented a wooden replica of the Great Seal of the United States to Ambassador Averell Harriman who hung it in his office. Seven years later, a routine inspection revealed the gift contained a bugging device the Soviets had used to spy on the ambassador. United
gaming Overwatch 'cheat-maker' told to pay $8.6m to Blizzard - BBC News BBC
movies The original Ghost in the Shell is iconic anime, and a rich philosophical text Shell
AskReddit If you were completely in charge of the United States, what would you do? United
OldSchoolCool The First Google Team in 1999. Google
personalfinance request Chase refuses to refund stolen check Chase
personalfinance Portfolio Allocation - Principal - Target or Custom? Target
worldnews Visitors to the U.S. may have to hand over their phones and Facebook passwords before they get a visa Facebook
IAmA AMA Request Anyone who has tried McDonald's Szechuan sauce. McDonald's
nottheonion A horse walked out of a Taco Bell and fell into a 5-foot hole in Riverside this weekend Bell
Showerthoughts I consider Fred Rogers Mr. Rogers to be the embodiment of Maya Angelou's quote: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.". Rogers
personalfinance I have had a few buyers on Paypal file "non authorized" transactions AFTER receiving my digital products and Paypal has never taken my side. How can I stop this Paypal theft? Paypal
mildlyinteresting This Target has a target on top of it Target
television Stephen Colbert Tops Total Viewers For 9th Week, Biggest Margin Since CBS Launch Total
television Stephen Colbert Tops Total Viewers For 9th Week, Biggest Margin Since CBS Launch CBS
mildlyinteresting Taco Bell sauce pack with no phrase Bell
photoshopbattles PsBattle: United Korea monument United
gaming Moment of appreciation for the games Xbox is giving out for free. Ryse and Darksiders are really fun to play and Assassins Creed Revelations is coming on the 15th. Xbox
news The US says it is withdrawing funding for the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA, an agency that promotes family planning in more than 150 countries. United
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FREAKS at O'Sheas casino, Las Vegas. 30sec - YouTube Especial Las Vegas O'Sheas The LINQ Hotel & Casino, O'SHEAS Casino Tour..2017 O'Sheas Casino Las Vegas 2009 Osheas Las Vegas Walk through BEER PONG O'SHEAS CASINO LAS VEGAS

Las Vegas hotels near O'sheas Casino, online reservation. Book a hotel in Las Vegas at the best rates. Special offers. Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Hotels, O'Sheas, The LINQ, Things to Do in Las Vegas. Party at O’Sheas Ends at High Noon, April 30. This just in: O’Sheas casino will knock back its last shot at noon on April 30, 2012. If you and your miscreant friends were planning on being there for the end of O’Sheas casino, don’t wait until the evening ... LAS VEGAS (AP) — A 23-year-old Irish-themed casino on the Las Vegas Strip is going dark to make way for a major entertainment district. O'Shea's Casino is set to close at noon Monday after urging patrons to "drink us dry" over the weekend. Officials plan to implode the casino's parking garage early Tuesday. The casino's parent company is making way for a $500 million Linq Project, which will ... Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema O'sheas Casino sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema O'sheas Casino in höchster Qualität. This group is for people who wish to share photos of the O’Sheas Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Post photos of anything to do with the O’Sheas - the casino, restaurants, bars, and even the beer pong games. Please link only a selection of your best images (no duplicates or rows of similar pics please) so that the pool is interesting to browse and make sure that O’Sheas is featured in some way ... O’Sheas opened in 1989 and was a rare stand-alone casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It wasn’t part of a resort and didn’t have a hotel. It wasn’t part of a resort and didn’t have a hotel. O’Sheas was known for its cheap eats, low table minimums, live music and beer pong. O'Sheas is reborn! Enjoy the new version of this beloved Las Vegas casino, bar & pub featuring gaming, beer & live performances at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. O'Sheas Casino, 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, 89109, Las Vegas - geschlossen, Casino, Spielbank in Amerika, USA, Las Vegas / O'Sheas Casino is a casino ... Las Vegas has 43 accommodation options near O'sheas Casino. If you want to be closer to O'sheas Casino, stay at Flamingo Las Vegas , which is next to a lagoon, a national park and a river. You can visit this site every day, especially if you're based at Park Mgm Las Vegas , which offers prices at 110US$. The new O’Sheas Casino opened on December 27, 2013 and it is located in the Linq Promenade. O’Sheas features live bands and DJ’s nightly. They are known for frozen Bailey’s and beer pong. They are owned by Caesars Entertainment. Happy 30th Birthday O’Sheas! O’Sheas Casino address: 3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

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FREAKS at O'Sheas casino, Las Vegas. 30sec - YouTube

O'Sheas é um Casino no Link Promenade onde se destaca um divertido e animado Pub Irlândes, com shows ao vivo, beer pong e jogos. Cervejas e drinks com preço justo. Veja essa e outras dicas no ... LINQ Originals - O'Sheas Las Vegas Casino The LINQ Las Vegas - Duration: 2:02. ... Cash Coaster slot machine bonus round, O'Sheas Las Vegas, Nov 2011 - Duration: 2:57. TheYertster 5,100 views. 2 ... FREAKS at O'Sheas casino, Las Vegas. 9pm Starring: Swing Shift SideShow BUY TICKETS: https://harrahs-web.vegas.com/osheas/osheas_freaks.html video by: http:/... One of the most central locations on the Strip, LINQ Hotel boasts a collection of Las Vegas rooms & suites with contemporary design & high-tech features. o'sheas casino beer pong Hep Cats by Kevin ... O'Sheas look different now. The Imperial Palace next door has turned into The Linq and O'Sheas is just a big bar with a small casino next door. BEER PONG O'SHEAS CASINO LAS VEGAS balingit001. Loading... Unsubscribe from balingit001? ... The LINQ Hotel & Casino, O'SHEAS Casino Tour..2017 - Duration: 3:41. JoyVegas 3,415 views. 3:41. FULL ...